Happy Birthday Isis!
Isis, Isis, Isis ... Ra! Ra! Ra!

Some facts about Isis or Auset as she's also called in Egypt.

Her birthday is the latter part of July.

Her symbol is the throne and and it was on Her authority the pharaoh was given the right to rule.  She can be seen on inscriptions on Egyptian temple walls giving the king the right to rule by way of handing him the symbol of Maat, so that he may rule using the attributes of Maat's justice.

Her sacred tool, the sistra, (plural: sistrum) also a musical instrument, was said to keep the energies of the cosmos flowing, so they might not die or become stagnant.  Likewise, we should keep changing, evolving, never becoming stuck or failing to transform.  The sistra, with its looped top and handle, symbolic of the womb and penis, is seen as a sacred tool of regeneration.  The sistra was also sacred to Bast and Hathor.

When a priestess wore the menat collar and held the sistra, she was believed to be the living embodiment of Isis.

On statues of Isis outside Egypt, one can always recognize a priestess of Isis, or Isis herself, by the Isis knot on clothing.

The Isis Navigatum, or Festival of Isis, held every March in the ancient world, a celebration of feasting, drinking, wearing costumes, processions, was the precursor to Mardi Gras.  There is a Krewe of Isis procession on the New Orleans Mardi Gras parade schedule.

Scholars debate whether Isis or Artemis was considered the most powerful in their magickal abilities.

Some believe Mary Magdalene and Jesus were practitioners of the rites of Isis and Osiris.  When Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead, it was similar to when Isis raised her husband, Osiris, from the dead.

Isis was one of the only Egyptian Goddesses whose worship spread beyond the shores of Egypt.  She was worshiped throughout the western world - where ever Rome conquered, you would find Isis worship because she was such an influence in the Roman world.  Some believe her worship was also found along the Silk Road and might have influenced Kwan Yin devotion.

Isis, not Christianity, was one of the first to offer salvation and life after death.

Isis Temple in Philae, Egypt

Her image and attributes were co-opted in Christianity and applied to Mary, mother of Jesus.  Look at the images of Mary with Jesus on her lap - that's a reflection of Isis with her son, Horus.  Likewise, many of the Black Madonna statues were actually originally statues of Isis.

Isis, a universal Goddess, worshiped from womb to tomb, was considered one of the best loved Goddesses of all time across the globe.  She was worshiped by the poor, by pharaohs and kings, women and men.

 You can find modern magickal experiences with Isis in the award-winning, Walking An Ancient Path; Rebirthing Goddess on Planet Earth!



An Isis Navigatum celebration held at the Japanese Gardens in Burbank, CA and put on by
the Isis Ancient Cultures Society

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