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Thoughts from the DG - Week 2

The first week in the passenger seat road-tripping around our district was really enjoyable. We attended a club changeover in Boggabri, and a DG visit to the Wee Waa and Narrabri clubs. While there, we met quite a number of familiar faces, and it was really good to meet them in their club and community environments.

One of the highlights was attending a Public Speaking Competition for Primary School children at the Sacred Heart School in Boggabri. The Boggabri Club has been sponsoring this event for the past 18 years – it was inspirational to see these young ones in action. I told them they'd have a head start in the big Rotary Public Speaking competition when they get to High School (they don't have a High School in Boggabri). One of the children spoke with passion about the drought, and it was really evident everywhere we went. Her final words were "Let's all go out and do a rain dance!"

Thanks to all those who responded to the email I sent out regarding the drought situation in our District. The upshot is that our International Director and RAWCS Chairman, Reg Pierce, is putting together a Project (which I've signed off on) to help our District Farmers though this drought - more about this shortly.

We enjoyed the hospitality of David and Sharon Grellman in Wee Waa, on their farm just outside the town. This year will be David's third term as President; it's only a small club, but they are all passionate Rotarians. And the next evening, we met David's Mum and Dad. His Dad is a member of the Narrabri club – that's keeping it in the family. While talking to the incoming Narribri secretary, Julie Herbert, I discovered that she was a former member of Inner Wheel and she and her husband are now both Rotarians.

I'd been thinking about Inner Wheel, and had asked myself why our women couldn't be

Rotarians in their own right today if they wished to, especially as we are trying to encourage more 'family / Partner' members.

There are all sorts of possibilities today. I did a bit of research and discovered Inner Wheel was formed way back in 1924 by the wife of a Rotarian who was also a nurse and a businesswoman. Of course women were unable to join Rotary in those years. Times have changed since then. We have 6 Inner Wheel clubs left in our District, and four of the clubs are in our western regions – Narrabri and Inverell were formed in 1957, and they have 32 and 28 members respectively; Tamworth in 1983 now have 49 members, and Wee Waa in 1996 have 22 members. The two coastal clubs are in Port Macquarie formed in 1976 now have 42 members, and Forster Tuncurry in 1999 now have 16 members.

That's a grand total of 189 members – not a bad average for 6 clubs. Nationwide, there are almost 4,000 members. They meet only once a month, and that could continue if they became Rotarians, and they wouldn't have to necessarily join their partner's clubs – they could form a satellite club or a twin club or one of their own. Anything is possible, if that is what they want. It's just a thought, but let me know what you think.

We are back out west for the next week or more. The Narribri club is having a late changeover this year, and the Picnic in the Pilliga Pottery will be on our agenda - they are doing this as our Partner's Project. Come along if you can, the poster is in the Inspirator. Until next week,

Send to Editor, Andrew Maughan

Lorraine Coffey DG


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Australia New Zealand Rotary Conference


The Australia New Zealand Rotary Conference (formerly the Rotary Zone Institute) will be held in Hobart, Tasmania on the weekend of the 14 – 16 September 2018. This will be a combined conference for Australia and New Zealand.

It is terrific that we will have then Immediate Past President of Rotary International Ian Riseley and Juliet attending the Conference as representatives of then President Barry Rassin and his wife Esther.

As the Convenor for this Conference I would like to extend a personal invitation to all Rotarians to attend and participate in the weekend. I would like all past officers of Rotary International to invite those Rotarians who are new to Rotary as well as those long time Rotarians.

I am sure if all Rotarians can experience this Conference they will leave enthused and motivated to become more involved in Rotary.

The Organising Committee have organised a great venue and the programme will be of interest to everyone. Plus this year we will have a number of breakout sessions on a wide range of topics.

The Darwin Conference was special and everyone really enjoyed themselves, Hobart promises to be just as exciting and enjoyable.

Sue and I look forward to welcoming you all to Hobart in 2018.





(part of Rotary Australia Work Community Service – Eastern Region)

Working in: Papua New Guinea, Nias Indonesia, Tanna Vanuatu, Solomon Islands, Timor Leste, Vietnam, Nepal, Zimbabwe, Tanzania and Kenya.

Drought Relief

Dear Assistant Governor

I'm writing in regard to the plight of our drought stricken farmers, & how we can render meaningful assistance.

I have heard harrowing tales of unbelievable hardship. Wives taking children off the farm & into town, leaving the man alone on his farm surrounded by dead & dying stock, or crops that have failed. We all know that the suicide rate is through the roof! But how many of us stop to really reflect on what that means, to not only the wife & children left behind, but extended families, & whole communities. How does the man, now alone, continue? Where can he get a ray of hope?

In an endeavour for our District to respond, I have registered a project with RAWCS, which will provide a simple way for people to donate.
As a District project, Rotary Australia Compassionate Grants (RACG) will match all donations on a dollar for dollar basis, up to $15,000.

Just go to Click on "Project Search" then in the left of the window, click on "District" & type/select 9650. The project is titled "Drought Relief NSW" Then click on the "Donate" button. All donations are tax deductible, which should make it attractive to corporate donors.

I will send you updates on money donated, &/or disbursed, along with true stories of how we've all been able to help our mates.

Apart from the donations, may I suggest that for those whose clubs are actually in the drought area, that some thought be given to the plight of the wives & children?
Perhaps, as a community service they can be given a coffee morning, a hair & beauty makeover or something in that line. I know these small things can make a woman feel good! But that really is a matter for each club.


Director International Service D9650
Chair RAWCS D9650
Reg Pierce
District 9650 RAWCS Committee
Trish Affleck-Mooney
Joy McCaffrey

The District 9650 Rotaract Roadshow

Hey guys my name is Laura Telford, I am the district's Rotaract Representative (or DRR for short!) and this week I wanted to talk about my district project the Rotaract Roadshow.

The Rotaract Roadshow was an idea I came up with at the beginning of May with fellow Rotaractor Sally Foster as a way to harness DG Lorraine Coffey's call to arms to get a Rotaract Club in each cluster by the end of the 2018-19 year.

As a member of Hastings Rotaract and DRR I wanted a way for myself and Hastings Rotaract to help support and assist Rotary clubs and young people in the district coming together and facilitate getting more Rotaract clubs started.

The idea of the Roadshow is that as well as phone calls, online meetings and emails I wanted us to physically come out to towns all across the district to give hands on assistance to help Rotaract Clubs get started and thankfully Lorraine and her district committee have backed us 100%.

A visit from us can consist of us giving a presentation on Rotaract in general, our club and/or the benefits of a club in the area. We are also keen to meet with both young people and Rotarians depending on the needs of the area. When we visit we will be bringing documents and information flyers for Rotarians and potential Rotaractors to take away and the intention is for us to come more than once if there is enough support.

To get a club off the ground you need at least 12-15 young people between the age of 18-30 committed to serving the community and wanting to develop skills in a range of areas. From there we can help with relevant documents and information to get started.

It is time to ensure young adults are a part of the succession plan of Rotary as a whole and don't lose the momentum after high school or decide to join/reconnect later in life and it will take the entire district to do so.

If your club/cluster is interested in starting a Rotaract Club please do not hesitate to get in touch with me as the chair of the Roadshow as all members of our club are keen to get out and about in the district when the time comes.

So far we have had positive response from Rotarians in Coffs Harbour, Tamworth, Armidale and Lightning Ridge, Inverell but would love to visit as many places as possible.

At this stage we are planning for our first Roadshow to be the last week in August (August 27 to September 2). If your club or cluster would love a visit from us please contact me on 0428 151 551 or email or and we can sort something out.

All our members of Hastings Rotaract at our changeover dinner on June 12


Laura Telford announcing the Rotaract Roadshow at our changeover dinner


The Terry Burgess RYLA Scholarship

Terry Burgess was a longstanding and active member of Rotary Club of Tamworth First Light. Terry was a dedicated family man who was also committed to public service throughout his life. He served in a range of organisations over his lifetime including Scouts, Apex and Rotary.

When Terry passed, the committee of Rotary Club of Tamworth First Light elected to create a scholarship in his name, to pay tribute to the great contribution he had made in his lifetime.

Thus, the Terry Burgess RYLA Scholarship was born.

It costs $950 to send a child to RYLA – an amount which can be out of reach for many a worthy participant. The Terry Burgess Foundation was established to select and pay for a child to attend RYLA, who otherwise would not be able to go.

The first recipient of the Terry Burgess RYLA Scholarship was Saraswati ( Sara) Sarungallo. Sara presented to Rotary Club of Tamworth First Light last week to let us know what the Scholarship meant to her, how it and helped, and what she is doing now. Sara was a most worthy recipient and this was evident by her great presentation, which left barely a dry eye in the room. Sara had an unconventional upbringing, being raised in both Jakarta, Indonesia and Tamworth. Exposed to extreme poverty in Indonesia, on reflection of the abject poverty when she returned to Australia, she was galvanized into action.

During year 11 she created a free tutoring program for migrant and refugee students in Tamworth named Study Jam.

She saw Study Jam as an opportunity to assist and welcome different migrant communities of Tamworth and to help them integrate into Australia.

She has also further been involved with Multicultural Tamworth, who endorse the tutoring program, and other migrant services in Tamworth.

Fast forward to today and Sara is studying at Macquarie University in her second year of a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Laws degree, majoring in International Law and Global Governance.

Sara found the RYLA experience profound and life changing. In closing she said "Now, I would like to thank you, First Light, for allowing me the opportunity to truly examine my soul, to be part of the RYLA family, to learn to love myself, and to learn to believe in myself. My story isn't anything devastating, and I'm grateful of that.

Rather, potentially it's more like the story of many people of our time who quietly battle and struggle with our true fears of being alone, unlovable and aimless. Thank you from my heart for teaching me I was wrong and rather that I am stronger than I thought and more courageous than I may now dare to dream. "

Sara will be a force to be reckoned with, and we all look forward to watching her continue on her great trajectory. In attendance at this meeting was Terry's son Ian, who had flown down from QLD to attend, to pass on the gratitude of his family and to meet the inaugural scholarship recipient. Ian said some very touching words in tribute and it was a particulary special presentation due to his attendance.

Louise, Carissa ,Dennis, Sara, Ian


Club President John Worldon and Ian Burgess


Join us at the Hamburg RI Convention

June 1 – 5, 2019. Register today at

Dennis and I would love you to join us at the next International Convention in the beautiful Harbour City of Hamburg.

If you haven't been to an International Convention before, you will be inspired and delighted to meet so many Rotarians from around the world. And the speakers are always wonderful, along with the entertainment.

Join the Friendship Exchange in Germany before the Convention!

Apply now to join the Friendship Exchange team who will tour a district in Germany prior to the Convention. You will be hosted by German Rotarians, and they will show you their district through their eyes. Team members must also register for the Convention. This is a wonderful experience you won't want to miss.

Applications close July 31, so hurry! Go to Friendship Exchange on the District Web page, and click on Germany 2019 to take you to the application form.

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