Ancient Wisdom Denied? 
Could it be at our Fingertips?

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It's just about a year that I've been blogging here on Dancing at the Edges with Karen Tate, and if you've been coming along for the ride with me,  I thank you.  You readers, the fans of my books and radio show, Voices of the Sacred Feminine on Blog Talk Radio, are the gas in my tank...especially now that life has changed so much for me. 

Roy, Lilly and I no longer live near the ocean in Venice Beach, CA, our home for 30 years.  We're living in our mountain sanctuary now, away from the cray-cray, chaos and debilitating traffic.  I wonder each day how we endured it, but we humans adapt.  Eight months later, most of the boxes are unpacked.  Pictures are hung on the walls.  Being closer to the green of Nature and Her creatures has given me some time to rest and recuperate.  I'm re-fueling and the juices are once again flowing - thus I bring you the latest "bees buzzing 'round in my bonnet"  these days.

Ancient Wisdom Denied?

Red pill or blue pill?  Reality or illusion?  That's the question I keep going back to as I did recently when I stumbled onto a rerun of Keanu Reeves playing Neo in the movie, The Matrix.  Neo was forced to choose between  the illusion of reality and the truth of reality.  Taking the red or blue pill would give you the option to stay in ignorant bliss or choose the stark truth in which humanity lived.   It gave me pause as it usually does, but especially now, I've been thinking A LOT about if our beliefs and thoughts actually can or do create our reality.  I mean if we REALLY BELIEVE.  A belief that leads to really KNOWING.  Like we know the sun is going to come up tomorrow or if we cut our finger it will bleed.  With no doubt in our mind. 

Imagine if we could apply that certainty to create, to manifest our needs and desires!  Afterall, we're only using 10% of our brain.  What if we could access more?  Remember that sci-fi movie Lucy?  No?  Give it a quick Google search.

Did you know, Thomas Jefferson's personal papers were found, wherein he wrote to a peer about the secret knowledge his circle of intellectual friends, scientists and alchemists had come upon that was unsafe for the masses to have at their disposal?  I keep wondering about what they found and if it were about this ability to shape our reality -- one can see how it might be a power for evil in the wrong hands - but likewise a tool for great good. 
Might that knowledge have played a part in the creation of the United States? --- A feat the odds were certainly against!

What if, as the Noetic Sciences is beginning to reveal, we are all actually more powerful than we ever imagined?  What if, like Neo, we learned the power of our thoughts to bend our reality to our will to manifest our needs and desires?  Imagine the lives and world we could create if we knew and taught the next generations this power.  Children would grow up learning to brush their teeth and manifest their desires.

I'll let you mull that over.  Rich food for thought.....I'd love your feedback!


Sekhmet, Lady of Tenacity Manifested
Sa Sekhem Sahu


I've written a lot about the lion-headed Egyptian Goddess, Sekhmet, in my books.  I visited her temple in Egypt.   I've written meditations for Her.  Roy and I have on loan to the Museum of Woman in Irvine, CA, a statue of Her you can see above.  She is a mighty force, Goddess and archetype of strength, tenacity, and personal empowerment. 

I believe Sekhmet calls us to look beyond the only ancient myth we've found about Her.  In that myth, she's little more than a mercenary for the Egyptian God, Ra, her father,  as she punishes humanity for not adequately worshiping him.  I, like others, believe this is a patriarchal myth, warning us to not trust our own abilities, strength, tenacity and power as it can become uncontrollable.  Quite a convenient thing to teach women under the oppression and exploitation of patriarchy I think.  Better we be quiet, passive and endure suffering.  Not make waves.

We don't hear as much about Sekhmet as the mother, healer and the remover of obstacles that She is.  Yes, I see this Sun Goddess' eyes having the ability to burn away challenges or blockages, removing obstacles, much like Ganesh.  Her consort, Ptah, was a builder god.  Her son, Mahes, the patron of doctors.  She is certainly surrounded by the energy of creativity, nurturing, and healing.  

In her lioness aspect She teaches us those attributes of the mother lioness.... agility, strength, independence, tenacity, patience, cunning and nurturing.  As lionesses of a pack work together, raising their young, hunting to sustain themselves, She teaches us about team work and collaboration and solidarity.  I believe she also teaches us justice and righteous anger.  She teaches us to stand up and roar our truth -- "No!"  and set healthy boundaries.  Again, not abilities patriarchy or predator capitalism want us to have at our disposal!

In ancient times, in Egypt, in mid-August, (though maybe more often) devotees participated at Sekhmet's  Porch of Drunkenness, a place in the sacred precincts or temple where devotees would imbibe to excess, believing in their intoxicated state they might have visions and receive directives from Her.  (More to Google!)  Whether deity, archetype or ideal, learn more about Sekhmet, Lady of Tenacity Manifested, in this Her season of tribute. 
Sa Sekhem Sahu!

P.S.  To hear more about the magic that happened during the installation of her statue at the Museum of Woman in Irvine, keep scrolling.

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