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January 2021

2nd Semester Tuition Due

Registration opened on 1/4/21; Juggle Jam 23 tentatively planned

Our 2nd Semester Registration was posted online on Monday, 1/4/21. We ask that all families registered for our 1st Semester register by Sunday, 1/31/21. For those preferring to purchase a punchcard (with no JJ23 privileges if we're able to hold the show), please inquire with Paul. Also, as a help for our planning and for mutual closure, please inform us of discontinuing Jugheads.

In this dark time with countless small businesses permanently closing their doors, we are very thankful for our grassroots support from the families who are keeping us open!

Staff Column: 
"A Warm Welcome to 2021"

Joyce Miller: 4th Year Staff, now weekly Specialist in Intermediate

Hello everyone!  This is Joyce Miller, JUGHEADS (JH) Specialist, Liaison between Jugheads and our host Emmaus, Welcome and Covid Wellness Advisor, and Mom to 3 Jugheads.  Welcome to 2021 at JH!

Last year was challenging, and yet JH was a place of calm, connection and cheer.  I have enjoyed stopping in at different clubs each week, visiting with each of the Jugheads, hearing of news and juggling records, enjoying social interaction, and sharing in life.  I especially enjoyed our "Mini-Jingles" (aka Jingle Week) that took place in each club in lieu of our typical Jingle Jam.  The opportunity to see the festive costumes, play games, and hang out just for fun was a treat this past Holiday season.

We thank our host, Emmaus Church, for allowing us to meet in their facility.  I recently reached out to Emmaus to ask how we are being perceived as a presence in the facility during this pandemic.  According to Director of Administration at Emmaus, Mavis Miller (no relation), 

"Emmaus is very much enjoying its relationship with the Jugheads, and we’re grateful to be part of their discipleship ministry. The Jugheads staff is always respectful and highly cooperative with any requests we make of them; it is clear that their leadership is well-structured and has high standards for themselves as well as the students. The students are energetic but well behaved and respectful of our building. We are grateful that they have found a home at Emmaus, and we are comfortable with their continued activities during the pandemic; they have limited their group sizes and demonstrated compliance with all of the COVID-19 mandates including the sanitizing of their equipment on a frequent basis. We look forward to an ongoing relationship with the Jugheads!"  

I am grateful to Emmaus for cooperating with us in the endeavor to develop youth through juggling even in times like these—and maybe especially for such a time as this.  I am thankful to our staff and students for making the necessary adjustments and efforts to comply with the Covid-19 protocols in order to keep meeting together.  And we can be grateful to one another, as we are in this together, and we all have been doing a very good job.

As for my own involvement in JH, my role grows.  Starting back in the summer of 1994, I had the joy of working with Paul as this juggling group started growing.  I was thrilled to work with these youth for those first 5 summers.  It has been my pleasure to witness the individual Jugheads grow in stature, skill, maturity, and community.  Moving on to start a life and family with my husband, Greg, it was wonderful reconnecting with JH, and Wendy and Paul, when my own children were of age to participate in 2014.  As my sons Brody and Jerrik attended, I couldn't help but fall back into those old habits of connecting with the youth, taking care of props and supporting this group in whatever way I could.  Growing from the mom of a couple Jugheads, to assistant Stage Right manager of Juggle Jam, to volunteer on Friday afternoons, to Parent Specialist of Friday Rec, to JBC Staff, to now the weekly Specialist of Intermediate Club on Tuesdays has seemed a natural progression for me.  (And somewhere in there my daughter Serena joined as a Jughead member.)  So now in my new role of Specialist in Intermediate Club, I am looking forward to continuing to grow together.  We have such a rich community!  The staff, SLT, students, parents, alumni, and supporters all make for a fantastic "extended family," our JH community!

Welcome to 2021!  I am here for you.  Thank you for being there for me.  We are JUGHEADS! 

16th Annual Winter Showcase

Saturday, 3/13, 7 pm (location TBD)

The Winter Showcase is scheduled for Saturday, March 13 at 7:00 pm at Hopkins High School Little Theater (but the venue is subject to change). Led by our SLT and spearheaded by Student Director Lizzy V. with Assistant Student Director Sophie K., the Showcase is free & open to the public, offering both a valuable performance experience and an entertaining show. Polished solos, ensembles & emcees/skits from any club/ability level desiring to perform should apply via written application by Sunday, 1/31 and preview their routine for Lizzy by Thursday, 2/25. Acts should limit their routines to 3 minutes (1-2 min. for emcees & skits), but they may perform up to 4 min. with permission. The cast will be confirmed by 2/26. NOTE: The Showcase is a pre-requisite for our tentatively-scheduled JJ23 specialty act auditions on Monday, 4/19/21.
Isaac Nelson (Class of '20) and Isaac C. perform their duet at the 2020 Winter Showcase.

SLT Voice: 
"The New Year—Why It Matters"

—Noel D.: 9th Year Jughead; Intermediate Club Assistant; Elite Co-Captain;
Ultimate Club Member; HS Senior

Once again, we have arrived at the beginning of a “New Year.” One revolution around the sun and 365 rotations of Earth on its axis ago, 2020 began. So much has changed since the start of last year. Our communities have faced countless unprecedented issues. A global pandemic has fundamentally changed our way of life. Now, with 2020 over, and 2021 beginning, many are probably asking, “What’s the difference?” The seriousness of the issues haven’t changed and our communities are still struggling with those very same issues. What is the importance of a “New Year?”

But before we talk about that, I want to talk about the power of the mind. The brain is the most complex computer in the world, but that isn’t what makes it so powerful. Our minds are powerful because of how they can impact ourselves and others. With just a few words, you can change somebody’s life. With a thought put into action, you can drastically alter the course of events in your community, whether it’s a family, group, or even a city. Additionally, your mind can often impact your success in various ventures, such as how you perform in a competition or class. Furthermore, mindset can actually drastically impact the physical healing process. By studying the placebo effect, Stanford professor Alia Crum and her co-workers have found that how a patient thinks and feels, for example, their thoughts about and trust in their doctor, or their expectations of how healing will progress, all have a measurable impact on the recovery process. For more information, you can visit this page. So what does all this tell us? It tells us that our minds have the power to influence the course of events. Now, how does that apply to the concept of a “New Year” and how, specifically, does it apply to this New Year?

A New Year does not carry change in and of itself. Rather, a New Year is about the beginning of change. This applies to both individuals and communities. For individuals, it offers a way to turn a new leaf. To rid yourself of old habits or begin to create new ones. The New Year is a way for people to change their mindset about the achievability of goals. It’s a lot easier to change when you feel as though you are restarting. This mental reset can be helpful in innumerable ways. Having a healthy mindset, setting your eyes on success, and maintaining an unwavering drive can help you in nearly any aspect of life, whether you’re playing a sport, writing a paper, or even recovering from physical injuries. Equipped with a new positive mindset, individuals can begin to achieve their goals more quickly and effectively. This can apply to anything and everything. For example, I’m going to use the New Year as a catalyst to help renew my efforts at achieving the Super Ultimate Standards, building my routine for the Winter Showcase, and becoming an Eagle Scout. By resetting, I can put my mind on a path towards those goals and focus on making them a reality.

Similarly, the New Year also offers a way for a community to collectively reset and achieve goals; to come together and be a driving force for new change. Right now, most everyone is focused on the pandemic. With an effective vaccine being manufactured and administered, there is light at the end of the tunnel. The fight isn’t over, but people are beginning to regain hope. 2021 gives us a chance to mentally reset and renew our efforts. To make sure that 2021 doesn’t continue like 2020. The mind, even on its own, is a powerful force. The power of countless minds coalescing and focusing on one goal has the potential to be nearly unstoppable. Humanity has proven time and time again that it is tenacious, driven, and formidable. We have shown that when we work together, aiming at one collective goal as a single unit, we cannot be stopped. This is the significance of our transition into 2021. A New Year is what you make of it. No more and no less. How you think, your mindset, decides the course of a New Year. With this New Year, we have a chance to begin regaining what we lost in 2020. If we choose to collectively focus our efforts on precaution and protection of ourselves and others, we can ensure that the vaccine, the light at the end of the tunnel, approaches swiftly and gracefully. We can do our best to keep each other safe, and look towards a brighter future; a future where we can all once again see each other smile.

JUGHEADS Community News

  • Intermediate Club on Tuesdays: In a bad news/good news scenario, Coach Josh Nelson (Class of '18 and 1st-year coach) is now every-other-week in his role. As his Northwestern University studies culminate with a study abroad semester next year, his new class schedule necessitates Tuesday afternoons this 2nd Semester. We're grateful that Specialist Joyce Miller has committed to being our weekly staff to anchor Intermediate even as Josh is able to finish out the school year by coaching bi-weekly!
  • January Leadership Meetings: SLT from 9-Noon on 1/9 @ Emmaus Youth Room; Staff from 6-8:30 pm on 1/18 on Zoom.
  • CALENDAR REMINDERS: There is no Advanced Club on 1/18 or 2/15; Spring Break for all our clubs is March 29-April 2
  • Potential members welcome to visit: Whether through friendships, extended families, churches, sports teams, schools, or general word-of-mouth, we would appreciate any referrals for new kids to try us out. Instead of a formal "Bring-a-Friend-to-JUGHEADS Week" this year, we welcome ala carte, pre-planned visits of kids who are interested in joining. Please email Paul and the staff member(s) of the Club of interest with referrals you can send our way!
  • Remember that make-ups are encouraged for Jugheads of all levels who need (or have needed) to miss their base juggling day(s) for any reason. The 14-member Rec. Club is the most flexible to accommodate visiting Jugheads from other Club days, followed by Advanced, Intermediate, Elite (w/ special permission), and Ultimate (Elite members only). 
  • SUMMER CAMPS PREVIEW: Our camps (25 weekdays / five full weeks, from June 7-July 9, 2021) are an ideal place for youth to immerse in juggling and in our JH culture! A week of 3-5 consecutive mornings is optimal for beginners; most Jughead members choose punchcards for maximum flexibility. We plan to post our summer camp registration on Monday, March 1, with early bird registration discounts offered through Friday, April 30. Summer SLT application deadline: Friday, April 9
  • JBC 4: Our 2021 Juggling + Bible Camp is set for Sunday—Friday, July 25-30 at the Association Retreat Center (A.R.C.) near Osceola, WI. Registration opens on Monday, March 1 for up to 35 Jughead members currently in 5th-12th grade. (We had 33 Jugheads at JBC in 2020, a number easily accommodated by the large dining hall, huge gym, and generous dorm barracks on this former U.S. Air Force Base.) Email Paul & Wendy with any questions or to confirm/request a spot on our preliminary roster. NOTE: If any of our 35 spots are unclaimed as of 5/1/21, kids younger than 5th grade and/or punchcard/"camp only" kids may register. All JBC registrations will be finalized by 5/31/21.
  • Jughead Grad-Child on the way! Congratulations to Rec. Club Coach Christine Therens (JH Class of '09) and her husband, Scott, on the announcement of their expectancy of their first child! Due on May 8, 2021 (a relief to Christine so she can be at JJ23 if we are able to hold it live :-), the Therens' baby GIRL currently weighs one pound with a heart rate of 150 bpm. Mom says, "She's very active and always moving/wiggling!" We're very happy for the young couple and are glad to share their adventure as expectant parents!

Paul's Platform

The Poetic Series '20-'21:


"Paul's Poetic Platform" Series Note

This 10-part poetic series covers a wide variety of general and personal topics with acrostic, one-word rhyming titles from A through J. January's topic is both timeless and timely regarding an aspect of our shared human need in an increasingly complex and desperate world. —PRA


In the Bible, and culture, and Heaven above,
No word is as quite celebrated as "love."
"Faith" may come close, with its synonym, "trust;"
We all need that daily to transcend this dust.
But one less-sung virtue has grand depth as well; 
Saint Paul often used it as doctrinal gel.
That word, at its best, is a life-saving rope;
For one's future close-clings to the sweetness of "hope."

Whether longing to go on a restful vacation
Or going to college or changing vocation
Or resuming normalcy of congregation
Or pursuing the freedom to move one's location
Or praying for peace in this strife-laden nation
Or conquer fixation on dark trepidation
Or rise from the dead in eternal elation
No one can survive without great expectation.

Forty days without food makes one mortally weak;
A lifespan sans water concludes in a week.
Deprived of one's breath for mere minutes spells pall;
But bereft of all hope, one lives no time at all.

True hope goes beyond mere expecting the trivial
Like first-world luxuries or feasts convivial.
The hope from Above transcends wishful thinking—
It leads to the certainty of faith unblinking.
So whatever your ills or your longings just now,
Remember: Creator God loves you—and how!

This year began darkly; it's only begun...
But hope springs eternal in Twenty-Twenty-One.

Developing Youth Through Juggling Since 1994,

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