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Aquarium Drunkard: Sidecar/May 20, 2019

Welcome to Sidecar, Aquarium Drunkard's weekly dispatch of audio esoterica, interviews, mixtapes, and cultural ephemera. As always, we're presented by Gold Diggers boutique hotel, bar, and recording studios in East Hollywood, Calif. Want to support AD? Here's how: Patreon. Pledge, get cool stuff, and support independent media. 

Speed: The Infinite Soup Can, Psychic Visigoths and The Beatles Going Fast
Now at Aquarium Drunkard, Ethan P. Miller of Howlin' Rain/Comets on Fire offers a look at the influence of speed on popular art, examining  "the world's most beautiful soup can, the roar and burn of chopper wheels in your bedroom," and of course, "the Beatles going very fast." 

Cate Le Bon :: The Aquarium Drunkard Interview
Cate Le Bon joins Aquarium drunkard to “reconcile all of the people and places that played into her most glamorous (and best) work to-date, Reward, “a musical product that was informed and fueled by what she learned from “working with her hands, becoming comfortable with just focusing on the physical product in front of her.”

Connan Mockasin :: Auckland, New Zealand, April 2015 / Sundae Session
Over the past decade, the Kiwi artist (née Connan Tant Hosford) has called California, England, and, at present, Japan, home. One thing that hasn’t changed? Hosford’s singular fealty to a sound that can only be described as his own. There have been numerous imitators since, yet Mockasin’s homegrown surrealist psychedelia, and exploration thereof, has remained both constant and in flux.

Aaron Beckum :: Obsolete 
I recently finished Graham Hancock’s 1995 pseudo-archeology tome, Fingerprints of the Gods. In short, Hancock proposes that an ancient, incredibly advanced, civilization inhabited the planet during earth’s prehistory. The author is nothing if not emphatic in his hypotheses, and highly entertaining at that. The narrative of the book begins in Antarctica, and of course, scans the Americas, but much of Fingerprints concern lies within the genesis and intent of the great pyramid of Giza. Here, Hancock contends the structure was not erected between 2580–2560 BC, by the Egyptians, but is indeed the work of a far older race of people — one wiped out during the last Ice Age. One who left “clues” for those who came after. Guess that would be, uh, us. Anyway...Los Angeles, lo-fi cosmic country, newcomer Aaron Beckum also has the pyramids on his mind. It’s here, in a metaphysical Egypt, the crooner drowns a platitude of sorrows in terra-cotta whiskey amongst the monuments 2.3 million stone blocks…all the while counseled and kept company by Sphinx. Naturally.

Will Hermes :: Love Goes to Buildings On Fire
Author and critic Will Hermes 2011 book is at once a love letter to his hometown of New York City, and a historical overview of the myriad music the city birthed and fostered in the 1970s. Steve Reich, New York Dolls, Phillip Glass, Johnny Thunders, Talking Heads, The Velvet Underground...this list could go on for a while. Jazz, Latin music, disco, punk, outré minimalism...all make an appearance, often stylistically rubbing shoulders
either explicitly or indirectly. Hermes' work is a true gift and one we recently listened to via Audible while traveling.

Joseph Shabason :: I Don’t Want To Be Your Love (feat. Dan Bejar)
Welcome to the stunning video for Joseph Shabason‘s “I Don’t Want to Be Your Love," an illuminating and wonderful dive into the sublime, via both the textures of Shabason’s exquisitely spare compositions and the surrealist bent of the world created by writer and director Zach Shields. Dan Bejar’s hazy vocals float like the dust in those headlights, which remind us that overwhelming beauty can be found in the strangest of places.

David Nance Group // Long Hots

Been a minute since we caught up with David Nance, but he’s back on the 7″, and back on the road next month with Philly shitkickers, Long Hots, who serve up their own special brand of fried zoner boogie blues. Nance’s “Meanwhile” is 4 minutes of post-everything rock n roll death race to the bottom of the sea of tape hiss and Wiper-ian broken space riffage. This is an essential 2-sider for anyone whoever stared in their dad’s closet at his faded denim jacket and DREAMED…

Future Language :: The Dimensions of VON LMO
Lori Felker’s documentary about no wave/space rock weirdo Von LMO is a true labor of love. Like many other music docs about obscure or forgotten acts, it began from Felker’s fandom, but unlike most of the others, this film acknowledges its subject’s faults and often even calls into question whether he’s worthy of celebration. I’m glad Felker kept going because Von LMO’s flaws are as fascinating as his strengths.

Michael J. Hentz Is: Heavy Hymns
Michael Hentz is a Los Angeles-based based artist and musician who utilizes pop culture and archival images to create mythical portraits and propose new architectural dimensions in the forms of collage and mixed media. All analog. His selection of imagery focuses on ruins, landscapes, and emblems of near-forgotten cultures to Western eyes. Their intersection draws attention to the distortion of history and exalts the inexplicable remnants of old civilizations and unknown worlds.

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SIRIUS 565: Tom Zé Dulcinéia – Popular Brasileira (Intro) ++ Cochemea – Maso Ye’eme > All My Relations ++ Akiko Yano – Funamachi-Uta Part 2 ++ Rich Ruth – Coming Down ++ Helado Negro – Paz a Ti ++ Devendra Banhart – Carmencita ++ Juan Wauters – Camdombe ++ Adanowsky – Me Siento Solo ++ Rodrigo Amarante – Hourglass ++ Juana Molina – Cosoco ++ The Beets – Preso Voy ++ Destroyer – Del Monton ++ Juan Wauters – Letter (feat. Maxine) ++ Julien Gasc – Canada ++ O Terno – Eu Vou ++ Robert Wyatt – Yolanda ++ Tim Bernardes – Recomeçar ++ Connan Mockasin – Charlotte’s Thong ++ Mega Bog – Diary of a Rose ++ Cate Le Bon – Miami ++ ZNR – Solo Un Dia ++ Peter Tosh breaks some shit down (interview, 1979) ++ Yves Jarvis – Curtains of Rain ++ Tricatel RSVP – Dernier Métro ++ Mario Molino – Traffico Caotico ++ Brigitte Fontaine w/ Areski – C’est normal ++ Lee ’Scratch’ Perry – Double Six ++ Lace Curtains – Kali ++ Blur – Moroccan Peoples Revolutionary Bowls Club (AD edit) ++ Ernest Ranglin – Surfing ++ CAN – All Gates Open ++ Kikagaku Moyo – Kogarashi


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