Crystal of the Week

Crystal of the Week

Tiger’s Eye

A Brief History

     I cannot believe I haven’t done a C.O.T.W. newsletter on Tiger’s Eye yet. My apologies! Maybe I am being presumptuous in this statement but I think Tiger’s Eye is one of the first crystals we are drawn to as a kid. Maybe it’s only that way for young boys, I don’t know, but I definitely remember loving the cool flashy quality it had to it. Plus it had a cool name, Tiger’s Eye. 

-Mom, is that really the eye of a tiger?” I am sure I asked at one point as a child. 

-“Noooo, it’s just a name because it looks kind of like one.” Mom would surely reply. 

-“Oh…” I’d respond, sounding slightly dejected because an actual tiger’s eye would have been even cooler to me. 

     Tiger’s eye is what is known as a chatoyant (pronounced shuh-toy-ant) gemstone. Chatoyancy or cat’s eye effect is the effect you see when looking at a tiger’s eye; it’s microscopic parallel fibers that give it an iridescent quality on the macroscopic level. It is a metamorphic rock that can be found in a variety of colors from red, golden/brown, and blue and has a silky luster to it. The blue variety is actually more formally known as hawk’s eye but most of us just call it blue tiger’s eye. It is a member of the quartz family, which may be difficult to believe, and the parallel inter growth of quartz typically has altered amphibole (a mineral supergroup composed of needlelike crystals) fibers that may turn into limonite (one of the iron ore groups)

     A similar stone, or perhaps just another form of Tiger’s Eye is known as Tiger’s Iron, which is made up of mostly tiger’s eye but also red jasper and hematite or black hematite. The Tiger’s Iron is a popular stone of which to make knife hilts or jewelry and it can be found in South African and Western Australian mines. There are serpentine deposits in the U.S., specifically Arizona and California, that occasionally have chatoyant fibers of chrysotile and these are known as “Arizona tiger’s eye” and “California tiger’s eye”. Common places to find tiger’s eye include the U.S., Canada, Spain, Australia, South Africa, India, Brazil, China, Korea, Burma, and Namibia. 

     Tiger’s Eye does have a history with Roman soldiers who carved their Tiger’s Eye into amulets and talismans. It was believed by them to help one remain calm in the face of adversity, be courageous, stay focused, and persevere. 

     You may or may not have realized that a lot can be found in the name of a crystal. “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet” but a tiger’s eye called anything else would not give us the appropriate hint to its meaning: An unwavering focus and determination by its owner; like that of  a tiger when it finds its prey. It was also thought that the flash from this stone was a distraction to the opponent of soldiers and warriors. 

     The Tiger’s Eye color is also associated with the Egyptian Goddess of War Sekhmet. It was thought that the color appeased the Goddess and it would impart the strength of the lion (which was the Sekhmet’s source of strength). More specifically, it was thought to bring power and strength to those who place it on an alter devoted to her at noon during the Summer Solstice. 

Metaphysical Properties

     The Tiger’s Eye that you may be familiar with you may actually think of as a brown stone but it’s actually a golden Tiger’s Eye; and because of that, it is associated with the “Navel” chakra which most of us refer to as the “Solar Plexus” chakra. The solar plexus chakra is one with qualities of clarity, self-confidence, knowledge, self-assurance, and the ability to make good decisions. Stones with this color not only help with those abilities but also are used for good luck, abundance, money, happiness, motivation, determination, and more. I often think of the song “Eye of the Tiger” from Rocky and what its message conveys to tell people what it can be used for. 

     Tiger’s Eye is a good stone for anyone who is suffering from self doubt, fear, or any other toxic emotions from which you may be currently afflicted. In some circles Tiger’s Eye is known as a shapeshifter stone because it is known to transform those harmful feelings that keep us in a rut into positive ones that will benefit us. Like many other stones, you can set your intentions within it and program it for use. If I have not explained that before, then let me make an attempt now: crystals that are programmable are crystals that you can basically tell them what you would like to use them for. After getting a crystal it’s always good to smudge and/or cleanse it because you never know the journey it has taken to find you and the people/energies it has come in contact with along the way. Smudging helps to get rid of any unwanted and/or negative energy that has attached itself to the crystal. You can use any number of smudging utensils: white sage, palo santo, cedar, blue mountain sage, Florida water, Rose water, Orange Blossom, etc. Once the crystal has been cleansed then it is ready for programming!

     Don’t overthink what needs to be done as far as programming. Find a meditative space that has a calming and peaceful energy, sit with crystal in hand or somewhere in front of you, and imagine a transfer of white light energy between you and said crystal where you are asking for it to help you with A, B, or C. Think of it like you are letting a bloodhound sniff the clothes of the person you would like to find and then setting it loose to chase them down. You are setting your intentions within the crystal and letting it help do the work with you. 

     Tiger’s Eye is full of Earth and Sun energy. It is for that reason it is so closely linked to the benefits that those elements are known for helping us with. The Sun is the greatest source of Vitamin D and is a natural anti-depressant. And being out in nature, bonding to Mother Earth always makes one feel better. Tiger’s Eye seems to capture both these elements together in order to give a positive spin on any situation, to help us look on the bright side, and to free us from our fear and worry. 

     If you have goals in life, no matter which area, from financial goals, career aspirations, artistic pursuits, or any other for that matter, Tiger’s Eye will be of great use to you. Set your intentions into the crystal and use it to keep yourself on task and with a positive outlook. You may have placed limitations on yourself unknowingly and therefore look at yourself in a certain light or are the one holding YOU back. Tiger’s Eye can help you break free of these self-imposed limitations. It will help you find a better understanding of yourself. It’s been said that a fresh pair of eyes can help solve a long standing problem. Let Tiger’s Eye be your fresh pair. 

     If you have not found a theme yet, let me point it out to you: the properties of tiger’s eye are mostly the essence of the animal itself that it is named after and all of its traits. Tigers persevere when in pursuit of prey, they have infinite patience; they will wait quietly until the moment to strike. They are determined animals who only hunt and kill what they need to eat. This last one can be an invaluable lesson to never be greedy, abuse power, or take more than one needs. 

Fun Fact: The Dalai Lama’s personal mala (prayer beads) is made out of Tiger’s Eye. 

     As always, if you have never purchased Tiger's Eye or just would like to get a new piece of it in whatever form; present this at any of our locations to receive 15% off your purchase. 

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