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Employees Re-enter City of Portland Offices
In March 2020, millions of employees around the world packed up their offices and started working from home to help prevent the spread of the emerging COVID-19 virus. Two years later, City of Portland employees are returning to in-person work as the city and the state of Oregon begin to reopen. 
But the work of running a city can’t all be done from home. During the pandemic, hundreds of City employees have continued going out into the field to repair roads and sidewalks, maintain our parks and waterways, and check the office mailboxes. We recognize the commitment and hard work of these and other essential workers around the world. Thank you to everyone who spent two years masking up and coming into work to keep each other safe and keep Portland going strong.
As more Oregon businesses re-enter the workplace, Civic Life will join other City of Portland bureaus for in-person work beginning on Monday, April 18. But the pandemic is not over. During this re-entry process, the Portland Building will remain closed to the public. We encourage people to continue masking and getting vaccinated to protect small children, immunocompromised friends and family, and other at-risk people.
We'd also like to give a special thank you to the Civic Life employees who regularly came into the office to keep our programs and services running!
A white and pink outline of Oregon state on a black background. Text reads, "Equity Investment Act."
Logo of the Equity Investment PAC from
Oregon Passes the Equity Investment Act
On March 3, Oregon State Legislature passed the Equity Investment Act (SB 1579) to create the Economic Equity Investment Program. The program’s $15 million fund will provide grants to culturally responsive, community-based organizations supporting people facing two or more economic equity risk factors. These risk factors include race, English language proficiency, and citizenship status. The bill centers investment in BIPOC communities, rural communities, and other lower-income communities to help close the wealth gap in Oregon.
A previous version of this bill,
HB 3112, aimed to provide grants funded by cannabis tax revenue to community organizations, and create legislation around cannabis licensing and record expungement. That bill did not make it through Legislature.
“While we are a long way from resolving the wealth gap and economic inequities fueled by racially-biased enforcement of cannabis prohibition, the creation of the Equity Investment Fund means the state of Oregon has taken the first step towards accountability for the deliberate, government sanctioned harms against these historically excluded communities,” said Cannabis Program Manager Dasheeda Dawson.
Portland’s 3% local cannabis tax has reinvested more than $3.3 million directly into the cities communities through the Cannabis Program’s
Social Equity & Educational Development (SEED) Initiatives grant program since 2017. This revenue, when reinvested properly, gives governmental agencies the ability to support economic equity and restorative justice in communities most harmed by cannabis prohibition. But, despite Oregon legalizing adult-use cannabis in 2014, the state still lacks policies to ensure equity and justice for those communities.
SEED Initiatives and the
Cannabis Emergency Relief Fund (CERF) both support economic equity for underserved communities and fill some gaps in the state’s social equity provisions. Much like these programs, the Equity Investment Act is a step toward repairing the lasting social, economic, and inter-generational consequences racially biased policies and practices have on BIPOC communities.
Five black stick figures hold hands over a red, orange, and yellow background. The stick figure in the center is in a wheelchair. White text over the image reads, "The Shizu Akagi and Mary Foumal Memorial Webinar Series."
This webinar series is led by Disabled adults and designed to increase attendees' knowledge and understanding of the Disability community.
Beyond Expectations Disability Leadership Series
Come join Beyond Expectations, the final webinar of the Shizu Akagi and Mary Foumal Memorial Webinar Series: Uplifting and Empowering Disabled Leaders Today & Tomorrow. The free webinar will be held over Zoom on Wednesday, March 30, from 6:30-8:30 p.m. Beyond Expectations will feature Linda Akagi, Dr. Aisha Musa, and Sam Vranizan together with non-Disabled friends and family. They will discuss overcoming barriers to go beyond the limited expectations society often has for Disabled people.
Join the webinar at the following link:
Meeting ID: 899 1219 6499      Passcode: 406466

The webinar presentation will include verbal descriptions of images and closed captioning. For further information, email Dr. Aisha Musa at Watch the recording of the first webinar, Introducing Successful Disabled Adults and Key Ideas.
The webinar series is supported by a grant from Civic Life’s
Disability Leadership Sponsorships & Grants. The Disability Program supports concrete ways for people with disabilities, especially Disabled people who experience oppression related to additional intersecting identities, to engage in local government and their communities.
A collage of pictures of people of different ages, races, and abilities. Text in the bottom right reads, "Afloat Utility Debt Relief. American Rescue Plan. Investing in Portland."
Afloat Utility Debt Relief
Behind on your sewer/stormwater/water bill?
The Portland Water Bureau has limited funding from a federal grant to help customers get payments back on track. We expect to be able to help between
1,000 and 2,000 Portlanders.

If you need financial help,
please fill out this 10-15 minute application. The Water Bureau can provide the application on paper or in another language. If you need help filling it out, please contact one of our community partners. Applications are available in multiple languages and are due April 11, 2022.
Questions?/¿Tiene preguntas?/Có thắc mắc?/Вопросы? /问题吗,, 503-823-7770
A black and white acorn against background of an orange circle on a blue field. Text reads, "PCEF mini grants. Mini grants. Big impact."
PCEF Mini Grants
The Portland Clean Energy Community Benefits Fund Mini Grants program is a quarterly grant opportunity offering up to $5,000 for activities that align with the PCEF goals of addressing climate change while advancing racial and social justice. Created in response to community feedback, Mini Grants provide an opportunity for organizations to fund a wide range of activities, including grant writing support, small projects, events, and training. Applications and information are available in multiple languages and are due by April 1. Visit the PCEF mini grant page to learn more!
A collage of the portraits of the 20 Charter Commission members. Text in the top left reads, "Portland Charter Commission." The City seal is in the bottom right corner.
The 20 members of the Portland Charter Commission are working together with Portlanders and the City to shape Portland's future.
March 31 Charter Commission Meeting

On March 31, the Portland Charter Commission will host a virtual meeting starting at 6:00pm. The Commission would love to hear from you! Don’t forget to sign up!  Community members are highly encouraged to sign-up to give public comment in advance of the meeting. Can’t make it? Submit written public comment. More info here: 

El 31 de marzo, la Comisión de la Constitución de Portland tiene una reunión virtual a partir de las 6:00 p. m. ¡A la Comisión le encantaría saber lo que piensa! No olvide registrarse! Se recomienda registrarse para dar comentarios públicos antes de la reunión. ¿No puedes atender? Envíe un comentario público por escrito. Más información aquí: 

Join an Advisory Body!

Joining an advisory body is a way for Portlanders to lend their expertise and personal or professional experience to the City of Portland. As an advisory body member, you will work closely with community members and City of Portland liaisons to impact policies and programs.

Private for Hire Transportation Advisory Committee - Closes Sunday, April 3
The committee is seeking an at-large member to represent people with disabilities to share their perspective about using for-hire transportation services in Portland. The committee focuses on issues impacting the companies, the vehicles and the drivers who provide on-demand transportation services and the passengers who use these services to get around. Learn more about member responsibilities and apply here!

Transportation Network Company Driver’s Advisory Committee - Closes Sunday, April 3
The committee is seeking an at-large member to represent people with disabilities to share their perspective about using for-hire transportation services in Portland. The committee focuses on issues impacting transportation network company drivers and serve as a forum where drivers can express issues, concerns, and suggestions about this evolving industry. Learn more about member responsibilities and apply here!

Central Eastside Transportation and Parking Advisory Committee - Closes Sunday, April 3
The committee supports and promotes the economic vitality, employment and safety of the Central Eastside Industrial District (CEID) through cooperative, business-supported programs promoting efficient, balanced transportation and parking systems and land use patterns. The primary goal of the committee is to assist, foster, and expand employment and business growth in the CEID. Learn more about member responsibilities and apply here!

Development Review Advisory Committee - Closes Sunday, April 3
The committee advises the Bureau of Development Services and other City bureaus that are involved with construction-related permits. DRAC fosters a timely, predictable, and accountable development review process that implements the City's goals for land use, transportation, housing, economic development, neighborhood livability, and the environment. DRAC advocates for and supports the consistent and fair application and implementation of regulations. Learn more about member responsibilities and apply here!

Portland Children's Levy Community Council - Closes Sunday, April 10
The Portland Children’s Levy invests in community-based programs designed to support children’s academic success and well-being, and to eliminate inequities in outcomes based on race, ethnicity, income, and ability. The council is being created to advise PCL staff and the PCL Allocation Committee on Levy policy and procedures including community engagement and future competitive grantmaking rounds. Learn more about member responsibilities and apply here!

Portland Utility Board - Closes Monday, April 18
The Portland Utility Board advises the Portland Water Bureau, Bureau of Environmental Services, and City Council on policy and budget issues related to water, sewer, and utilities. Learn more about member responsibilities and apply here!
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