Crystal of the Week

Crystal of the Week


A Brief History

  Malachite is a copper carbonate hydroxide mineral. It is opaque with green bands and it crystallizes in the monoclinic crystal system (The monoclinic is described as 3 vectors of unequal lengths, think rectangular prism with parallelogram at its base). It most often forms botryoidal, fibrous, or stalagmitic masses, or in spaces deep underground where the water table and hydrothermal fluids give it the ability for a chemical precipitation. Single crystals of Malachite are rare but can occur as slender or acicular prisms (thin, slender, and delicate needle-like crystals).  Azurite can be found formed along with Malachite often in blocky or tabular pieces. 
     The crystal Malachite’s name is derived from the Latin molochitis, Middle French melochite, and the Middle English melochites. Also from the Greek molochitis lithos, which means “mallow-green stone”. It was given this name due to its resemblance to the mallow plant. 
     This beautifully unique stone, rich in copper, was extensively mined at the Great Orme Mines in Britain 3,800 years ago using mostly stone and bone tools. The archaeological evidence indicates that the mining activity ended around 600 B.C.E. and nearly 2,000 tonnes of copper had been produced from the Malachite that was mined there. Similar archaeological evidence has indicated that Malachite has been mined and smelted in order to obtain copper at Timna Valley in Israel for over 3,000 years. Malachite has been used ornamentally and as a gemstone since then. 
     In Ancient Egypt the color green (wadj) was associated with death and the power of resurrection as well as new life and fertility. The Ancient Egyptians believed that the afterlife contained an eternal paradise that resembled their lives sans pain and suffering. They referred to this place as the “Field of Malachite”. 
     Malachite was also used as a pigment (similar to hematite) in green paints from antiquity up until 1800. This pigment was moderately lightfast (resistant to fading in light), very sensitive to acids, and it would vary in color. Verditer, a synthetic pigment, has since replaced the natural green pigment. 
     Malachite’s use in decoration can be seen in the Malachite Room in the Hermitage Museum, which has an enormous malachite vase, another Malachite Room in Castillo de Chapultepec in Mexico City, and in the Linda Hall Library which features a large malachite vase called “The Tazza”, that was a gift from Tsar Nicholas II. The Tazza is one of the largest pieces of malachite in North America and stands as the focal point in the center of the room. Also, the Fifa World Cup Trophy has a base made of Malachite. 
     Malachite is often the result of copper ores that have been weathered and as stated previously, occurs often with Azurite, Geothite, and Calcite. Malachite is more common than Azurite and is typically associated with copper deposits around limestones, which is the source of the carbonate. 
     There have been large amounts of Malachite mined in Urals, Russia but is not currently being mined there despite the possible discovery of new deposits. Malachite has been found in the Democratic Republic of the Congo; Gabon; Zambia; Tsumeb, Namibia; Mexico; Broken Hill, New South Wales; Lyon, France; Timna Valley, Israel; and the Southwestern United States, mostly in Arizona. 
     There are many historic legends and myths surrounding this beautiful crystal. In the 17th Century, parents draped a Malachite amulet around the neck of their children in order to help them sleep as well as to protect them against evil spirits. Malachite is mentioned in the Egyptian Book of the Dead, most notably when discussing the afterlife being a ‘field of Malachite’ (previously mentioned above). It was used in powdered form as eye makeup for both men and women (this is considered toxic now so please do not attempt to emulate) and stones made of it were used to adorn and decorate the grand headdresses of the ancient pharaohs.      There is a Russian legend that speaks of a power to understand the language of the animals given to those that carry Malachite. Another bit of folklore states that if Malachite crumbles into pieces, it is a warning ⚠️ to its owner of impending danger. 

Metaphysical Uses

     The above stated folklore has since carried over and Malachite is still used today by some as a form of protection. It is said to especially protect travelers, those on business and/or in crowded places. It also can protect/prevent accidents. Actually, meditating with Malachite is said to relieve the fear of flying. Malachite also absorbs negative energies and pollutants from the environment; it can be particularly useful to clear out radiation and electromagnetic garbage. Placing your Malachite near computers, TVs, microwaves and other electronics will help accomplish this. 
     Whether you are a beginner or professional rock wrangler, your familiarity with stones and their associations with the Chakras can help you take a guess at what Malachite is typically used for. Its green color tells us that it will be associated with the Heart ❤️  Chakra and therefore can be used to help with one’s emotions, expressing love, strengthen bonds in relationships, etc. The color also tells us that this can be used as an abundance or good luck stone. Some people will immediately jump to money 💰 when you mention the word abundance. While that is part of it and it can help with that, you will sell yourself short if you don't think to include spiritual treasures that are priceless: a life abundant with love 💕 , a spirit with an unquenchable thirst for awakening, and ever strengthening personal growth. This is the type of abundance that Malachite can help you with, along with the wisdom to know the difference between abundance of spirit and financial income.
     Malachite is most well known as a “Stone of Transformation”, especially that of emotional transformation. Given its association with the Heart Chakra, this makes sense. It will help you to express your feelings and encourage having empathy for others. It can help alleviate anxiety and depression, and many have used it to aid in healing of emotional abuse. Especially abuse that has occurred during childhood and been locked away since then. It can break the habit of creating a relationship based on need or addiction to being with a certain person and replace it with a healthy, balanced one. It will help you overcome fear and help find strength to take risks emotionally; breaking free of unwanted or unneeded behavioral problems. 
     Malachite has many benefits for the female body. It can help regulate menstrual cycles and lessen cramps. Some consider it a kind of Doula stone because of its help in easing childbirth. It can balance hormones, alleviate PMS, and even can ease the transition of menopause. 
     If you find yourself drawn to this beautiful specimen of a stone, you may be in need of a spiritual facelift or some other change in your life. Similar to the rose bush needing pruning in order to make way for new growth, sometimes we need to prune back the things that are preventing new growth in our lives. 
     Malachite works to cleanse emotional blockages in and around the heart. Meditating with it will help to cleanse and remove them so that you can open up to new experiences in your life. If you find that you spend more time reliving old experiences rather than creating new ones, Malachite might be a necessity for you. It will help you to “let sleeping dogs lie”. 
     There are good reasons that Malachite is known both as a stone of transformation and a warrior stone; it can help guide you in new relationships, no matter what kind, and its role as a Heart Chakra stone plays out as guardian. It will close you off to those that only intend to wreak more havoc and open up to those who want to help the love flow freely. The color and feeling Malachite radiates is one of love, nature, and abundance. The deep, beautiful green tells you everything you need to know. You can meditate with a piece of Malachite over your heart and visualize yourself filing with love…love of the universe and the world around you. Let it connect you with Mother Earth and her overflowing bounty of love and ask her to help heal any old wounds, give you strength to not let the past hold you back from creating new relationships, and boost your spiritual energy. Don’t be afraid to become someone new, break free of the chains that keep you stuck in the same fruitless routines, and just become better than who you were yesterday. It’s not about becoming the best overnight, it’s becoming a little bit better each day. 
     I read recently how Malachite’s color is linked to photosynthesis, the process by which plants transform light into energy, and I really liked that comparison. Light is the reason we all exist, why everything on Earth exists. If the sun disappeared, we would have a grand total of 8 minutes (the approximate time it takes rays of light from the sun to reach the Earth’s surface) to survive and then we would literally fly off into space; no longer tethered to our light/life giving star. Light is the source of all energy that we know of and understand. So if long after reading this you forget most of what Malachite is used for, try to remember how its color gives insight to its uses; that like photosynthesis it transforms energy and gives room for new healthy growth. 

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