The Benefits of the Plague....and Trump
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Okay, okay, you might be asking yourself, "Is Karen losing her mind?  Has her mountain isolation made her crazy?"  Last newsletter (see below) she's asking us "Are Your Shackles Showing?" as she writes this morbid and scary piece reminiscent of movies where someone is being held captive by a serial killer, and now this!  (I think most of you realized I was writing about being held captive by patriarchy and predator capitalism.)  Now she's talking about the benefits of the Black Death - while we're shuttered-in trying to dodge this virus.  And she sees a benefit of Trump?????   Whaaaaat?  Is her hair on fire?????

Stay with me here.  Let me explain. 

When the Orange Jumpsuit moved his clan of crooks and cronies into the White House I told my friends to take a deep breath and wait.  I could understand people gave him a shot because neither party, the Republicans nor the Corporate Democrats, were doing much for them.  Desperate voters turned a blind eye to what many of us could have predicted came along with Trump.  As scary as this man was and is, he was necessary.  He was the perfect and tactical move of Goddess or the Universe, who is sometimes about tough love and not just sweetness and light.  What this reality television star brought to the fore was really nothing new.  It was the hidden under-belly of society exposed.  Capitalism, patriarchy and bigotry on steroids.  Sexism.  Racism.  Homophobia.  Religious  fundamentalism.  White Supremacy.  Nationalism.   Ignorance.  Selfishness.   I don't have to tell you.  I think you've been watching, or at least peeking out when your stomach wasn't sick. 

People had to see it, absorb it, feel this guy in their gut every day to inspire change and action.  It was an important lesson in what forces were calling the shots, setting the tone and narrative we don't need or want if we're working toward  an evolved humanity.  Trump offered us that transparency.   He's like a piece on a chess board.  He did us a service and he continues to do so every morning with his propaganda  appearances.  We can't bury our heads in the sand.  We can't pretend the world is in a good place and the United States is Number One.  He forced so many of us off the couch.  We're looking into options to predator capitalism.  We're fighting back.  (Weinstein got 23 years!)  It's a slow process to change the direction of this Titanic of patriarchy and predator capitalism.  Hang in there!

And Trump continues his role, serving a very important purpose in his catastrophic response to the virus.  He showed us what denying  the importance of scientists, like the CDC pandemic response team gets us.  He's showing us what sending jobs overseas and closing manufacturing in the United States is costing us.  He's showing us the dangers of not having Medicare for All as we try to figure out how to test people for the virus.  (I learned today my friend got a $1200 lab bill for her annual pap smear!)  We're seeing the results of the arrogance of Nationalism and greed of capitalism as Trump rejected WHO and German test kits.  As we watch his morning circus act, a political tactic for the upcoming election, we see the lies and misdirection. We see the lack of empathy and maybe his followers will too as they come to the realization they're at risk.   We see the ineptitude of the political party that doesn't believe in government, said it should be so small it could be drowned in a bath tub.  A party who believes all our tax dollars needs to go to prop up rich corporations and the military industrial complex while they cut food stamps and suggest payroll tax cuts as an angle to further damage Social Security - you know that thing we paid into all our lives, they like to call "entitlements" as if we're wanting something we are not entitled to even though we paid for it.  And how will Trump benefit with all his hotels if the government bails out the hospitality industry?  Think about it.  Like the banks after the Wall Street collapse while average people lost their homes.

Okay, okay, I'm getting to the Benefits of the Plague

I told my friends I believe this virus was another perfect and tactical move of Goddess or the Universe.  We are so entrenched in believing "it's the way things are" and our ability to adapt to more and more abuse and exploitation, because, I believe, we've been conditioned by many religions that suffering and sacrifice is noble.   We hear, well this is the way it always was - no it wasn't.  Or, "I've got to put up with it, so why shouldn't you?"  And some rightfully are concerned about all the deaths and collateral damage from the virus.  Of course they are.  I am too.  My husband is someone who is at risk.

Well, I believe Covid 19, while not as dangerous as the Black Death, is going to shake things up big time over the months ahead.    My friend and I were talking about how we're already seeing how much more important the truck driver delivering the tissue paper is than the hedge fund manager.  Or how much more useful to society is the cashier at the grocery store than the super model.  Or how nurses are our real sheros, not guys who can shoot hoops.  Our values are being put to the test.  We're seeing who we really need to make society function, who is valuable in this society.  The once diminished and under-valued are the ones coming to our rescue.

 In this conversation with my friend, she told me about the benefits of the Great Plague on humanity she learned  from the Great Courses classes available on Amazon Prime.   Just some of the benefits of the Black Death (and you can google this)  was the beginning of humanism, freedom of thought and the middle class.   She told me, and I agree, this virus will teach us we need to restore manufacturing and unions in this country and pay people who are low down on the totem pole a living wage with benefits because these are the folks who are keeping society afloat, doing the truly essential jobs we truly need in this crisis. Cleaning.  Driving trucks.  Sewing masks. Selling us food and medicine.  The people on the front lines at the hospital and urgent care facilities, the butcher, the gas station attendant, the people at utility companies, the guy picking the fruit.  We're seeing how we need Medicare for All.  How we must value science and education and teachers!

My friend and I think when this virus is over the world will be changed forever.  No longer will we tolerate the predator capitalism.  We'll demand our tax dollars serve the people and not the 1% who doesn't need our money or tax cuts.  We'll demand manufacturing and unions be restored in this country so we don't have to depend on other countries for essentials in times of crisis.  And how many of the saviors out there during this crisis are women?  None of these essential people are going to roll over and go back to being marginalized, underpaid and under-valued. 

Like Rosie the Riveter, a cultural icon of WWII, showing the power and ability of women outside the home, she symbolized a trend of change, and so will this virus. Rosie the Riveter  I don't yet know what that iconic symbol will be to move us toward Democratic Socialism and income equality, shifting our minds toward the We and the Us instead of the I and the Me, but rest assured, we're watching the times change before our eyes.  This is what a revolution looks like on a daily basis.  Step by step.  This virus along with the Orange Jumpsuit are shifting humanity's psyche and hearts to value those once taken for granted.

Democratic Socialism is saving the country right now whether the Corporate Democrats, Republicans or the Corporate-owned media will ever say so.   Don't be fooled into thinking anything else because the spin-doctors are already hard at work trying to sell the Orange Jumpsuit as the savior instead of the loser he truly is.

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Are Your Shackles Showing?

Hyperbole, Metaphor or Shades of Reality?

Spoiler Alert!
These Comments Might Trigger You

You've been held in a windowless room for a long time.  So long, you can't remember how long it's been.  You have shackles on your ankles.  Sometimes you can see beyond your sleeping pad, sometimes not so much.  You're instructed to perform tasks assigned to you according to the will of your captor.   Most days you work so long you feel as if you'll drop.  Sometimes you have enough food to eat, other times not.  It's cold and damp in this holding cell where you've lived most of your life.  You've been sick here, but you have no access to a doctor.  You've been beaten regularly, physically and verbally,  for infractions perceived by your captor.   You still have the bruises.  You've not been outside this place for so long you've stopped scraping the number of days you've been held captive onto the walls. 
But, sometimes, you can faintly hear a voice whispering to you from the outside.  It's a voice that calls to you in quiet moments when the usual crushing noise more easily heard doesn't drown it out.  It's hard to understand the words the voice is speaking.  They sound so foreign to you.   The voice suggests there is something else outside this cell.  When you ask your captor about it, the reply is always the same...laughter, mocking, anger.  So you become afraid to listen.

Then one day your captor gets careless.  Or maybe you're listening closer.  The incessant noise seems less.  Your captor forgot to lock the shackles on your ankles and bolt the door.  You hear the voice outside.  It offers you something else.  It sounds too good to be true.   You've heard your captor say as much.   You'd been told that the voice offers empty promises that will never become reality.   But you ask yourself how much longer you can go on here?  So, you stand up at your sleeping pad.  Your legs are shaking.  The hair is standing up on the back of your neck  and carefully, timidly, you walk toward the unbolted door.   You reach out.  Your hand is shaking as you place it on the knob.  You see the red marks from old bruises on your wrists.  Something inside you knows you no longer can tolerate this cell.  Only, it's all you've ever known, or it's all you remember.

It's your moment of truth.  You might not get this chance again in your lifetime.  Do you turn the knob?  Do you step across the threshold and move toward the voice?  Or do you shrink back, fearfully choosing the familiar, the devil you know?  Do you choose the somewhat reliable crumbs  laced with indifference and resentment your abuser has been dishing out for years?  Can this really be all there is?  Or can you find it in yourself to take a leap of faith?  Are you going to continue a life of institutionalized abuse and exploitation or are you going to walk across the threshold into a different  life?

That's the choice so many of us are faced with today, from the boardroom to the bedroom and voting booth.  Do we continue to normalize the abuse from our religions, our employers, our government, our social circles and even some of our families?  Do we continue to accept, even perhaps cheer, and normalize the exploitation of capitalism and patriarchy? 

Some say this new (or revived) path is folly, baloney, or magical flying ponies.  They warn it's riddled with danger, disappointment and failure.  Some even say you're a lazy taker if you want a better quality of life and expect income equality, fairness and a solid social safety net.

Others, who remember, or who look at the facts, know this was once a well-trodden path that led to balance, fairness and equality and can be again - but, perhaps many have forgotten, because they too have become locked in the windowless room for too long - or - perhaps, they reject these ideas because they now are the ones with the power.  Perhaps, they are the ones holding the key to our cell.


We can't keep doing the same things over and over and expect different results.  Sometimes we're stuck and need someone to show us the doors and windows opening before us....or the doors and windows we need to slam open ourselves.  We might need some inspiration.  Someone to take us by the hand.  Books can do this for us.  Books can be that friend!

We all have our favorite books on our shelves.  Sometimes we read them again and again because when we go back to them we understand things differently.  We catch things we might have missed the first time around.  Maybe they give us new inspiration or give comfort. 

Good books hold their value, never go out of style and stay relevant.....

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