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Connecting the Dots Between....
Witchhunts & the Rise of Capitalism
on Voices of the Sacred Feminine Radio hosted by Yours Truly,
Karen Tate

At the top of the hour Ken Worthy, lecturer and research associate at the University of California in Santa Cruz and Berkeley and St. Mary's College of CA will discuss Finding the Human Place in Nature.  We'll discuss the invisibility of Nature, our disconnection from Nature which leads to our being unethical and how clean technology are major sources of environmental degradation.  On the positive side, Ken gives insight as to how we can have a better relationship with nature, make it more visible in their lives and how eco-feminism informs his life's work. 

Then crossing the threshold into the second half of the show, feminist, teacher, founder of the Feminist Collective. Sylvia Federici, discusses Women, Witch-Hunting and the Development of Capitalism, Past and Present.  We'll delve into the relationship between witch-hunting and the development of capitalism as argued in Caliban and the Witch.  Role of the church in witch-hunting, how it relates to the surge in violence against women today and more on the old religion and if anyone has apologized for the gendercide

Calling all Goddess Women!  
We wish to build a vibrant and healthy Goddess community, dedicated to making Her more known and increasing Her following. Those of us already in Her fold know how desperately what She offers is needed at this time in history.

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Karen headshot Many of you have done ritual with me, marched with me, attended my classes or listened to my podcasts. Maybe you've read my books or we've traveled together to sacred sites.  We've gotten to know each other over the years, but here's something I'll bet you didn't know.....when we were sitting in the Aswan, Egypt airport waiting for a flight, surrounded by military with guns protecting tourists, suddenly the alarm clock in my luggage went off!  I'm immediately encircled by half-a-dozen soldiers thinking I have a bomb!  I quickly pulled it out and showed the clock around, but they still were not satisfied - after all bombs have timers on them, right?  I started to laugh nervously at first, smiling all the time, making eye contact and finally they started to laugh and the tension broke...Phew!  Problem averted!

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