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I’m writing this sitting at the back of the audience at MUNA, listening to all the debates on the resolutions put forward.  

Some of our young people have such vivid imaginations and a wonderful sense of humour.  The opening ceremony was so impressive; these young people came dressed in the costumes of their country and carried that country’s flag.  There is a prize for the best dressed team; hard to pick as they were all so good, but my choice was the two young ladies who represented Ireland.  They came dressed as Nuns. 

It wasn’t their costumes so much as their demeanour; they were so pious; hands clasped in prayer and extremely reverend.  Both girls representing the United Kingdom came dressed in black suits as Theresa May, with face masks depicting the beleaguered Prime Minister.

When it came to the debates, the repartee between the domineering Saudi Arabian husband and his poor third wife were priceless. “Speak up wife,” he’d say (to support his outrageous statements) and she’d dutifully do so, poor thing. It brought down the house. “if she break, I send her back” he says. There were some serious issues, like climate change, people smuggling, microfinance opportunities for third world countries and so much more.  If anyone got out of line, they’d be sent to jail (a wonderful structure set up in the corner for the purpose).  And bribery was rife, in the form of a ton of lollies and chocolates; no one was exempt! 

The young people had a dinner on Saturday night and a disco afterwards. Oh my, how dancing has changed since my day of old time dancing, jive and rock ‘n roll.  They took the floor en masse, and while it took them a while to get going, once they did, it looked like fun, especially when they got together to do the Macarena and the Nutbush City Limit.

Sunday morning the teams stepped up their shenanigans with the two Irish Nuns purporting ‘that this Assembly works to ensure that all United Nations organisations have gender equity within 5 years.’  And from gaol they chanted –
One, two three, gender equity,
Four five six, an issue we need to fix
Seven and eight women are really great,
Nine and ten, women the same as men.

And what about the idea that the Jamaicans wanted bobsleds added to the notion that the world should have more bicycles as a serious method of reducing the use of fossil fuels, although Egypt wanted camels added to this list as well. 
And the winners were:-
Best Speaker, Alida Clement, Danthonia Home School, Inverell, sponsored by Inverell East.
Best Team,  Scotland - St Columba School, Port Macquarie, sponsored by Port Macquarie Sunrise.  Team of Mitchell Hardie and Ivy Moore.
Best Decorated Table – Spain. Best Performing Team – Ireland. Best Dressed Team – Scotland.
Next year, MUNA will be held in Port Macquarie – we need more teams Youth Directors.

Best Speaker Alida Clement with MUNA secretary, Pat Walls.

Left: The good sisters, representing Ireland won popular vote for best performing team.
Right:The winning team of Mitchell Hardie and Ivy Moore, representing Scotland

Left: The Saudi Arabian chief (in his Mum’s best tea towel) and his subservient ‘wife’.
Right: Theresa May was well represented by girls from O’Connor High in Armidale.

The judges were extremely impressed with the calibre of our young students.

Representing Columbia, from the Dalthonia Home School, Inverell.

Why aren’t you registered on My Rotary?

Despite the fact that a session was held on Rotarian registrations on My Rotary at my PETS and Assemblies, and DGE Phil’s PETS, when I looked at some stats this week, I was really disappointed to discover that, as of April 7, only 34.92% in our district is actually registered, and 65.08% remain unregistered.

What is so hard about registering as a Rotarian on the My Rotary site?  We use these statistics so much.  If you don’t know how to do it, ask someone who does, and make sure you put your date of birth in as well.

I then looked at our age groups.  Of those who have registered and reported their date of birth 47.6% are in the 70 years plus age group;

These were the numbers from July 1:-
Under 29                      9 members
39 – 39                        24 members
40 – 49                        46 members
50 – 59                        105 members
60 – 69                        232 members
70 plus                       379 members
And if the stats are anything to go by, it would seem that the unreported ages are likely to be in the same high percentages of the over 60 and 70 age groups as these reported numbers.
Looking at our female proportions, at July 1 we had 366 women, compared to 352 in the 2014/15 year.  It’s nice to see this figure moving in the right direction, but there is still a long way to go in this category.
To make it easier for governors going forward, please register yourself on our My Rotary site.  

Registration Notices have gone out for this year’s Assemblies. Again, you are being given three opportunities to attend, so make sure as Presidents, you bring your full team.  There is a great program planned, and lots of new information to be gained. 

So choose a place and time that suits your club.
Narrabri                     May 5
Port Macquarie        May 19
Armidale                   May 26
REMINDER: Get you tickets and money in for our Partner’s Project – details below. 
Hosting Inbound exchange students
Is your club considering hosting an exchange student . If so we have students available for placement.  contact Secretary Allan Brown (phone 65535813 ) to get a copy of the profile of available students. To find out more information either District chair Bev Bartlett  (phone 0439853867 ) or Allan are available to answer any questions. 

We have 12 students to place and only 7 have been placed . Please consider getting together with another club to share, the maths is 57 clubs and only 12 students to be placed. The YEP committee also have some host families to assist.
Consider  the experience of having an exchange student in your club and the life time experiences this can lead to .
Act now and call. 


Dear club leader,

Earning the Rotary Citation is an honor that RI President Barry Rassin hopes clubs strive to achieve. To earn the citation, please complete all activities and report your accomplishments to Rotary by 30 June.

Where should I enter my club’s accomplishments? 
The 2018-19 Rotary Citation Achievement Guide explains how and where to report each citation goal. If a club member who isn’t an officer wants to record citation progress in Rotary Club Central, you can learn to delegate your level of access temporarily to allow the member to do so.

How can I see my club’s progress?
Members who have My Rotary accounts can view the Rotary Citation Recipients Report by signing in to My Rotary. Then, under Manage, in Club & District Administration, go to Reports and, in the Awards section, you’ll see Rotary Citation.

What about the citation for Rotaract and Interact clubs?
The Rotary Citation for Rotaract Clubs and the Rotary Citation for Interact Clubs include goals that will help clubs keep members energized and attract new ones. The Rotaract Citation Achievement Guide and Interact Citation Achievement Guide explain where these achievements can be reported and how to view progress. 

Rotaract and Interact clubs cannot be nominated by email, mail, or phone. Nominate Rotaract and Interact clubs for the citation by 15 August.  

This year’s district governors will receive certificates by email in September to distribute to Rotary clubs that have earned the citation.

If you have questions about the citation or any of these resources, write us at Good luck achieving this year’s goals!


Brian King
Director of Membership Development
Rotary International

P.S. The Rotary Citation is one of many opportunities to have your club’s accomplishments recognized by Rotary. Visit to learn more. 



All steel 5’ x 8’ single axle trailer

Fully enclosed professionally fabricated steel frame cover                                

Registration Number U 74722 (registration due October 2019)

2 X 3 burner BBQ’s

Stainless Steel work bench

Full length roll-out drawer

Spare tyre (as new)

Trailer has been well maintained and has always been housed in an enclosed shed

Available for collection late April 2019

Price:  $5,000

Contact Robert Cox at or  0428 421 599

As District Rotaract Representative (DRR) for the 2019-20 year, on April 6-7 I flew to Brisbane for a weekend of training hosted by Rotaract Australia. 

Incoming Rotaract Australia chair Ada Gain hosted training in her district of 9631 as was a chance for all the incoming DRRs to meet each other and really solidify the skills needed to help us in the year ahead.

One of the key take home messages was to celebrate the wins when they come. 

Often we are so caught up on the bigger picture or the next thing on the to-do list but at training we really spoke about celebrating the small things along the way. 

When planning a event or are part of a project, celebrate securing a venue or a great raffle prize, high ticket sales or even just getting through a busy week because we are all volunteers doing the best we can and that is all anyone should ask or expect. 

We (rotaractors and Rotarians) are all doing an excellent job and more often we should take a moment to celebrate those small wins. 

The weekend left me with a great sense of achievement for what we have already been able to achieve over the last year and excited for the year ahead.

As our emerging clubs head towards chartering and begin and continue to make amazing progress in their communities I urge all Rotarians in Tamworth and New England to become the champions of Rotaract that Cluster 3 have over the last few years

If you have any questions, would like a visit from Rotaract or would just like to have a chat please do not hesitate to get in touch with me via email or phone 0428151551.

Laura Telford

Our Partner’s Project deposit details
Direct Deposits:
Rotary International DG Partner’s A/c
BSB: 721000       a/c: 100143137
Please forward copy to
Cheques can be made to: DG Partner’s Project 2018-19
Please send cheques and ticket stubs to:
District 9650 Treasurer,                 
PO BOX 217                                             Armidale NSW 2350

I thank you most sincerely for your support. Dennis
'Together, we see a world where people unite and take action to create a lasting change—across the globe, in our community and in ourselves.'

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Please remember to send all Club Bulletins to the three members of your GTrain!

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