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A Brief History

     Labradorite is so named for the region in which much of it has been found historically on Paul’s Island near the town of Nain in Labrador, Canada. Though it has also been found in large amounts in Norway, Finland, and various locations worldwide. It occurs in mafic (magnesium and ferric) igneous rocks, metamorphic rocks, and in some sediments. Labradorite is probably most well-known and most recognizable for its iridescent quality which is a display of an optical known as labradorescence. This namesake term was coined by a Dane called Ove Balthasar Boggild who described it as follows: “Labradorization is the peculiar reflection of the light from submicroscopical planes oriented in one direction (rarely in two directions); these planes have never such a position that they can be expressed by simple indices, and they are not directly visible under the microscope.”

     Robert Strutt and Boggild gave further contributions to the understanding of the cause of the effect known as labradorization. If I wrote out their findings in scientific/geological terms, no one would understand it (short of professionals in that field) so I will do my best to translate. They found that this optical phenomenon is due to exsolution (when a solid solution becomes unstable). As a result of lower temperatures, two different elements or phases separate into distinct lamellar structures (sheets or pieces lined up adjacent to one another, like a gill plate). 

     Labradorite falls into the plagioclase class of minerals which constitutes 90% of the Earth’s crust. The name plagioclase (from the Ancient Greek for “oblique fracture”) refers to its two cleavage angles and can normally be identified by its “record-groove” appearance. This is known as polysynthetic crystal twinning. Interestingly, plagioclase is also a major component in the highlands of the Earth’s moon and, according to the analysis of recently found data, the most abundant mineral in the crust of Mars. 

     Long before Labradorite’s discovery by geologists, the native peoples believed that it was connected to the Aurora Borealis because of its spectacular flashes of light and that it was created from frozen fire. It is an earthly reminder of the natural beauty and mystery of the cosmos. It compels us to keep looking up at the stars and contemplate our place in the vast universe. 

Metaphysical Uses

     Labradorite is known in some circles as the “Magician” because of its ability to help catalyze and/or strengthen ones magick capabilities. Whether it’s clairvoyance, intuition, past life regression, empathy, or any other psychic propensity, labradorite will be of use to you. It can increase the powers you have already tapped into or open up and reveal to you potential you may not know you have. It does so by linking us to the spirit world; a conductor not unlike Charon who ferries the dead across the river Styx but instead, one that bridges the gap in dimensions between the living and the spirit realm. Where Hematite will keep us grounded, Labradorite will encourage you to go off to another plane of existence. So pick and choose the best time for use of each. Light workers find it especially useful in recalling experiences in other realms.

     Labradorite is the “White Rabbit” from Lewis Carroll’s Through the Looking Glass, (Alice in Wonderland). It’s the “red pill” from the Matrix series of movies. Pick your metaphor, Labradorite is choosing the path less taken or perhaps never taken before. It’s choosing adventure over ordinary certainty; it’s taking a risk instead of opting for safety; it’s welcoming the ‘devil’ unknown over the security of the known. It will expand your spiritual awareness and bring you to a higher level of consciousness. 

     If you have found yourself drawn to Labradorite before and not known exactly why, perhaps somewhere inside part of you is screaming out for adventure! Or that you are in need of a little spiritual growth. It may just be reminding you that there is still magic in the world. It can be hard to tell with Labradorite because it is also such an amazingly beautiful stone that its looks alone can draw you in and intoxicate you with its Hellenistic charm. All the while quietly calling out to you, begging you to use it to help you on your next, or even first, spiritual journey. 

     Because of its variety of colors, Labradorite can be used on all of the chakras, given that the color displayed coincides with the chakra needing the work. But since it predominantly gives off the color blue, most can be used with the throat chakra. You can also use Labradorite in your third eye chakra work to help achieve multiple levels of consciousness. It is especially helpful during meditation by opening up our mind and third eye. By working with Labradorite and your third eye you will not only expand your mind, body, and spirit, but also connect to Guardian Angels, loved ones who have passed on, and general guides of the spirit world. Labradorite is not necessarily for the beginner nor solely for the advanced rock wrangler. Whatever your stage in the crystal world, Labradorite can be your instant “day pass” into another world or a skeleton key that sits patiently waiting for the day you decide to pick it up and use it to gain entry into the ethereal domain of the spirit world. 

     Do you dare GET a piece of Labradorite? This courier to another realm?     

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