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Sometime ago, I entered into a past life regression with the intention to determine where Roy, my husband of 30-plus years, and I, might have met in previous lifetimes, but that's not where the guided journey took me.  You see, I found myself in Medieval times as an apprentice healer toiling in the household of a king under a cruel task-master with bright red hair - someone I instantly recognized from this life.  This task-master made my life a living hell, but I was trapped and could not walk away from this post.  There was nowhere else to go.  When the hypnotist brought me out of the journey she immediately asked what I learned from this session and I intuitively, without a doubt, knew this current life was about learning to walk away, even if it meant walking away to blaze a trail on my own.  In this life, I had already walked away from the woman with the red hair, with much difficulty, but I survived and thrived!  

Hidden pathThinking back on this revelation nudged me to take stock of other times I've had to make difficult change, go it alone, or when I was in the unpopular or uncomfortable minority.  Going back to senior year in high school, when I was surprisingly nominated for prom queen, I knew odds were not good I'd win; I wasn't in the popular-girl-clique - I was a student librarian!  In my early work-life, I had many jobs, moving from typist to hotel convention coordinator to office sales coordinator in charge of personnel in three states, then on to property management.  My husband and I came out to California, leaving our hometown of New Orleans, and everything and everyone familiar to us.  I grew up Catholic, was taught in Catholic schools much of my early life, but I left that for Goddess spirituality and Roy and I started the Isis Ancient Cultures Society that brought the community together for more than ten years. 

More times than I would have liked, I had to leave toxic relationships, jobs or groups.  Most recently, my conscious led me to support Bernie Sanders, and I no longer blindly support corporatist Democrats when a progressive is an option, even if that sets some people's hair on fire.  On my long-running radio show, on the air more than 13 years now, I discuss with scholars, visionaries, politicos and way-showers controversial topics and alternative history and herstory that dispels beliefs put forth by the patriarchal status quo and establishment.  A new topic I feel I must drop into the collective consciousness and dialogue is the connection between Goddess values and socialism/democratic socialism as there seems to be a reluctance to admit this caring economics morality and values run counter to capitalism - and I wonder why more of our foremothers haven't addressed this.  More on that in a future newsletter.Dream Inspire Courage Harmony

Yes, this life has often been about blazing a new trail with my pink handled machete!  Walking away or finding a new path, a willingness to entertain new ideas - all necessities that bring about personal growth and hopefully has often been in service to the community.  I proudly call this being in the cognitive minority now.  Maybe you're there with me, waiting for the rest of the world to catch up?

Karen and Roy at Knossos

Oh....and if you were wondering where Roy and I may have met in a past life, it seems we were part of an African tribe.  He was the chief and I was the healer who saved his life.  You just can't make this stuff up!



Sacred space comes in all kinds, both external and internal.  Sacred space can be where you go in meditations, archaeological sites, modern-day temples, home altars and even where experiences sometimes take us.  Why not enter sacred space through the meditation Minerva's Sacred Waters of Wisdom from my Goddess Calling audio book on my YouTube channel.



Ancient Greek Priestesses with Tony Mierzwicki on September 8 at 7PM

Healing Ancestral Trauma with Krystal Rains on November 17 at 7PM


Karen headshot Many of you have done ritual with me, marched with me, attended my classes or listened to my podcasts. Maybe you've read my books or we've traveled together to sacred sites.  We've gotten to know each other over the years, but here's something I'll bet you didn't know......when we were in the Aswan, Egypt airport, the alarm clock in my luggage went off and I was suddenly surrounded by some very serious-looking soldiers with guns.  I started to laugh and act sheepish.  The "dumb-blonde" act came in handy for once.  Soon we were all laughing.  Funny how you remember these kinds of things and they become your best travel stories!

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femme cover Symbols & Language of the Divine Feminine with Cathy Pagano & Femme: Women Healing the World with Celeste Yarnell

Cathy Pagano, a Jungian-trained psychotherapist, astrologer, mythic storyteller and wisdom coach, author of Wisdom's Daughters: How Women Can Change the World, shares her 30 years of experience working with dreams, mythology, feminine spirituality and symbolic language.  

Followed by, Celeste Yarnell, discussing the important documentary produced by Wonderland Entertainment and actress Sharon Stone, Femme: Women Healing the World and her work helping women empower themselves and step into their Goddess-hood as we activate our prime directive: women healing the world.

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Art of Sigils Book CoverHave you  lost your creativity?  We were all creative once.  Children are born with loads of creativity - just watch them playing!  A stick becomes a wand or a sword.  YOU were born with the creativity app already installed!  If you've lost that it's because it got switched off somewhere around the time you started putting away your toys and started trying to be "grown up" and "taken seriously".  Unless it can be monetized, society in general, disapproves of creativity as being frivolous and unnecessary.  With Gina Leslie's new book, The Art of Sigils, she not only shows you how to reconnect with your dormant creativity, she gives you permission to be creative again.  Imagine.  Think.  Dream.  Do!


 GRATITUDE.....There was a time I was afraid to speak up.  I couldn't call a corner without fear of my own voice.  My thanks goes out to Kris Oster, Abbess Sariel Spencer of the Abbey of Avalon and Ava Park of the Goddess Temple of Orange County/Museum of Woman, three women who supported me along my journey.  We all need people who believe in us, who nurture us, and give us opportunities to grow and challenge our comfort levels.  My appreciation and gratitude to Kris, Sariel and Ava from the bottom of my heart!

Journeys with Rebecca banner
You may not know, but Goddess Spirituality has finally been getting a place at the table at the Council for the Parliament of World Religions and at the last conference held in Salt Lake City, UT, I was selected to give a talk about the importance of Reawakening Our Earliest Sacred Stories connecting the dots between spirituality, culture and politics.  Alongside major speakers such as Dr. Karen Armstrong, Rev. Jim Wallis, Dr. Vandana Shiva and many other notable known and not so well-known speakers, we all lent our voices to address three critical issues facing people across the globe:  climate change and care for creation, income inequality and wasteful consumption and war, violence and hate speech.   You can hear more about it as I'm interviewed by Rebecca Jernigan, hostess of Camelot Television in Parts One and Part Two.  

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happy people   8 Steps Toward a Happy Life 

Happiness is a choice and an important one.  Science and positive psychology can measure the positive effects being happy can have on our lives.  Listen to hear 8 tips that can lead you to a happier life which I shared at a talk given at the Goddess Temple of Orange County, CA, by clicking on the title above.

Special thanks to Briana Borten, Shawn Achor and Michelle Gielau and the other happy ones who shared their wisdom. 

by Carol Christ, Rebirth of the Goddess
"Nurture Life.
Walk in love and beauty.
Trust the Knowledge that comes through the body.
Speak the truth about conflict, pain and suffering.
Take only what you need.
Think about the consequences of your actions for 7 generations.
Approach the taking of life with great restraint.
Practice great generosity.
Repair the web."

Listen to my interview with Carol Christ on the Principles of Goddess Spirituality.

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