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Aquarium Drunkard: Sidecar/June 24, 2019

Welcome to Sidecar, Aquarium Drunkard's weekly dispatch of audio esoterica, interviews, mixtapes, and cultural ephemera. As always, we're presented by Gold Diggers boutique hotel, bar, and recording studios in East Hollywood, Calif. Want to support AD? Here's how: Patreon. Pledge, get cool stuff, and support independent media. Let's dig in. 

The Lagniappe Sessions: Damien Jurado
Jurado’s latest, In The Shape of a Storm, finds him once again pulling elements out of the nostalgia slipstream. Though less science fiction and supernaturally informed than the records he made with the late, great Richard Swift, it’s no less evocative. Its songs often play out like half-remembered episodes of a forgotten sitcom, transmitted through the static and picked up by ever sensitive antennae.
For his first-ever Lagniappe Session, Damien selected a number of classic theme songs, including the theme from The Mary Tyler Moore Show, WKRP, and more. What he uncovers in them he explains here, in his own words.

The Aquarium Drunkard Guide To Drag City Records: Volume One

Chicago’s venerable Drag City turns 30 years young in 2019. In perhaps typical fashion, the label doesn’t seem to be doing much in the way of commemoration — no star-studded festival, no limited edition boxed set, no self-congratulatory excess. Instead, Drag City is doing what it’s always done: releasing great records.But those past glories deserve a little celebration, don’t they? That’s why the Aquarium Drunkard team has put together this eclectic guide to Drag City’s immense catalog: 30 masterpieces for 30 years.

America's Rural Radio Stations are Vanishing –And Taking the Country's Soul with Them

This is a Guardian story about disappearing cultural resources—small stations crowded out by massive corporate interests—but it's also about a couple of dedicatedly stubborn outsiders in Wilcox, Arizona, who spend their time serving their community the way they best know how to.

The B-52’s: The Downtown Cafe – Sept 2, 1978 / Atlanta, GA
It crawled from the South. As debut records go, the B-52’s is one of the best. Brazenly bathed in yellow, the 1979 album served as a garrulous introduction to the quintet from Athens, GA. Delivering its sonic manifesto over the course of nine tracks, the group’s sound came off as uninhibited, singular and–most impressively–fully-formed. No one else was doing this … whatever this was. The following footage, captured live in Atlanta in 1978, finds the B-52’s at their most primal. A Saturday night gig held over Labor Day weekend, the grainy, black & white concert opens with a raw “52 Girls,” before sliding into “Dance This Mess Around,” “Hero Worship,” “Rock Lobster,” “The Devil’s In My Car,” and more. As a testament to the performances, the humidity and funk emanating from the club are almost palpable some 40+ years later.

Ryler Walker: The Five Thirteen Recordings 
Following his appearance at  Aquarium Drunkard and Trans-Pecos' ACLU benefit, dig into Ryley Walker's Fivethirteen Recording Studios Sessions, recorded by Catherine Vericolli and Dominic Armstrong at 513 in Tempe, Arizona. Exclusive to AD. 

Yves Jarvis: The Same But By Different Means 
Genre fluid, Jarvis slips as easily into balmy, if broken, r&b as he does sinewy folk. Traces of gospel and homespun funk permeate the record, as its disparate sounds are spliced, screwed and ultimately recombinant. In regard to atmosphere, imagine happening upon a cache of extremely mellow Shuggie Otis demos; if say, Otis had a penchant for hyper-abbreviated 4-track and ambient field recordings.

Lure of the Lost City
In 2012, on assignment for National Geographic, author Douglas Preston joined an expedition of archeologists in the remote Mosquitia rainforest of eastern Honduras. The team was in search of Ciudad Blanca, a supposed 1,000-year-old pre-Columbian "lost city," with old-world reports dating back to 1596, via Spanish conquistador Hernando Cortés.

"Over the past two centuries many have tried, and failed, to locate the city. Some believe it is truly cursed..." 

Not surprisingly, things go sideways for this band of 21st-century explorers—on multiple and unexpected levels. Preston documents the experience with an equal measure of rationale and suspense, fully aware of the larger, global implications each new move on the Mosquitia chessboard could bring to the fore. And then there's the hot zone twist..

Bob Dylan: The Rolling Thunder Revue: The 1975 Live Recordings
God helps us, the Dylan mania at Aquarium Drunkard continues...Weighing in at a hefty 14 discs...head over to AD as Tyler Wilcox unpacks the whole damn thing.

Conny Plank: The Potential of Noise (A Documentary, 2018)
Working out of a farmhouse near Cologne, West German record producer Conny Plank helped shape the indigenous Krautrock and Kosmische music that was brewing in Deutschland beginning in the late '60s. Regarded by peers as a groundbreaking and visionary sound engineer, the recent Documentary, The Potential of Noise, explores Plank's pivotal role in the regional music that would go on to profoundly influence the shape of non-blues-based "rock" and experimental music. Neu!, CAN, Cluster, Dieter Moebius, Kraftwerk, Harmonia. All are accounted for...and the list goes on. Available to stream wherever you do your streaming business. 

More tales from the Pacific Rim. Outré California. The Aquarium Drunkard Show on SIRIUS/XMU, channel 35. 7pm PST, Wednesdays + on-demand.

SIRIUS 570: Terence Mckenna – Just Say Bullshit (excerpt) ++ Olden Yolk – Blue Paradigm ++ Dungen – Puerto Vantör ++ Allah-Las – Marionberry Jam ++ Donnie & Joe Emerson – Give Me The Chance ++ Sha La Das – Open My Eyes ++ Shana Cleveland – Face of The Sun ++ Arthur Verocai – Caboclo ++ Charnel Ground – Playa De Ticia ++ Cotton Jones – Nicotine Canaries ++ Tonstartssbandht – Livin’ In Hope ++ Dick Stusso – Modern Music ++ John Andrews & The Yawns – Relax ++ Karen Dalton – In My Own Dream ++ Richard Swift – Lady Luck ++ Josiah Steinbrick – Fo Barro ++ Mega Bog – Diary of a Rose ++ Yves Jarvis – Celebration > On My Grind ++ Damien Jurado & Richard Swift – Hello Sunshine ++ Neil Young (Interview, 1986) ++ Neil Young – Pardon My Heart ++ Françoise Hardy – ’Til The Morning Comes ++ Damien Jurado – Welcome Back, Kotter (AD Session) ++ Damien Jurado – Gimme A Break Season 3 (AD Session) ++ Damien Jurado – Different Strokes (AD Session) ++ Damien Jurado – Gimme A Break Season 1 (AD Session) ++ Damien Jurado – WKRP In Cincinnati (AD Session) ++ Damien Jurado – The Mary Tyler Moore Show (AD Session) ++ Pottery – Smooth Operator ++ Pink Mountaintops – Atmosphere ++ Ty Segall & White Fence – Tongues ++ Belle And Sebastian – (My Girl’s Got) Miraculous Technique ++ Violent Femmes – Good Feeling ++ The Dutchess & The Duke – Living This Life ++ Jonathan Rado – Hand In Mine ++ Sibylle Baier – Wim ++ Lou Reed, John Cale And Nico – I’m Waiting For The Man (Live at the Bataclan Paris, 1972) ++ Lou Reed, John Cale And Nico – Heroin (Live at the Bataclan Paris, 1972)


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