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2021 EYJA-JUGHEADS Showcase trio, ZEL: Evan S., Laney S., and Zoe L.

April/May 2021

JJ23 Final Memo & Checklist

Logistics for four-week countdown in separate email/posting

Paul Arneberg, Company Director

The annual Final Memo & Checklist for all JH families regarding JJ23 logistics and etiquette will be sent in a separate email (and posted on our website) on Saturday, 4/24/21 to supplement this issue of the JUGHEADS Journal. (Our latest info. on tickets, costumes, cast protocol & etiquette, and other topics—both perennial and unique to this year—will be addressed at our staff meeting on 4/24, and we'll pass along all updates thereafter.)

Four key dates should be memorized: May 11, 19*, 21 & 22. Family-made/ borrowed/ purchased costumes enhance all routines. Every Jughead should know at least the basic info. of the JJ23 Final Memo & Checklist.

*The addition of a 2nd/Final Dress Rehearsal on Wed., 5/19/21 was just announced via an email on 4/17/21 to our current families. While it's short notice to coordinate a large cast of 64 students and their families' schedules, we urge all performers to be there that night for our annual run of the show two days before actual show weekend!

Distinguished Jugheads of JJ23

Featured honors for eight specialty acts, seven seniors, selected skits

Specialty Act Auditions for JJ23 were held on 4/19 at Emmaus Church. Two solos, four duets, a trio, and a quintet were chosen to supplement our club routines with specialized talents and characters. We’ll also have a variety of skits and emcee bits. Seven Jughead seniors will be honored (four on Friday night, three on Saturday night), joining the 109 other grads who have gone before them. Congratulations to all featured Jugheads in JJ23! 

Isaac C., performing 6 rings during his solo at the 2021 EYJA-JUGHEADS Showcase.

Humble varsity team sweetens a lemon-like year

Erica Liddle (Class of '14): Head Coach

This year’s Ultimate Club is 14 members strong: eight veterans and six rookies. Since Day One the team has cultivated a positive, committed, notably humble spirit that has helped it weather all this season’s challenges. There is so much well-rounded ability in the Emmaus gym each Thursday night but very little ego. These jugglers understand the value of building a solid skill base and know that they’re never too good to practice. And so, regular warm ups begin with five singles and one hundred doubles as well as one hundred passes in six club passing. For the non-jugglers out there, yes, that is a lot!

We do of course do more than the basics – that’s what makes Ultimate ultimate. What else has happened at club? In the beginning months, members became integrated through classic pattern work (dropbacks, Y, star, W, weave, etc.), endurance competitions, and lots of well-used free juggling time. During Dial-Back MN almost half the club was gone, and the quietness of empty space was palpable. And yet, those still at club made the most of the waiting time with leisurely small skills work and community-building games of black club, combat, soccer, and basketball. When the full team reunited in late January, everyone was eager to get to work on the routine. All the skill work done in the beginning of the year is showing. The team is equipped to accomplish its extremely creative and challenging ideas. 

As we near Juggle Jam 23 with great anticipation, Ultimate Club continues to adapt and juggle the lemons tossed our way. Even though we won’t be competing at the IJA Festival this summer (the festival is virtual again and teams competition seems to be canceled), we have still created a competition-worthy routine. The jazzy, technical, team-rich performance crafted through so many months of modified expectations is something wonderful to behold. There are even four all-group patterns and a healthy sprinkling of rings mixed in with the traditional clubs. We can’t wait to share it all with you in just 28 days!

Our Jughead Ultimates are: freshmen Jeremy E., Danny K., Rebecca M.; sophomores Leona B, Isaac C., Maria H., Ben S.; juniors Olivia C., Aedan E., Sophie K.; seniors Nathan D., Noel D., Hope L., Lizzy V.; Coach Erica Liddle; Advisers Paul & Wendy Arneberg. 

"The Changing Seasons" 
SLT Voice • by Aedan E.

Aedan E.: 6th year Jughead; UC member; Elite Club Officer; Advanced Club Assistant; PSEO Junior

In 1725, Italian composer Antonio Vivaldi published what would become the

greatest and most recognized of his pieces: The Four Seasons. Composed into four

concertos, one for each season, Vivaldi beautifully orchestrated the four seasons of

Earth into music. Elite Club this year is showcasing a juggling rendition of The Four

Seasons, and it is easily becoming one of my favorite routines that I have ever been a

part of in my six years as a Jughead.

However, the seasons mean something a little different to me. I easily associate

the ever-changing seasons of Earth to the ever-changing seasons of one’s life. I’m

getting older and I have recently made the realization as the hype for Juggle Jam is

rising, that I have one year left following this show. My mind begins to ask itself how I

might make the most of my final year and what legacy I’d like to leave behind. It is a

hard realization to make, especially for someone like me, because I struggle with heavy

nostalgia. In the last year I have found myself quickly thinking of past years and

wonderful memories I made with friends that have since graduated from JH. This isn’t

wrong itself, but as a result it can be easy for me to also miss living in the present. As

my best friend and other people close to me begin to make preparations for graduating

this year, I am reminded to hold every second that I have with them now, knowing that

there will be a new season around the corner.

Sometimes the anticipation for the next season can be difficult. If I am

comfortable with where my life is now, it’s not easy for me to get excited for the

inevitable change. But, as much as I’d like to, I can’t say to the Earth, “Actually, hold on

just one second, I think I’d like to stay here a little bit longer.” No, instead I have to put

one foot in front of the other and be open to what may come next. We have seen a lot of

change in this world since the last time I wrote for a newsletter, but such is the way that

the world — and life — is. Some seasons are more difficult than others, but there is so

much growth that can come from the ground once covered in frost; we see it at about

this time every year as the trees begin to bud and the birds begin their morning

melodies once again.

As I get excited to perform this Juggle Jam “season” with some of my friends for

their final year, and just another year in the books for others of us, I work hard to stay

grounded in the moment, because in just a second, that moment will become a memory.

I’ll have all my life to appreciate that memory, but I don’t have all my life to

appreciate that moment. The seasons will change, and sometimes I anticipate it, while

other times I am anxious about what comes next. But through my years, I have learned

the importance of living and enjoying each day as it is given to you, and that you never

know what adventures may be around the corner.

JUGHEADS Community News

JUGHEADS Community News

  • SUMMER JUGGLING CAMP FORM and online registration were posted online in March. 
    • Camp Reminders: 
      1. Discounts expire 4/30; 
      2. Punchcards are a popular option;
      3. Campers can bag-lunch-it if juggling all day;
      4. The Edina 4th of July Parade is on Sat., July 3 this year. A parade Sign-Up Genius will be linked to our summer newsletter.
    • Camp Caveats:
      1. At present, we have more student leaders who have applied than campers who have registered! Not sustainable...
      2. After the discount deadline passes on 4/30/21, a determination will be made about reducing our camp weeks for viability. At present, we hope to keep open the first two weeks (June 7-11 and June 14-18), but it's possible alternate/additional weeks will be offered.
      3. Coaches Erica & Josh, current members & SLT, and many grads widely praise summer camps as being a highlight of their juggling year! This likely reduction of our camp schedule will only be due to sheer financial solvency (i.e., minimizing loss after paying for rent and coaches). We'll hold camps even on a shoestring budget, but even a "shoestring" can't stretch out for five weeks (or maybe even two weeks)! We'll send a targeted email to all registered juggling camp families (and those who have expressed interest but have yet to register) by Sat., 5/8/21 to announce which weeks we will hold and offer refunds if our amended camp schedule makes participation impossible. Thank you! 
  • SENIORS' (and Senior Parents') DEADLINES: Photos by 5/2; Program Bios by 5/9: 
    • Senior Parents (or seniors if they prefer to research), please submit 15-25 photos for the Senior Presentation. (1–2 young photos, at least 10 juggling- and/or Jughead-related, a few family/hobby related). See JH photo/video downloads if you'd like to access our archives for photo selections.
    • Seniors (or parents if necessary), please write a bio for our JJ23 program by Sunday, May 9th. See email on 4/19 for more details.
  • The Fall 2021 Registration Form will be posted on or around Wed., 6/2/21, with 1st Semester reg. open for current members (with approval from Coach Erica and Director Paul for Adv., Elite & UC) and new rookies (camp experience recommended but understandably waived if camp are infeasible). Secure a roster spot and receive early bird discounts by registering for next year's 1st Sem. by Sat., 7/31/21. NOTES:
  • At our staff meeting on 3/20/21, there was unanimous consensus that Emmaus Lutheran Church in Bloomington is the preferred venue for the 2021-2022 school year. While admittedly St. Stephen's Episcopal Church in Edina is more centrally located and consistently offered us warm hospitality from May 2015-March 2020 (and rent-free storage space over the last year as everything has been in limbo), the gym, neighborhood setting, and adaptation we've experienced at Emmaus make that our 1st choice for a long-term juggling home. Emmaus's church council has approved our request for an annual renewable agreement; the congregation will vote on 5/19/21.
  • As with the cancellation of our 2020 summer camp season, the likely reduction of our 2021 camps will lead to a revision of our traditional pre-requisite of camp experience before new rookies may join our school year clubs. One idea is that new rookies (with or without camp experience) will receive a "camp-like" experience for the first five weeks of the school year immersing them in beginning juggling led by at least two dedicated leaders. This will be simultaneous with the veteran Jugheads' tradition of Games Week, Balls Week, Rings Week, Clubs Week, and Standards Testing. Whether spreading the word to newcomers trying out our camps at Emmaus or joining us as new rookies next fall, we dearly appreciate your word-of-mouth endorsements and referrals!!
  • Year-end SLT + Staff Meeting: Saturday, 5/29 from 9 am-Noon. Location TBD.

Paul's Platform

The Poetic Series '20-'21:


Photo: 5th grade rookie Jughead Lauren Rice rehearses "Rock This Town" with Paul for JJ1 in 1999. Lauren later became one of the first three JUGHEADS graduates in 2006.

"Paul's Poetic Platform" Series Note

This 10-part poetic series covers a wide variety of general and personal topics with acrostic, one-word rhyming titles from A through J. April/May touches on the history of this company and its development, distinctions, accolades, and endurance.  —PRA


The past can't be changed; the future's unknown; 
The present's a gift for much good to be sown.
While passed things are fixed beyond true alteration,
There's wisdom to study historification.

At JUGHEADS, our clubs were not born in a day; 
Three decades went into all now on display.
Though juggling is fun, recreational play,
The impact goes deeper–or no one would stay!

For starters, this art form is also a sport
So many kids join for these skills to transport.
Others are not so inclined to be jocks
But find that the thrill of performing just rocks!
Still others have heard that the juggler's brain
Grows bigger and causes one's school-grades to gain!
Most pert'nent of all: JUGHEADS grows all the students
Through goals, deep connections, and virtuous prudence.

When founding this comp'ny at age twenty-five, 
I had no conception how much we would thrive.
In those days, I felt like a big older brother—
Through childcare, immersed in time with one another.
As standards improved and our comp'ny increased
Our fullest potential was finally released.
A full-time coach by the age twenty-nine years,
My uncle-like love for them cast out my fears.

Despite being down for my own lack of offspring,
Our recognized efforts brought manifold bling!
"Outstanding Service" in May Ninety-Seven
Gave nod to our formative MnSACA leaven.
The IJA gave formal honors reflecting
Excellent education and directing.
Our many Teams medals began to unfold
And one peak in Oh-Nine was when we won gold!
Back home in Edina, we saw commendation:
"Connecting With Kids" for impactful relation.

Above all this boasting, a milestone stands clear: 
The Jugheads who choose to stay through senior year.
It took till Oh-Six for three youth to surpass
The end of twelfth grade as our first senior class.
The pioneer ladies of that year were thrice:
Kelsey H., Jill K., and Lauren A. Rice.
Since then, one-oh-six grads have gone the full length,
Plus se'en more this year who now add to our strength.

My own role has changed with the company's age,
From front-line cheerleader to fatherly sage.
And soon, I admit, my role will entail
Grand-fatherly privileges as I prevail.
E'en with less connection, I hope to impart
Support, love and guidance just like at the start.
The future depends on our coaches and youth
To keep us still jugglin' and growing in truth.

There's wisdom to study historification
To see how our past led to much dedication.
Behind every stat, accolade, and big show
Are names of changed lives who were challenged to grow.

Regardless of ups and downs of Present Day,
A look at the Big Pic reminds us to pray
For hard times to pass and for fruit to display
A youth that's developed in every way:
The body and soul and brain matter of gray
And vital connections above all the fray.
As long as the Present is still called "Today"
Remember the past for the future's bright way.

Developing Youth Through Juggling Since 1994,

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Advanced, Elite & Ultimate Club Coach: Erica Liddle, 952-688-6536
Intermediate Club Specialist: Joyce Miller, 612-749-8748
Intermediate Club Coach (part-time): Josh Nelson, 763-458-6677
Rec. Club Coach (Maternity leave after 4/22/21): Christine Therens, 952-807-4353
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