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Crime Update - Thieves use technology to steal vehicles…and this is how it is done!
A neighbour recently had their car stolen from their driveway. With the addition of adjacent neighbour camera footage, we were able to piece together the entire theft happening and how computer technology is used. From inside the thieves’ car, they were able to open the vehicle and allow one of the thieves to drive it away. In this incident, the car was driven about 100 feet and the thieves removed the tracker. Here are two video links: The first shows the thieves approaching in their car; the second shows the theft.
We are now going into our third year of tracking detailed Break and Enter and Auto Theft incidents in addition to the historic data dating back to 2014.  We wanted to provide an update on the Break and Enter and Auto Theft incidents since that time. Unfortunately, the results are mixed.
The Good News:
House Break and Enter incidents have been on somewhat of a downward trend since 2017 with the exception of a spike in 2019.  The deluge of B&E’s we experienced in 2017 is the reason we launched our Safety Committee – it also spurs you on if a Board member is impacted! 
In 2017, we experienced a high of seventeen (17) House B&E’s. The good news is - we closed out 2020 at three (3). The graph speaks for itself. Together with the Police, there has been a focused community response to help reduce these numbers – awareness, communication, neighbourhood watch, use of camera technology, increase in police reporting – it all helps. We should feel good about this.  In January 2021, we experienced our fourth straight month with zero House B&E’s.
Note: The blue line above includes all B&E categories – the majority of the difference is Commercial B&E’s on Avenue Road. Since we began detailed tracking in 2019, the Commercial incidents are aligned to the UACA area as we are unable to differentiate which side of Avenue Road they occur on. Our focus is the orange line.
The Bad News – but it is improving
Can auto theft get worse?  We hope not and are encouraged by the trending we are seeing in the last couple of months. We are living in an area of the City where auto theft is active. As mentioned in earlier updates, Toronto Police has formed an “Auto Theft Suppression Team” to tackle this. We believe that the reduction we are seeing is because of their work.  Auto theft has gone from a low of four (4) incidents in 2017 to a high of eleven (11) in 2020.  However, in January 2021, we had third month in a row with zero incidents and we are hopeful this trend continues in 2021.
The thefts are being done by organized crime and within hours of being stolen, the vehicles are in shipping containers on their way to overseas destinations. When Police make arrests, the crime positions are backfilled quickly.  The chart below shows auto thefts in the City for 2021 Year-To-Date – only 6 weeks of activity! Each green dot represents an auto theft. For reference, we are in the D32 area.
The chart below provides an historic picture of auto theft in the SAHRA area since 2014.
COVID-19 Vaccines
Everyone is interested in keeping up-to-date with the arrangements for COVID Vaccinations.  We have added a section COVID-19 Vaccine to the COVID page on our website. It contains information on the vaccine rollout, government information, new articles, COVID-19 information sites as well as contact information. We will keep this updated as additional information is released.
Support our Shops – Shop Local
With the continuation of the lockdown and the additional restrictions, our local shops are working hard to stay afloat and keep providing us with their products and services. Where possible, whether it’s permitted online curb-side pickup, take-out or delivery, please shop locally to support those who help make our community a better place for all of us to live.

MPP Robin Martin  COVID-19 Update Feb 26 2021

View the update at
Action Alert - Dominion Foundry Comments deadline Mar 4th
As agreed by all parties — the St. Lawrence Neighbourhood Association (SLNA), the City, and the Province — the hearing has been adjourned (postponed) to give all parties more time to come to some kind of resolution. If they can’t reach a resolution, another court date will be set and the hearing will proceed. This is great news (for now) because the parties have also agreed that the Interim Order will remain in effect. In other words, the province can’t continue with the demolition while we are discussing resolution.

In the meantime, the Province initiated a one-way “consultation” process which continues until March 4, with the province asking for community input. Using their “consultation” link write to the province today, letting them know this isn’t good enough. A regular two-way dialogue with the community must take place, something we have asked for since October. The process calls for submitting a letter in PDF or Word format – we have prepared a template that you can use as the base for your letter. SAHRA has submitted a letter; we encourage our members to also submit letters to add their voice.

We must remember, the Province owns the land, and the Ministerial Zoning Order (MZO) allows them to bypass nearly all planning requirements set by the City. The Court ordered them to continue the pause on demolition because there is compelling evidence that they have not met their own standards under the Ontario Heritage Act and had breached heritage-related commitments in a subdivision agreement. The Province is attempting to fulfill those requirements now. Once they are finished, there is a risk we will no longer be able to stop them through the courts. So a mutually-agreed adjournment right now is a good outcome. 

What power do we have? Same as before: public pressure. Here’s why we can’t let up:
  • We have the support of politicians at all three levels of government, representing all major opposition parties in the Ontario Legislature (NDP, Liberal, and Green).
  • We have 23,000 signatures on our petition. (please sign if you haven't already)
  • We have written thousands of letters to Premier Ford and to Ministers Clark, MacLeod, and Scott; to all the Conservative MPPs in the 416 region, and to many others in the Legislature.
  • All major media outlets have covered our story multiple times. Most of the stories are critical of the Province.
  • Online discussion of the issue is not going away.
  • Crucially, citizens of Ontario are starting to connect the dots between the MZO affecting the Foundry site and other MZOs across the province, along with other coercive manoeuvres the Province has used to fast-track development without full and fair public consultation with those directly affected. Check out these stories about Stratford and Orillia.
Thank you for staying engaged, and continuing to pressure the provincial government by writing emails, and/or directly challenging them online via social media. Don’t forget to write to the province today. The fight is long from over so long as the MZO stays in place.

From Friends of the Foundry, February 22, 2021 Respect Local Planning
Have your say on Election Sign and Fireworks Rules
The City of Toronto is reviewing two bylaws that may be of interest to you: election signs and fireworks. Please see below for more information about each review, as well as how you can provide feedback. 
Have your say on election sign rules
As directed by City Council on September 30, 2020, City staff are undertaking a review of the election sign rules to identify opportunities for further improvement of the bylaw. This review will not include posters, temporary signs (for example, A-frame, open house, and mobile signs), and other signs regulated under the Sign Bylaws.
Share your experiences with election sign rules through the online survey: Election Signs Bylaw Review by March 3, 2021Your input will inform a report expected at the Economic and Community Development Committee meeting in spring 2021. More information at
Have your say on fireworks rules
Staff have also been asked to complete a review of the Fireworks Bylaw to explore opportunities for enhanced public education to support safe and compliant use of fireworks. Staff will review current regulations related to the sale and discharge of fireworks and also consider environmental protections and policies in other jurisdictions.
Residents can share feedback on fireworks regulations in Toronto via an online survey: Fireworks Bylaw Review by March 5, 2021. The results of this survey will inform a report expected at the General Government and Licensing Committee in spring 2021. More information at
If you have any questions, please contact
More SafeTows
Ontario drivers are at risk!  When they need a tow, most drivers don’t have rules to protect them.
  • 76% have been charged unreasonably high fees for a tow
  • 77% have waited a long time for a tow to arrive
  • Only 20% of the drivers feel very protected under the current rules
Review More Safe Tows to understand the issue and to participate in a Survey. The provincial government is open to finally regulating the towing industry. Tell them you support this change.  
Help shape shelters and services for the homeless
The City is currently undertaking a third-party review of its community engagement process for new shelter and other services for people experiencing homelessness. This review will identify what currently works well and what can be improved. 
The City wants to hear from a range of perspectives: residents who are new to this issue, residents who have participated in an engagement around a new shelter or live near a site, as well as residents who have participated as representatives of local neighbourhood groups.
There are two ways you can provide input into the Community Engagement Review:
  1. Participate in an anonymous online survey – closes at 8:59 am on Mon, March 8th
  2. Participate in a virtual focus group – March 8, 9 and 11
This is an opportunity to influence the way the City engages residents about an issue important to our city.
If you are interested in either of these opportunities to add your voice to the Community Engagement Review, please visit the Welcoming New Shelters web page for more information and instructions on how to participate.
If you have any questions about the Community Engagement Review or how to participate, please contact Amber Krogel, one of the consultants supporting the Community Engagement Review, at  
2021 Membership Drive 
We need your financial support!  Membership contributions are our only source of revenue to maintain our activities. We are very frugal but there are expenses for newsletters, our website, office expenses and insurance. We also need to replenish our funds to engage planners and lawyers when necessary to deal with Committee of Adjustment, TLAB and LPAT applications/appeals.
How to Contribute
SAHRA will never disclose your personal information to any third party.
To contribute via PayPal or credit/debit card
PayPal or Credit Card Contributions
To contribute by cheque, please download and complete
the 2021 Membership Form to accompany your cheque
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