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In week number three of our crystal spotlight, RSL is featuring Quartz
QuartzA (Somewhat) Brief History

     Quartz is probably the most well-known of all the crystals. From the average layperson to the crystal aficionado, out of all the semi-precious gemstones, more people combined have at least heard of Quartz compared to any other gemstone in the “crystal healing family”. Many of us at one time or another may have found a piece of quartz out in nature. Perhaps as children when we first become interested in the natural world and began to pick up random rocks we came across, putting aside the ones we fancy the most in a collection we would just die if someone took from us! Quartz may have been in one of those rocks we kept for ourselves as amateur geologists.  
     The origin of the word Quartz comes from a string of different words in different languages. It’s derived from the German word “Quarz” which came from the Polish dialect “kwardy” which corresponds to the Czech term ”tvrdy” which means hard. The ancient Greeks referred to it as Krustallos (derived from kruos, meaning “icy cold”) because some philosophers (including Theophrastus) believed it to be supercooled ice, frozen for so long it would never thaw. 
     The most naturally occurring shape of a quartz crystal is a six-sided shaft and many times “double terminated” (a point at each end) with each point a six-sided pyramid. There are many instances where two quartz crystals will grow up alongside one another and this is referred to as “twinning” or in the crystal world it’s referred to as a “soul mate”. Some say these specific types of quartz can be used to draw in the person you are meant to be with, heal a damaged relationship, or keep strong the relationship you are currently in. 
     One of the most recognizable forms quartz takes is the geode. Geodes are formed over time when certain minerals gather in an empty space of a volcanic or sedimentary rock then ground water and/or hot water seeps in to the space and mixes with the minerals. This reaction begins the growth of the crystal. 
     Quartz is a principle ingredient in granite so you may have even noticed a shimmer of quartz in a countertop you or someone else has in their own home. If you venture through Home Depot, Menards, Hobo, or any other home improvement store to the countertop section, take a close look at the matrices of different crystals within them. Upon close inspection, you may notice a wide variety of different crystals nowadays. You can spot not only different varieties of quartz but tourmaline, black labradorite, lepidolite, obsidian, and much more. So if you’re remodeling your kitchen, you may benefit from choosing a little bit nicer countertop in order to reap the healing benefits of the crystals theriein. 
     Nicolas Steno’s study of quartz paved the way for crystallography, the study of the microscopic atomic alignment of different crystals. He discovered that regardless of quartz’s size and shape, its long prism face is always joined at a perfect 60 degree angle. The ability of quartz to hold an electric charge due to pressure and heat (piezoelectric properties) was discovered by Jacques and Pierre Curie in 1880; the first quartz oscillator was developed by Walter Guyton Cady in 1921; George Washington Pierce designed and patented quartz crystal oscillators in 1923, and Warren Marrison created the first quartz oscillator clock based on their work in 1927. 
     By the 1930s, the electronics industry became dependent on quartz crystals and the only source of usable crystals was in Brazil, however World War II disrupted the supply chain from there so different nations attempted to synthesize it on a commercial scale. Slowly we were able to synthesize suitable pieces and currently most quartz used in the electronics industry are virtually all synthetic. 
     If you read through all of the above, kudos to us this portion of the email and get 15% off your next quartz purchase. 

Metaphysical Uses

     Clear Quartz is probably the most well known of the quartz family, mainly because most of us don’t realize just how many varieties of crystal ARE in fact a form of quartz. Obviously rose quartz, rutilated quartz, and smoky quartz but did you also know amethyst, dumortierite, citrine, carnelian, chalcedony, herkimer diamond, ametrine, aventurine, agates, onyx, jaspers, tiger’s eye, and prasiolite? They are all forms of quartz based on there basic silicon dioxide makeup.      
     Today we are mainly speaking about the metaphysical uses of clear quartz, however. Clear Quartz is one of the “Master Healers”, used by many people for a vast array of maladies. From the common cold to the other “C” word and everything in between. It can be used to help us with our memory, public speaking, and it's programmable. Many use pieces of Quartz in this way: they hold it up in their hands, focusing their gaze towards the center of the crystal, and transfer their intentions into the specimen. The quartz will download your intentions and similar to its ability to amplify electronics, it will amplify your own intentions. This does, however, include ALL forms of intentions and energies, including negative ones. It is, therefore a good idea to smudge/cleanse your quartz from time to time for that reason so no negative attachments remain. 
     Because it is a Master Healer (and because of its prismatic qualities) it can be used on any of the chakras but it is especially helpful with the crown chakra. This chakra is known for controlling how we think of and perceive each situation. So the quartz can help alleviate energy blockages that may be clouding our judgement in order to help us see everything more clearly. It will also encourage open dialogue and healthier communication; that’s why quartz is a must have in aiding relationships. Communication is key in healthy relationships; so quartz helps us get passed what’s on the surface and address the underlying factors that may be causing strife between two people who otherwise love each other dearly but have issues expressing their needs, wants, and what is really going on inside. Once you’re able to bring these to light, it’s so much easier to understand why we say what we say and we can act accordingly. 
     Quartz is thought to stimulate the immune and circulatory systems, increasing the flow of energy in order to bring the body into a homeostasis. It has been used to treat headaches and migraines, vertigo and dizziness/motion sickness, and some even use it to balance their metabolism, aid in exhaustion, and help with weight loss. Some people have even created a “crystal elixir” in order to eliminate toxins from the body, treat kidney and bladder infections, digestive disorders, and cure diarrhea. Quartz, referred to as Maban, was even used by Australian Aboriginal shamans and elders and it is said to have given them magical powers
     Along with healing the body, quartz can be used as a “soul cleanser”. We touched on this with how it aids in communication and it goes even deeper with its purification qualities. Some of our cuts, bruises, scrapes, and wounds are deep within us and our spirit. Quartz can be used to address these spiritual scars as well, using its loving light to penetrate even deeper than the original wound, replacing it with love, light, and positivity. By starting to heal from the inside and learning to express yourself and communicate in a healthier way, we can begin to be better than we were yesterday. 

     Placement suggestion: Place your quartz on or near a windowsill; there the positive energy will be amplified and distributed throughout the space. It can draw energy from both the sun and the moon in equal balance. 

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