Winter Youth Juggling Showcase

Sponsored by Edina Youth Juggling Association
Produced by JUGHEADS Youth Juggling Company

Hello all!

I am emailing you as a reminder that the 2020 EYJA Winter Showcase applications are due on January 31st; that's this week! 

The Showcase application can be downloaded from the JH web site and there may also be some copies found in the JH office (they are bright green, so they shouldn’t be hard to miss). It isn’t hard to fill out and shouldn’t take much time. When you finish filling out the application, you can turn it in to Lizzy or me. However, if you are in Friday Rec., Kayla Malmgren has graciously offered to take them, and she will give them to me later. 

So far I have received a few emcee/skit applications and a few specialty act applications. That’s a great start, and I’d love to see lots more come through! I’d encourage you to work on your routines or emcee bits now before clubs get more focused on Juggle Jam preparation.

Preview week is the week of February 24th-28th. I know it may seem like quite a long ways away, but these next couple of months fly by, so keep it on your radar if you are considering participating in the Winter Showcase.

Lizzy and I would love to receive your applications!

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact Lizzy or me at: or Assistant Director Lizzy Van Ert at

Elizabeth Stockbridge
Showcase Student Director

March 2020
Mark your calendar!
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