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I'm a recovering Catholic from the Bible Belt who didn't discover the Feminine Face of God had been hidden from me until I was thirty years old.  It took another 25 years to discover Goddess and Nature have been associated with socialism and marxism for 100 years, while christianity, patriarchy and capitalism are in alignment.  Why did I have to learn this from Erich Fromm, a deceased German psychologist, (To Have or to Be?, The Art of Loving) rather than our feminist foremothers and wayshowers? To Have or To Be Book Cover

Yes, Riane Eisler has been talking about partnership and caring economics, citing the Scandinavian Democratic Socialist countries as role models, but she spoke out against socialism in Center for Partnership Studies classes.  Genevieve Vaughan has been speaking about gift economy for years.  Heide Goettner-Abendroth has been teaching about the values of matriarchies.  Carol Christ has been talking about Goddess related to liberation theology.  Of course I couldn't read everything out there, but the only Goddess foremother  I've found directly connecting the dots between Goddess and socialism was Monica Sjoo (Great Cosmic Mother).

Why were we not taught this in our women's studies or goddess classes?  Could it have been radical enough to be talking about Goddess?  Could our foremothers have been fighting to get out of the kitchen and into the workforce - the capitalist system - to get a piece of the pie?  Or did they not connect the dots either?  How many know it was the unionists, socialists and communists that pushed FDR to create Social Security and capitalists have been chipping away at it for decades.   

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Socialist Economist, Richard Wolf, often seen on PBS, shared in an interview (interview 1 - interview 2) on Voices of the Sacred Feminine, if a professor wanted tenure in college he could not teach about the benefits of any economic system except capitalism.  Is it any wonder then so many Americans are ignorant about how average people would benefit from democratic socialism, just as the Scandinavian countries do - countries noted to have the best quality of life. Could it be socialism does not get fair coverage in the media because the media is designed to benefit corporations and the 1%?

These are conversations we must have.  If we want to birth Goddess as deity, archetype or ideal into the world in any meaningful way, we must have the courage to go beyond Goddess 101 and make the leap toward Goddess 2.0.  These values can change the world into the one we dream of - if we have the courage to buck the system and educate ourselves then teach our students about the predator capitalist system that's destroying us and the planet.  And to those who would keep spirituality and politics separate, I say, our politics are a direct reflection of our morality and both should be in alignment with our spirituality.  Let's reconcile our spirituality and our politics otherwise we're just hypocrits.



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Karen headshot Many of you have done ritual with me, marched with me, attended my classes or listened to my podcasts. Maybe you've read my books or we've traveled together to sacred sites.  We've gotten to know each other over the years, but here's something I'll bet you didn't know......when we were in Ireland we rented a cottage with a thatched roof that came complete with sheep on the lawn and a coin operated machine that had to be constantly fed to keep the electricity on.  I asked the caretaker how many coins I'd need to keep the lights and refrigerator on for the duration of our stay.  His reply - "How long is a piece of string?" 

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 .  Matriarchal Societies, Goddess Spirituality and Politics
with Heide Goettner Abendroth

  book cover To dispel the disinformation that Matriarchal societies were patriarchy in a skirt, I was lucky to have Heide Goettner Abendroth calling in from Europe to discuss what matriarchal societies actually are. Learn about matriarchal societies today and what's new with modern Matriarchal Studies. We'll examine if it's possible to implement some of the best ideas of matriarchal societies to make the world a better place for everyone.  

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The State of Television Journalism
with Lauren Lipton

Lauren Lipton, freelance journalist received notice for publicly criticizing Huffington Post founder, Arianna Huffington for predatory practices toward bloggers and freelance writers.  I discuss with Lauren the state of television journalism and practices among the media that have journalists struggling to make a living wage.  We'll delve into why this is so dangerous and we should be concerned as citizens about the lack of journalistic integrity that usually benefits corporate owned media and the 1% as they go about dumbing-down the 99%.  Click here or on title to listen.

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 GRATITUDE.....One of the most important rules of life that has served me well was to look for the gift in even the most devastating things.  The gift is always there helping to shape who we are, challenging us to rise up and be the best version of ourself.  The person who imprinted this on my psyche was Melody Friend - yes, that's her real last name.  Melody was and is always there to bounce ideas around, inspire class material, workshops and talks and helps me realize my abilities and true value.  Never competing or judging, always honest, thank you dear sister for being in my life!

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Early Christianity was thought of as liberation theology because it set so many who were in bondage free, like women and slaves.  Modern-day progressive Christians, along with socialists, communists and labor unionists were the people pushing FDR to create the social safety net, including Social Security.  Christianity had the proud distinction of bearing witness to insure social justice.  Not so much anymore as Evangelical Christians put Donald Trump and the Republican party in power and keep them there.  Now we mostly only hear about prosperity gospels or from Christians who support cruelty, racism and feel they have the right to take away a woman's right to choose what she does with her body.  We see how Christianity is more in alignment with patriarchy and capitalism than caring economics - and always has been.  Trelawney Grenfell-Muir recently wrote this powerful and courageous essay in the Feminism and Religion blog.  She'll be on Voices of the Sacred Feminine 9/26/18 (or later from the archives) to discuss rewriting our sacred stories and this essay on the current state of Christianity.  I hope you'll mark your calendar - or better yet, go to Voices of the Sacred Feminine on Blog Talk and click on the FOLLOW button to hear this important interview and get news of the great visionaries and wayshowers who share their wisdom with me each Wednesday night.

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Noted and popular spiritual leader, Reza Aslan, made this well thought out video about the Evangelical followers of Trump are acting like a cult. Serious food for thought.


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