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Crime Report – April 2021
 We have several things to update this month:
  • Year-to-date auto theft
  • Year-to-date break and enter
  • 2020 Review of Major Crime indicators – all crime categories
  • Meeting with Insurance Bureau of Canada 
Auto Theft
Auto theft continues to be our primary issue. Year-to-date there have been three incidents and these occurred in the vicinity of the following intersections:
March 20:      Esgore and Felbrigg
February 23: Esgore and Brooke
February 5:    Elm and Joicey
The west side of Avenue Road (UACA area), however, is experiencing a very different picture. Auto theft was very high in 2020 and is currently on track to exceed that in 2021.
The chart below compares 2019 to 2021 data YTD.  Stats for SAHRA’s area remains relatively flat year over year. Just on the other side of Avenue Road, however, UACA’s area is only on an upward trajectory - reaching more than 2½ times the auto thefts YTD 2021 versus 2019 (6 versus 16 in 2021).
Break and Enter
House related B&E rates continue to be excellent in our area.  There has been ZERO YTD. The table below summarizes “House” B&E history.
Commercial B&E’s have not fared well during Covid. Retailers on Avenue Road have experienced a significant increase in incidents. This issue is not specific to our area – there has been considerable news coverage of commercial issues on Yonge Street as well. We have extended assistance to commercial retailers in the area by way of introduction to the Crime Prevention Unit at 32 Division.
2020 Review
As you may know, each month we manually pull incident crime data relating to auto theft and break and enter for the SAHRA and UACA area. These two crime categories are the ones over which we can have the most impact. Each March / April, we download an annual dataset detailing all major crime category incidents for our area for several previous years. We analyse the data to ensure that the other crime categories are not increasing beyond a point where we should change focus. 
As you can see from the chart below, based on 2020 data for Houses, auto theft is our number one issue, followed by B&E. The significant decrease in House B&E’s and increase in Commercial B&E’s in 2020 is obvious from the chart.
Meeting with Insurance Bureau of Canada
On April 8, 2021, we met with the Insurance Bureau of Canada for their insights on auto theft. They support similar prevention techniques that we have already listed in previous eBlasts:
  • Don’t leave a vehicle running while unattended
  • Park in a garage – this technique is free!
  • Park in a well lit area
  • Use a quality faraday bag – it protects the signal from the fob (note that fake - scam -  faraday bags exist)
  • Use a steering wheel lock or a pedal lock (which is better than a steering wheel lock but more difficult to use)
  • Install a disabler for fuel and / or ignition
  • Install a GPS tracker
  • For security systems, make sure the blinking light shows
  • Limit the use of key fob in parking lots as the signal can be captured
  • Don’t leave insurance or registration slips in a vehicle (identity theft). You can use an app to show proof of insurance, but need a paper copy / photocopy of the registration.
Garden Suites – Community Consultations
As the next step in the consultation process, City Planning will be hosting three virtual community consultation meetings where residents can learn more, ask questions, and share comments about Garden Suites.  Three sessions have been arranged to provide additional date/time options but the same content will be reviewed at each meeting.
Date: Tuesday, May 11, 2021
Time: 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm
Date: Wednesday, May 12, 2021
Time: 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm
Date: Thursday, May 13, 2021
Time: 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm
The meetings will be Online and phone-in only. To join pre-registration is required at (select the 6th page of entries at the bottom right hand side of the screen to see meetings titled ‘Garden + Suites Study Community Meeting’).
Additional information about the Garden + Suites study is available at the study website.
For more information on Garden Suites, please contact the City Planning project leads David Driedger and Allison Reid
3180 Yonge Street – Community Consultation Update
A virtual Community Consultation meeting was held on Thursday, May 3, 2021. The applicant proposes to demolish the 12 buildings on-site (retail and apartments) and redevelop the lands with a 12-storey (41 metres high) 12, 457.8 square metre condominium building comprised of 109 residential dwelling units, retail space at grade accessible from Yonge Street and 91 parking spaces contained in a 2-level parking structure.
Approximately 450 people attended the Community Consultation Meeting and 247 residents sent in their concerns to the City and local Councillors.  The meeting was lead by Senior City Planner Cathie Ferguson. Jane Ferguson of the Weston Consulting Group and Architect Richard Wengle presented the specifics of the application on behalf of the developer, NYX Capital Corp. Councillors Mike Colle and Jaye Robinson also spoke on aspects of the application and stated their opposition to the re-zoning based on the submission.
In the question period, residents focused on school safety, pedestrian and senior safety, excessive height, traffic concerns and questioned the need to increase density on an already over-burdened infrastructure. 
The residents’ input will now be considered by Planning as they continue their review/discussions with the developer for revisions to the application. 
COVID-19 Vaccines
Everyone is interested in keeping up-to-date with the arrangements for COVID Vaccinations.  We have added a section COVID-19 Vaccine to the COVID page on our website. It contains information on the vaccine rollout, government information, new articles, COVID-19 information sites as well as contact information. We will keep this updated as additional information is released. Councillor Colle, MPP Martin and MP Mendicino Newsletters also contain updates on COVID-19 issues. 

COVID-19 Case Counts for Bedford Park-Nortown area
 The City of Toronto publishes COVID-19 recent case rates (cases with episode dates during the previous 21 days, per 100,000 people) for its 140 defined neighbourhoods. SAHRA has created a graph which shows the case rates since mid-December for Bedford Park – Nortown and its surrounding neighbourhoods. All of SAHRA is within this neighbourhood. Bedford Park – Nortown is shown in red. The City's graph is updated Monday, Wednesday and Friday, except on statutory holidays. SAHRA will update our graph on SAHRA’s website within 24 hours of the City’s update.

Councillor Mike Colle Update
View the April 26 update.
MPP Robin Martin  COVID-19 Update 
View the May 7 update.
Hon. Marco Mendicino Community Update  
View the May 7 update.
More Cannabis Stores
Cannabis store licencing is controlled by the Provincial government under the Alcohol and Gaming Commission (AGCO) – the City of Toronto has no say in this matter.  The Alcohol and Gaming Commission has now approved 5 stores within an 8-block radius on Upper Avenue. Canada Chemist is also licensed to sell medical cannabis. 

An Application Notice (File #1175203) has now been posted at 1971 Avenue Road (the former Su Casa) by Mighty Buds, just 5 doors north of an existing store.  So now we will be 7!  Letters of concern should be addressed to Go to the AGCO website for information on the process to submit comments (the comment period if open from May 8 to 22).
Automated Speed Enforcement Cameras Installed
Some months ago, street signs were posted on Wilson Avenue near Armour Heights Public School that indicated the area is a Community Safety Zone and that fines are increased this zone. Additional signs were put up to warn that speed enforcement cameras would arrive “soon”. Well, soon has arrived! The cameras have been installed, along with a digital readout which advises how fast vehicles are travelling. Speeding tickets will be issued by the province through the mail to the owner of the vehicle, regardless of who is driving. Please be respectful and drive below the speed limit. Details can be found on the City’s website.

Barking News!

There are two new initiatives to deal with dog waste:
Green bins in parks
Green Bins are being expanded to all Dog Off-Leash areas in Toronto parks and some additional locations.  Toronto residents, especially dog owners and walkers are asked to put dog poop in Green Bins in any plastic bag or paper bag. Dog poop must not be placed loose in bins. Bags do not have to be compostable or biodegradable. In parks that do not have a Green Bin, residents should dispose of dog poop in garbage bins or take it home and place it in their Green Bin. Dog waste should not be put in recycling (Blue Bins).  As of 2020, the City is accepting requests for green bins city wide.  The City is evaluating requests and will be adding bins at a small number of existing waste stations. New locations will be closely monitored to determine their continued feasibility.
Street Litter bins to capture dog waste
The City has initiated a pilot to test the collection of dog waste in street litter bins. The first phase of the pilot will last three months and includes 10 bins adjacent to parks and in area with a high concentration of dogs (none of the pilot sites are within our area). One compartment on each of the pilot bins has been converted to accept dog waste. These compartments are labelled with stickers and are only to be used to dispose of dog waste. If the first phase of the pilot is successful, the initiative will expand to 30 bins for an additional three months and then to 100 bins for another six months. 
Ontario Place is Turning 50!
Register for a Zoom event on Thursday, May 13th 7-8:30 pm at to join in on celebrating the local, provincial and global significance of Ontario Place.
Results of Fireworks Bylaw Review – Survey
Did you participate in the Survey that was open from Feb 19-Mar 5, 2021?  Are you interested in the Summary of Findings from the Survey? Click here.  This Report for Action was presented to the Economic and Community Development Committee on April 13, 2021. An enhanced public education and outreach plan was defined, including the following tactics: ad campaign, social media campaign, News releases, revamped City of Toronto webpage, 311 Knowledge Base; Vendor education, and City Parks.
Urban Strolls with Nathalie Prezeau 
Armour Heights Church/Mosaic is offering this urban adventure session from the comfort of your own home on Tuesday, May 18 at 1:00pm via Zoom. To Register for this program, call 905-597-7000 or email
to the following members for their contributions in 2021
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