Winter Youth Juggling Showcase

Sponsored by Edina Youth Juggling Association
Produced by JUGHEADS Youth Juggling Company

Hello Jugheads families,

This is Elizabeth Stockbridge, the Student Director of the 2020 Winter Youth Juggling Showcase. I am writing to you all as a reminder that the Showcase is coming up this March! I encourage you to consider partaking in it. If you have any resistance or questions about it, talk to student leaders, Assistant Student Director Lizzy Van Ert, or me.

For anyone who is unfamiliar with the Winter Showcase, I have a brief explanation for you. The Showcase is open to any Jughead who wants to put together a routine or emcee bit. It provides a supportive and fun opportunity to perform without the stress and pressure of Juggle Jam. It is a great way to grow one’s stage confidence and comfortability. The Showcase is also great practice for Juggle Jam 22 specialty acts. Anyone that wants to audition for Juggle Jam 22 with a specialty act or emcee bit must perform it in the Showcase prior to auditions.

This year the Showcase is Saturday, March 14th, 2020. Even if your Jughead doesn’t perform in the Showcase, I encourage them–and you–to attend!

The Showcase application forms will be available in the office and the Jugheads website from now until the application deadline on January 31st. This form is a simple description of your routine or emcee bit and your contact information. Please turn in a hard copy of your form to me or Lizzy at JUGHEADS.

If you have any additional questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at or Assistant Director Lizzy Van Ert at

Elizabeth Stockbridge

March 2020
Mark your calendar!
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