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Garden Suites Survey
A “Garden Suite” is a second, generally smaller house built in the backyard of a detached, semi-detached, or townhouse property. The City has initiated a process to develop policies and zoning rules to permit “Garden Suites” to be built City wide in the backyards of homes on lots that are not next to a public lane, subject to a range of criteria to be decided.
The City has released a survey to explore your opinions and concerns about new backyard houses in your neighbourhood.  Our March 26th eBlast listed a number of questions that you might want to think about before you respond to the survey.
The Garden Suites Survey is the first step in the City collecting information from the public about the opportunities and limitations of Garden Suites in neighbourhoods across the City. By responding to the Survey you can help define the rules and regulations for Garden Suites.
It is important to let your thoughts be known
Survey is open until April 30th
New Park at 250 Lawrence Ave W
A new park is going to be created once the 250 Lawrence condo development is completed. It is adjacent to the Douglas Greenbelt. There is also a privately-owned, publicly accessible space (called a POPS) on the site. The park is to open in Spring 2023.
A virtual Public Meeting was held by Parks, Recreation and Forestry on March 24th to talk about the new Park (named Glengarry Park).
Visit the project webpage.  
To see the presentation from the March 24th meeting view the New Glengarry Ave. Park Presentation.
You can take an online Survey to provide feedback on the designs – it will be open until April 11th.
COVID-19 Vaccines
Everyone is interested in keeping up-to-date with the arrangements for COVID Vaccinations.  We have added a section COVID-19 Vaccine to the COVID page on our website. It contains information on the vaccine rollout, government information, new articles, COVID-19 information sites as well as contact information. We will keep this updated as additional information is released.
Councillor Colle, MPP Martin and MP Mendicino Newsletters also contain updates on COVID-19 issues. 

Help for Home Care Recipients

For anyone already working with the North Toronto Ontario Health Team (OHT), they have programs in place to deal with both non-ambulatory and ambulatory chronic care clients.  Patients receiving home care services from a LHIN (Local Health Integration Network; formerly CCAC) may be eligible to receive a shot at home. Your LHIN case coordinator should be reaching out shortly to review options; more information on how Adult Chronic Home Care Recipients will be receiving their vaccine can be found in this slide deck circulated recently by the North Toronto Ontario Health Team.

Check on your Neighbour
Hopefully, our elderly residents have family or friends that are helping them arrange for their vaccinations. Or perhaps a community organization like the LHIN or Better Living or Sprint will be following up with them.  But, just in case, could you make contact with your elderly neighbour(s) to make sure they are being looked after?  If you find that they need help, please send us an email at and we will follow up.

COVID-19 Case Counts for Bedford Park-Nortown area
 The City of Toronto publishes COVID-19 recent case rates (cases with episode dates during the previous 21 days, per 100,000 people) for its 140 defined neighbourhoods. The graph below shows the case rates since mid-December for Bedford Park – Nortown and its surrounding neighbourhoods. All of SAHRA is within this neighbourhood. Bedford Park – Nortown is shown in red. The graph clearly shows that the case rates within our neighbourhood are not insignificant and they have been rising since the beginning of March.

A caveat: the City assigns cases to a resident’s home address. This is not necessarily where the case was transmitted. A resident may have picked up COVID-19 elsewhere, but equally someone who lives outside of Bedford Park – Nortown may have acquired COVID-19 in our neighbourhood. As the City mentions on its website “It is possible to become infected with COVID-19 anywhere. That is why it is important to practice hand hygiene, wear masks, keep a distance of six feet, and avoid large gatherings.”
Data are updated Monday, Wednesday and Friday, except on statutory holidays. SAHRA will endeavour to update this graph on SAHRA’s website within 24 hours of the City’s update.

MPP Robin Martin Community Update

View the April 1 update.
SAHRA’s 2021 AGM on April 21, 2021
SAHRA’s Annual General Meeting will be held on Wed, April 21 2021 from 7:00-8:00 pm via Zoom.  Councillor Colle will be attending to provide updates/ answer questions on City issues. Registration details will be published in  an eBlast on April 7th.

Changes to Armour Heights Public School

The TDSB is considering changes to Armour Heights Public School. The Planning and Priorities Committee will consider a staff report at the committee’s meeting on April 6 which convenes at 4:30 pm. The staff recommendations are:
  • Armour Heights Public School be converted from a Junior Kindergarten to Grade 6 school to a Junior Kindergarten to Grade 8 school, retaining Grade 7 effective September 1, 2021, and Grade 8 effective September 1, 2022;
  • The junior to intermediate pathway from Armour Heights Public School to St. Andrew’s Middle School be grandparented for the 2021/22 school year;
  • The shared junior attendance boundary between Ledbury Park Elementary and Middle School and Armour Heights Public School be directed entirely to Ledbury Park Elementary and Middle School effective September 1, 2021.
Detailed background information can be found at the agenda for the upcoming meeting of the committee. Click on Agenda Item 6.1 (Program Area Review for Armour Heights Public School, Ledbury Park Elementary and Middle School and St Andrew's Middle School) for links to multiple background files, including the staff report.
If you would like to share your thoughts in person with Trustees at the committee meeting or in writing, please contact by Noon, on Tuesday, April 6..  For more information, please go to and click on Delegations.
The Planning and Priorities recommendations regarding the Program Area Review will be presented to the Board of Trustees at a meeting on Wednesday, April 21 where the Board will make the final decisions about the schools in the review.
Improving Virtual Public Engagements for Development Applications
With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the City initiated the use of virtual hearings/meetings for various public engagement scenarios such as Committee of Adjustment Hearings, Community Consultation meetings for development applications and Public Meetings called by a variety of City department (ie Parks/Transportation/MLS) asking for input and participation by members of the public. 
SAHRA and our residents have had some very difficult and trying experiences with the virtual sessions.  If this forum is to continue and it appears it will for some period of time, the City needs to review and improve the process, incorporating best practices. Public consultation is an important part of the City’s review process.  The manner in whch public engagements are being conducted now does not provide a ‘fair’ forum for members of the public to participate.
On Nov 20, 2020, Councillor Robinson presented a Motion regarding public engagement in Committee of Adjustment matters.
Councillors Robinson and Pasternak have now put a Motion forward to the April 7th City Council asking that a review be done of virtual planning consultation meetings as conducted by various departments within the City of Toronto, in consultation with members of the public. The request is that a report be delivered to the Planning and Housing Committee in the second quarter of 2021 with recommendations for improvement, as specified in the Motion.
The Federation of North Toronto Residents’ Associations and SAHRA have both submitted letters strongly supporting this request for a review and reporting by Q2 on improvements for virtual public engagements, in consultation with stakeholders and members of the public.
TTC Update:  Partial Line 1 closure April 12-21 2021
There will be no subway service on Line 1 between St. George and St. Andrew stations for 10 days continuously from Mon, Apr 12 to Wed, Apr 21. Regular subway service will resume at approximately 6 a.m. on Thurs, Apr 22.  Shuttle buses will replace subways during this time. All shuttle buses are accessible and will operate every 60 seconds or better during the morning rush period to provide safe travel and to keep customer volume on vehicles as low as possible.

Customers are encouraged to use the Yonge side of Line 1 and connect to the affected stations by east-west surface routes.
Museum, St. Patrick, Queen’s Park and Osgoode stations will remain closed during this work. All entrances/exits at these stations will be closed, including TTC connections to hospitals.
The TTC is continuing to capitalize on reduced ridership during the COVID-19 pandemic and the April school break to carry out vital state-of-good repair work with minimal inconvenience to customers.  The work during this ten-day closure, which includes asbestos removal, electrical cable repairs and structural rehabilitation work, will eliminate years of early access, weekend and platform closures.  Similar closures were conducted successfully in Dec 2020 and Mar 2021. 
Dust from Residential Construction
A reminder of By-law 1088 that was implemented in 2018 to control dust from residential construction.  This dust is a health hazard.  The homeowner/ company must use one or a combination of dust control measures:
  • Wetting the construction material
  • Using a wet saw
  • Using dustless saw technology
  • Tarping or otherwise containing the source of dusty
  • Installing wind fencing or a fence filer, or
  • Using a vacuum attachment when cutting
If dust control measures are not followed,  a 311 service request can be submitted asking for by-law enforcement. 

Front yard/back yard landscaping requirements and driveways

Planning on some driveway/front yard landscaping work this year?  Here is info about Toronto’s permit policies/procedures for driveways:

The City of Toronto has harmonized the requirements for the widths of driveways and the amount of landscaping in the front yards of small residential buildings in the City.  See the documents on the City’s website for explanations of the Landscaping and Soft Landscaping definitions as well as the General Rules for driveways and landscaping.

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