'Together, we see a world where people unite and take action to create a lasting change—across the globe, in our community and in ourselves.'

RI President

Barry Rassin

District Governor

Lorraine Coffey

District Secretary

Rob Anderson (PDG)

District Treasurer

Graeme Andrews

District Trainer and Finance Chairman

Neville Parsons (PDG)

Assistant Governors

Peter Paff Cluster 1

Peter Lawry Cluster 2

Trish Affleck-Mooney Cluster 3

Murray Difford Cluster 4

Carol Barnden Cluster 5

Dimity Betts Cluster 6

Aileen Bell Cluster 7

Bruce George Cluster 8

Neroli Bevan Cluster 9

P R Director

Brian Beesley (PDG)

Editor: Inspirator

Andrew Maughan

Foundation Director

Maurie Stack (PDG)

Membership Director

Diana Christian

Youth Director

Kate George

Community Director

Debbie Loveday

International Director

Reg Pierce

Vocational Director

David Mayne

Club Administration

Debbie Loveday

District Insurance Ofcer

Bianca Adimari

Your GTrain Team

Lorraine Coffey


Phil Hafey

Governor Elect

Debbie Loveday

Governor Nominee.

Please remember to send all Club Bulletins to the three members of your GTrain!

Thoughts from the DG - Week 6

What a difference a day makes! I watched the launch of the national Rotary Drought Relief campaign, in partnership with Channel 9 and the Farmers' Federation. Tamworth was the first cab off the ranks with our Rotarians out in force to support their Assistant Governor, Dimity Betts, as she spoke to represented Rotary on Monday morning. Dimity did a great job. As a younger 'face of Rotary' she would certainly dispel the myth (in many viewers' minds) that Rotarians are a lot of business people in suits. She was brilliant; I was so proud of her. As I write this, over $2.2 million has been raised, and Rotary Australia are hoping for $5 million plus.

Where should our clubs direct their funds now?

I've had a few calls from clubs about where to direct funds. My advice is to continue to support our own District's Drought Relief RAWCS project, set up by our RAWCS chair, Reg Pierce (apart from Narrabri and Gunnedah who have their own). This is why.

I took part in a Zoom meeting with our national Rotary campaign directors and the other 20 Governors around Australia this week to discuss the options, and the good publicity Rotary is receiving from the project.

The national money is being channelled through RAWCS into a private ancillary account, and monies dispersed from this must go through a Level One charity – current registered RAWCS Drought Appeal Projects will qualify to apply for this. This means, as our project is already registered, that our district will be able to tap into some of the National Campaign money for the farmers in our district. That's good news. And the other good news is that 100% of monies donated will go to the recipients; RAWCS has waived their usual 2.7% admin cost as well.

I spoke to Reg Pierce this morning, and at this point our district fund is growing, but hasn't reached the $15,000 mark we need to attract the $15,000 Compassionate grant. So, keep your club donations coming in please. Reg has set up a committee to look at the dispersion of funds, and how we best achieve this. We are getting advice from those who have experience in this area. Vouchers in our communities are cited as a good way to go; that way, our businesses in drought affected areas are benefiting as well.

Family events and BBQ's to keep spirits up and show farmers we care are also welcomed. What we must remember is that, for our farmers, apart from the cost, hand feeding cattle is a hugely labour intensive, 7 days a week job – they just don't get a break from it and they have been doing it for a long time. Unfortunately, news of suicides out here is coming through as well. I'm hoping that the current campaign can give hope to those people who are so desperate.

We are currently in Coonabarabran, where they are having an event for their community on Friday called 'Drought Catch-up' a chance for people affected by the drought to catch up with their friends. They will be serving BBQed sausages, beer, wine and soft drinks and will have some 60 odd $100 Visa debit cards, and other goods to distribute as well. This is a small community looking after each other; so good to see our Rotarians joining with others in the community to achieve this as well. Coonabarabran has their own Rotary Bookshop; What a treasure trove of books, which are faithfully catalogued into identified categories. The shop goes on and on, and is well supported by their community and passing travellers.

Our next stops will be in Coonamble and then out to Lightning Ridge. From there, the following week we'll come back through Moree (two club visits there) and Inverell. A weekend at home after that will give us a chance to re-new our energies, ready for the next step of our journey.

Warning – A Scam. I had a call from our District Treasurer to tell me he'd received an email (supposedly from me) asking to deposit $3,500 into an ANZ account with BSB and account details. Graeme said the email wasn't up to my usual standards in grammar but thought he should check just the same. So, if you get an email from me asking for money – you know what to do!

Lorraine Coffey DG


6ad0e4fa-ea0e-4f14-ab1c-63105801b231.jpg aee863e-ed77-4d3c-95d1-77ca62878876.jpg76dfbb02-7c2a-4ea0-9fe2-c72cec809e89.jpg

2018 Drought Relief Fund for Australian Farmers - RAWCS Project

Dear District Governors,

I'm delighted to advise that a partnership has been formed between Rotary Australia, Channel 9 and the National Farmers' Federation to help our drought-stricken farmers. A fundraising appeal will be launched on Channel 9's Today show, tomorrow morning, Thursday, 2nd August.

It would be appreciated if you would advise your Club Presidents and District Team members of the launch and ask that the message be circulated to as many Rotarians as possible within your District this evening. The message and details of the link for donations follows:

Message to accompany graphic:
In Australia, farmers are the lifeblood of our country and they are in crisis. Record breaking heat and lack of rain means farmers are struggling to feed sheep and cattle, and keep crops alive. Families on the land are suffering and they need our help. Channel 9 and Rotary Australia have partnered with the National Farmers' Federation, launching an appeal to big business and everyday

Australians, so we can provide some emergency relief. 100% of donations goes to the farmers and is tax deductible via Rotary and RAWCS. Every dollar counts.

The link for the donation page for the project is:

The RAWCS website home page has the link also:

My sincere appreciation goes to DGN Philip Archer and his team from District 9800 for making this possible!

Kind regards


PDG Gina Growden
Rotary Public Image Coordinator 2018-19
Rotary International Zone 8 (Australia)


The Narrabri club has come up with a project called 'Neighbours in Need' and they have set up their own RAWCS Neighbours in Need project account. What a great way to find those people who need a helping hand,

and they have come up with so many innovative ways to lend a hand. Congratulations to President, Darrell Tiemens, and his club members. Their Neighbours in Need web site is up and running as well.

How can a Rotary Club or individual Rotarians support the Invictus Games?

As the time for the Invictus Games draws near many are asking "How can I volunteer?" Volunteer applications closed on Friday 18th May. There was an overwhelming response for the 500 positions available. Any queries can be directed to Invictus Games Sydney 2018 - Volunteers

There are still numerous ways to support the Invictus Games Sydney 2018. Visit the website to keep up to date on ways that you can #MakeYourMarkDownUnder in support of our wounded warriors. These include you championing your local competitor; joining the team on the BridgeClimb in August; purchasing tickets for events; flying the flag.

A most pressing need is to

• Help fund much needed equipment for games. Items include

- Towels for training and competition time 500g x 3050 cost of towel per unit $9 total funding $27,450 including GST
- Indoor Rowing Spin Bikes x 10 needed – Cost per unit $595. Total funding needed $5,950
Daily prizes

- Wheelchair Rugby Chairs x 45 needed – Cost per unit $3,500. Total funding needed $157,500

To make a donation go to

Make a cheque out to 'Invictus Games Sydney 2018' and post to
Invictus Games Sydney 2018
Please email the Invictus Games Sydney 2018 fundraising team to make a direct deposit.


A Guide to District Grants

A Guide to DISTRICT Grants

A budget for 2018-19 has been established for grants to clubs under the new District Grants program of the Rotary Foundation:

  • US$32,654.98 (approx. $44100AUD depending on conversion rate) will be available to clubs for projects
  • A maximum of $4,000 is available per project. If there is money remaining in the DDF District Grant fund, then more than this may be offered.
  • It is expected that there will be some additional money contributed to the project by the club and/or an outside partner
  • It is also expected that projects would be aligned with one or more of the Foundation Areas of Focus (see Page 5-6 for details)
  • Applications must be made by 31 October 2018 to PDG Ken Hall. It can be made online on the form provided on the District website, and submitted by email, to or completed by hand and posted to PDG Ken Hall, 330 Forrest Rd, Tamworth NSW 2340. (allow two weeks for hard copy posting)
  • All forms are available on the District website in the Documents Library section, under District Information.

Club Secretaries and Presidents will be notified separately by the

District Secretary PDG Rob Anderson.


Australia New Zealand Rotary Conference


The Australia New Zealand Rotary Conference (formerly the Rotary Zone Institute) will be held in Hobart, Tasmania on the weekend of the 14 – 16 September 2018. This will be a combined conference for Australia and New Zealand.

It is terrific that we will have then Immediate Past President of Rotary International Ian Riseley and Juliet attending the Conference as representatives of then President Barry Rassin and his wife Esther.

As the Convenor for this Conference I would like to extend a personal invitation to all Rotarians to attend and participate in the weekend. I would like all past officers of Rotary International to invite those Rotarians who are new to Rotary as well as those long time Rotarians.

I am sure if all Rotarians can experience this Conference they will leave enthused and motivated to become more involved in Rotary.

The Organising Committee have organised a great venue and the programme will be of interest to everyone. Plus this year we will have a number of breakout sessions on a wide range of topics.

The Darwin Conference was special and everyone really enjoyed themselves, Hobart promises to be just as exciting and enjoyable.

Sue and I look forward to welcoming you all to Hobart in 2018.


Rotaract out and about - member spotlight

Joining a group like Rotary and Rotaract is a way we can give back to the community sometimes it is collecting items or money to give to people who need help and other times members are able to use what they do in their professional life to inspire the next generation.

Recently Rotaractor and Real Estate Agent Andrew Stokes had the opportunity to speak to business studies students at Camden Haven High one the local high schools in the area. He was able to talk about how businesses run and the importance of local networking and community engagement in the local area and how he gives back through his Rotaract work and volunteering.

Afterwards Andrew said he really enjoyed speaking with the students about his transition from being a school student through to having the opportunity to gain a professional career with a successful local business and gave tips on what the students could do to achieve successes in their own lives.

Rotaract Roadshow

Time is running out to secure a visit from Hastings Rotaract on our first ever Rotaract Roadshow. We have had some great responses from a number of clubs out west (from us in Port Macquarie) and are in the final preparations for our trip from August 27 - September 2.

We are keen to share the magic of Rotaract with as many clubs and clusters in the district and to assist in any way we can to get more Rotaract clubs in the region. The trip to your club/cluster can take any form YOU want. From us talking more generally about Rotaract to getting into the specific of what needs to happen to form a club.

At this stage we have locked visits to Tamworth, Armidale and Inverell with one or two more town visits still possible.

If your club/ cluster would like a visit from us during that week please contact the Roadshow organiser Laura Telford on 0428151551 or via email or and we can sort something out. We are also taking expressions of interest for our next Roadtrip later in the Rotary year.


Andrew Stokes and Morgan Eyre prove it is not all boring at a Rotaract meeting!


The Rotary Club Of Murgon

Remember I told you about the Rotary Club in Murgon who were able to find help for their former resident who now lives with her partner on a farm near Tamworth? A young Murgon farmer donated six large rolls of hay and 25 lick blocks, and Little Aussie Helpers provided the transport. These photos show the Murgon Rotarians with the load of hay ready to leave Murgon. It will arrive in Tamworth the next day and Dimity Betts and a team of Rotarians will be there to welcome them and provide morning tea. Isn't that a wonderful story of Rotarians helping each other?

Remember I told you about the Rotary Club in Murgon who were able to find help for their former resident who now lives with her partner on a farm near Tamworth? A young Murgon farmer donated six large rolls of hay and 25 lick blocks, and Little Aussie Helpers provided the transport. These photos show the Murgon Rotarians with the load of hay ready to leave Murgon. It will arrive in Tamworth the next day and Dimity Betts and a team of Rotarians will be there to welcome them and provide morning tea. Isn't that a wonderful story of Rotarians helping each other?

2288372b-ac4b-4972-b07a-07e4c997a66d.jpg 9ee1fe33-77b1-48dd-8f72-1367cad73b12.jpg
9ee1fe33-77b1-48dd-8f72-1367cad73b12.jpg 8759dc56-7a24-4692-aff2-84b221b4f7b2.jpg

Annual Rotarians Against Malaria Conference

8f8eb17c-cd92-43ec-9b74-bdd45dbb8fa1.jpg 682f0ec8-886c-4d46-bdf0-1c6f06e3aa45.jpg

The 2018 RAM Conference will be held at the Institute for Glycomics on the Gold Coast Campus of Griffith University (Glycomics) with the Conference dinner at nearby Mantra at Sharks Hotel.

The Conference starts lunch time Saturday and runs until midday Sunday, to allow travel within the weekend. Day one will focus on a global perspective, RAM principle programs and research reports and Day two will focus on the malaria vaccine PlasProtecT® being developed at Glycomics, RAM program development and planning. Conference participants will be able to:

  • Review RAM programs in PNG, Solomon Islands, and Timor Leste.
  • See latest research on new drugs, effective vaccine, vector control strategies and new diagnostic techniques that will contribute to malaria elimination.
  • Receive a report on the developments and the communiqué from the World Malaria Congress, where Rotary and RAM were represented.

Invited Speakers include Mr Tim Freeman RAM PNG Project Manager, Mr Albino Bobogare Director NVBDCP. Solomon Islands MoH, Prof. Denis Shanks (AAMI), Prof Michael Good (Glycomics), Prof Tom Burkot (AITHM), Assoc Prof Helen Evans (Convener Malaria World Congress.) Prof James McCarthy (QIMR Berghofer), Assoc. Prof Harin Karunajeewa (WEHI), Dr Merita Monteiro Head of Timor Leste National Malaria Program, Dr. Theresia Sarlin Ralo Indonesia NTT Province (West Timor) Head of Malaria Control Program…and more…


The Institute for Glycomics in conjunction with the Australian Army Malaria Institute has agreed to host an interactive malaria lab experience for limited numbers of participants, in two sessions, from 9:30am and 11:00am Saturday 25th as a pre-Conference complimentary option.

Following the success last year, once again RAM is sponsoring a competition for school kids to produce a short punchy video about malaria these short films will be judged at the Conference.


REGISTER at Fill in your details then click 'send' then scroll down & click 'pay now' which will bring up a Non Tax Deductible RAWCS donation page to receive your Conference payment details. Your interim receipt (Acknowledgement) will be displayed on successful completion. Please record your receipt Number.


Full Registration $110; extra dinner guests $55; Single day Registration $55 (Sat. or Sunday). [Full Registration fee includes morning and afternoon teas, Sat lunch and the Conference Dinner.] Conference runs 1pm Sat. till 1pm Sun.

RAM Exec and planning meetings and parallel malaria lab sessions Sat. am.


The Mantra a Sharks is now booked out but there are several other hotels within a short distance of the Griffith Uni Gold Coast Campus.

Enquiries or assistance with registration contact:

Virginia Turner: or Dave Pearson:


Youth is the future of Rotary

The world is changing. Rotary is changing. And getting ready for the future. The young Rotarians are the future of Rotary. We are working towards bringing together these Young Rotarians from across the world, creating stronger friendships and understandings in this youth so as to together create a better future for our Rotary.

As a Rotary Fellowship,

Young Rotarian's Fellowship is about the first Object of Rotary: the development of acquaintance as an opportunity for service.

Young Rotarian's Fellowship members are in a special position to develop acquaintances. With young members from around 100 countries, friendship and acquaintance has taken on a whole new meaning and concept. The purpose of the Young Rotarians' Fellowship is to bring together the young professionals across the globe; foster a strong friendship among these members as well as to explore together the avenues of service and fellowship with Rotarians all over the world.

The Rotary MHERV will be at Agquip 2018

MHERV = Men's Health Education Rural Van, a Rotary D9670 project to provide free health checks for men across NSW rural areas. The MHERV will be at Agquip from 21st to 23rd August at site IJ 29/30, next to "The Land" site, hosted by the Rotary Club of Gunnedah. See Poster.

Rotarians, if you, or people you know, are planning to attend Agquip this year and haven't had a checkup for a while, why not call in and book an appointment, which only takes 15 minutes.

  • Blood pressure just to check the heart isn't too stressed
  • Body mass - height, weight and girth
  • Blood sugar levels ... just a pin-prick in the finger, to make sure there's no type two diabetes...which is manageable even if there is,
  • Cholesterol ... just another pin-prick to see if levels are high and need attention.

Occasionally, some other checks are made after consultation.

The Van is staffed by a registered nurse. The visit to Agquip is the start of the 2018/19 tour schedule, which also includes the following towns in our district: Coonabarabran, Coonamble, Lightning Ridge, Moree, Narrabri, Manilla, Warialda, Inverell, and Armidale.

During the 2017/18 tour from August to June, 2213 people were tested with the following results:

740 people were referred ... "make an appointment with your GP for a routine examination"

1,404 people were referred ... "See your GP asap to be assessed for treatment"

69 people were referred ... "See your GP or seek medical attention IMMEDIATELY..."you may be at serious risk."

It is safe to say that lives are being saved as a result of this great Rotary project. It is a free service, due to excellent sponsorship from the Royal Freemasons Benevolent Institution, NSW Mazda Dealers, and the NSW Department of Premier and Cabinet, plus small donations and fundraising by local Rotary clubs.

Please circulate this information to anyone planning to attend Agquip.

More info: Contact Rotarians Wendy on 0459 577056 or Rod on 0427 007826.


Join us at the Hamburg RI Convention

June 1 – 5, 2019. Register today at

Dennis and I would love you to join us at the next International Convention in the beautiful Harbour City of Hamburg.

If you haven't been to an International Convention before, you will be inspired and delighted to meet so many Rotarians from around the world. And the speakers are always wonderful, along with the entertainment.

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