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Crystal of the Week


A Brief History

     Celestite or Celestine as it was originally known as, derives its name from caelestis which is the Latin word for celestial; which itself is derived from the Latin word caelum, meaning sky or heaven. It occurs in crystals, compact, or fibrous forms and are mostly found in sedimentary rocks. It is often found in association with gypsum, anhydrite, and halite. The mineral itself is found worldwide and the pale blue that is most well known is found in Madagascar (not the movie, the island off the southeastern coast of Africa). The protozoan Acantharea have skeleton made up of celestite.

    Much of Celestite comes in geode form and in fact the world’s largest known geode is one comprised of Celestite. It measures 35 feet in diameter at its widest point and is on an island in Lake Erie called South Bass; near the village of Put-in-Bay, Ohio. The crystals that once graced the floor have been removed so that it could be converted into a viewing cave. What’s left of the crystals measure up to 18 inches WIDE and weigh an estimated 300 lbs each. Ohio, in fact, is the geographic location most well known for having Celestite. It has been reported to be found in 11 of Ohio’s counties and the Northwestern part of Ohio has been known to produce pieces of celestite ranging from colorless, red, orange, yellow, milky white, to a beautiful pale blue. The latter is the most widely sought after. 

     The predominate metal that makes up Celestine is called strontium. Strontium and other chemicals are used during flame tests in chemistry class to illustrate the colors different compounds create when passed through a flame (caloric flame test). Strontium creates a red flame and therefore is used in the manufacturing of many fireworks and road flares. 

Metaphysical Uses

     If you are somewhat familiar with crystals, the Chakras, and/or what colors are associated with which uses, you may already know (or have guessed) some of Celestites uses. The most highly prized version of Celestite, color-wise, is the blue variation. So for our purposes you can assume from now on, unless otherwise specified, that this is the type of specimen to which we are referring. So you could assume given the beautiful clear blue of Celestite that it could be used for communication, speaking one’s truth, voicing one’s opinion, and anything else associated with the Throat Chakra…and you would be correct in your assumption. But you may not be aware of how stones like Celestite and Angelite are some of my favorite crystals to recommend to people who need or want to connect to their spirit guides, guardian angels, or loved ones who have passed on to another realm. Whether it’s seeking guidance in our daily lives, making a difficult decision, or weathering the upcoming storm (figuratively speaking), Celstite may be for you. Just as someone you love and trust may have the ability to calm your nerves simply by their presence, Ceestite and its calming, serene blue color will still are fast-beating heart in times of struggle and stress. The guidance it can offer you may not literally be in the physical sense but instead a guide through the cosmos, leading your spirit in the direction it is meant to journey; where in lieu of torches the stars and planets light your way. 

     You may already know also that crystals of green and blue tend to give off a calming, relaxing energy. Celestite is no exception to this rule. It can inspire deep relaxation and tranquility with its color that resembling the heavens. For that reason it can be a great crystal to put at your bedside to insure a good night’s sleep; one that will help you let go of the day’s events to get rest in preparation for the new day to come. All the while reminding you to aim for the Heavens above. 

     Celestite, being somewhat the representative of the universe itself, reminds us to put our faith in it and the infinite wisdom it holds. Everything that has happened and that ever will has created this collective of knowledge held within, so trust in this guidance that is fueled by love and light. Let go and let the Cosmos be your guide, because it knows ultimately what is in your best interest better than you do in the moment. Its infinite knowledge experienced over an infinite number of millennia dwarfs what we think we have learned over the course of perhaps a few decades (probably less). 

     Given that Celestite is a high vibration crystal, one that can connect us to our guides, calm us down, and connect us to a higher state of being overall, it can also open up one’s mental clarity. This is useful to any relationship because it can open up one’s mind to another’s side of the argument and therefore aide in resolving conflict. 

     The biggest stumbling block to using Celestite is while it opens up your mind and connects you to your higher self, it can be revealed to you the unwanted truth that who you are in the relationship with is not who you are supposed to continue on in a relationship with. To some of us this is the most difficult truth we can be faced with. That the person we have loved for so long is not right for us. To most of us it would be easier and more comforting to shut that door, never to open it again and go on living a perfectly ignorant life. Taking the blue pill (in Matrix speak), not accepting the ring (in Lord of the Rings speak), taking the road ALWAYS traveled (in philosophy speak), etcetera etcetera. And so many of us HAVE done exactly that (Blue pill, please!) and I don’t blame you. There is also an opposite but equally tragic side of that coin. Where we think the grass is always greener on the other side. When the one you are with is great and wonderful but because of the society we live in today, they have quite literally brainwashed you into thinking there is ALWAYS something MUCH better out there. Thus creating a world where no one is ever satisfied. If you find yourself in a situation where you think that the grass IS actually greener on the other side, remember this: grass is usually greener because there is a lot more shit in the soil. Take that for what it’s worth. 

     Finding yourself in either of the above situations can be some of the most difficult positions we will ever find ourselves in. And Celestite will help guide you properly in either one. It should be one of the stones you turn to first if you ever discover you are in one of these unwanted, displeasing situations. 

     So we have covered the Throat Chakra a bit but Celestite can also help with the Third Eye and Crown Chakra, making for a cleaning up of the mind, body, and spirit. You can find yourself in quite a conflict of emotions when faced with the truth of reality and Celestite can help elucidate everything you need to move forward in the right direction. When used during meditation the Celestite will be of assistance in voicing your true desires deep within your heart and help you express these wants to your guides. They can and will in turn use this information to help guide you on your path. 

     By placing a piece of Celestite over your Third Eye before you drift off, it will help you remember conversations with your angels and other vivid details of your dreams. This is why Celestite has been dubbed by some a “Stone of Heavenly Communication”. It can also be used to clear the auric field (clearing your Aura). 

     As always, present this at any of our 4 locations and receive 15% off your purchase of Celestite. 



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