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JJ22 T-shirt Sizes • Winter Showcase • Spring Break

Hello, Jugheads Families:

Juggle Jam 21 (JJ22) season has arrived and you may hear from us a little more frequently for the next couple months since there will be more logistics to share.

JJ22 T-Shirts:
Currently, I (Wendy) am working on the JJ22 T-shirt order. Every current Jughead will receive a T-shirt to wear for Juggle Jam 22 (May 15 & 16, 2020) which will be handed out in Clubs the beginning of May. Jugheads will wear those shirts, along with khaki shorts (check your closets to make sure your Jughead has a pair to wear), for the opening and closing numbers of JJ22.

Based on the sizes ordered last year (if available) below are the sizes we will order unless you email us by Friday, March 20, that you would like us to order a different size. Jugheads will receive a JJ22 T-shirt for each Club in which they are members or Student Leaders. Thanks for helping us with this!


2020 Winter Showcase:
We are excited to see the hard work come to fruition this Saturday at the 2020 Winter Juggling Showcase. Sponsored by the Edina Youth Juggling Association (EYJA), produced by JUGHEADS, and student directed and led, many Jugheads and Student Leaders have been working hard on their routines and emcee skits. We are hoping many JUGHEADS families will come out to support the kids and their efforts in this free and fun show!


  • Reminder: There are NO JUGHEADS Clubs the week of March 23–27.

  • There WILL be Friday Rec. on Friday, March 13, even though there is no school in Edina.

Happy that spring seems to have sprung,

Wendy Arneberg
JUGHEADS Youth Juggling Company

JJ22 T-Shirt Sizes    

  • YM = Youth Medium (10/12), YL=Youth Large (14/16)
  • S = Adult Small, M= Adult Medium, L = Adult Large, XL = Adult XL
  • The size listed below will be ordered for your Jughead (the size you ordered last year, if available) unless you email us by Friday, March 20 with your preferred size. Everyone that has a Juggle Jam rookie should email us the T-shirt size of their new-to-Juggle Jam Jughead.
  • If you would like to order an ADDITIONAL shirt for a family member, please email us the size you would like and which Club color you would like. (Note that the T-shirt colors have not yet been determined for each Club.)

YL    Isaac     Anderson
S    Will    Anderson
S    Alex    Armbrustmacher
YL    Ava    Armbrustmacher
M    Jared    Ashton
    Seth    Ashton
M    Leona    Barocas
YM    Jack    Betts
YL    Caleb    Bizal
YL    Eli    Busse
YM    Henry    Butz
S    Isaac    Cantor
S    Josie    Carson
M    Kacy    Chinavare
YL    Benjamin    Claeys
S    Olivia    Clarin
S    Lauren    Collins
M    Joe    De Boom
M    Eric    Debner
L    Jacob    Downs
S    Miriam    Drabek
S    Nathan    Drabek
L    Grant    Dunbar
M    Noel    Dunning
YM    Elling    Dyrud
    Andy    Ensrud
M    Aedan    Erickson
YL    Jeremy    Erickson
YM    Jo Isaac    Erickson
    Arun    Ferran-Spatnekar
YM    Jacob    Fleetham
YL    Alexander    Galarneau
YL    Samuel    Galarneau
YM    Nate    Gotte
YM    Nico    Gotte
    Nels    Gunderson
S    Maria    Hadjiyanis
XL    Matt    Hawkins
M    Sophia    Holm
YL    Ella    Holt
YL    Matthew    Johnson
M    Seth    Johnson
L    Timothy    Johnson
M    Eli    Kenyon
S    Danny    Keuning
S    Sophie     Klein
S    Gracie    Legan
S    Hope    Legan
    Zoe    Legan
YM    Addie    Lovaas
YM    Andrew    Lovaas
M    Kayla    Malmgren
S    Nick    Marker
M    Max    McDermott
YL    Michael    Meany
S    Daniel    Medford
XL    Brody    Miller
M    Jerrik    Miller
YM    Serena    Miller
M    Ben    Moore
M    Jordan    Moore
S    Rebecca    Moore
YL    Fiona    Morrill
S    Allegra    Nelson
M    Isaac    Nelson
S    Serena    Nelson
    Wil    Nixon
YM    Luke    Norman
YL    Maya    Nowak
    Nick    Padden
S    Aaron    Pence
YL    Elliot    Pence
YM    Wyatt    Pence
YM    Alex    Peterson
YM    Ben    Ponson
S    Kayla    Prell
YM    Brady    Reuben
YM    Thomas    Rewey
YL    Luke    Schwandt
    Rachel    Schwandt
YM    Sarah    Schwandt
M    Ben    Sneesby
    Evan    Spencer
    Laney    Spencer

S    Elizabeth    Stockbridge
L    David    Stone
YL    Eva    Teske
S    Lizzy    Van Ert
    Sadie    Vietzen
    Will    Wallace
    Joe    Westholder

YM    Addy    Wethington
YM    Max    Willmuth
M    Erica    Liddle
L    Chris Lovdal
XL    Joyce    Miller
S    Betsy     Nelson
M    Christine    Therens

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