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I guess it's about time I got around to sharing Dancing at the Edges with Karen Tate, where I confide in you what's been sparking the old gray matter and keeping me up at night!   I wrote this to talk about having to make choices in life... to walk away, choosing not to conform, to be oneself sometimes even if it means being uncomfortable.  It's about leaving behind the toxic or ordinary...what some call normal or accepted... to trail blaze toward better things.  It's about having courage and taking joy (dancing) in being "outside" the regular or provincial.  I'll share articles, videos, podcasts, sacred space - what I think is interesting or important!  I'll throw in some inspiration, wisdom, a book sale or review on occasion, too.  I hope you like it and I'd love to hear from you.

In this first chat, I want to introduce you to my lovely Lilly, named after Lilith, our archetype of independence and women's empowerment. Lilly came to my husband, Roy, and I as if by magic.  We were at the vet, picking up the ashes of our beloved Xena, who had only a few weeks before crossed over into the arms of Mothers Bast and Sekhmet.  Sitting in the unusually empty lobby of the vet's office, this kitty suddenly poked her head up over the counter and looked at me, then Roy, then me, again.  I could feel her asking  "Don't you recognize me?"  It was truly remarkable because, a tri-colored torty, she looked just like Xena's sister - Isis - who had passed away months before.  Yes, we lost both our beloved daughters within 6 months, after sharing 20 wonderful years.  We truly felt as if Xena had facilitated this meeting between Lilly, Roy and I from the Other Side.  

Our lovely Lilly had a rough start.  She had been very sick and left for dead on the vet's doorstep.  Every time she took a breath, she wheezed and sounded like an old man snoring.  Fortunately, the wonderful people at Centinela Animal Clinic in Inglewood, CA did not let her slip away.  They nursed her back to health until she could be fostered and with that beautiful and familiar face, how could we say no?  And who's to say she wasn't Isis coming back to us?   Lilly is almost a year old now.  She's happy, healthy and fills our home with laughter and love. 

It's truly remarkable when one realizes what happiness and wisdom these lovely creatures can inspire in one's life.  During Xena's life she taught me patience and how to nurture. In her passing, through a dream the night after she passed over, Xena helped me reconcile issues of disappointment in my complicated relationship with my Mother and she taught me to understand in a very visceral way, if people never experience love, that lack can cause them to do ugly things. This awareness sparked feelings of forgiveness I had not been able to muster until this experience.  Xena, our little warrior princess, was a great teacher and beloved companion.

isis altarJust after mid-July is the time of Isis' birthday. For ten years, we in the Isis Ancient Cultures Society held an annual Isis Tea to celebrate. This picture of Her altar, alongside Anubis, is the sacred space in my own living room, consecrated as The Isis Temple of Thanksgiving. If you look carefully, you can see the light of the Summer Solstice as it crosses Isis' face. 

Hail Isis, Glorious Goddess
Mother of all the domain, Goddess of 10,000 Names
Blessed are You among all the Goddesses!

Karen Holding two books2 for 1 SUMMER SALE!  Get your own signed copies of Sacred Places of Goddess; 108 Destinations and the award winning, Walking an Ancient Path: Rebirthing Goddess on Planet Earth, personalized for you, for only $22. (Includes S&H in the U.S)  Did you know, with Sacred Places of Goddess, you can drive your own West Coast Pilgrimage?  Send checks to Karen Tate, 2554 Lincoln Blvd., Box 678, Venice, CA  90291 or use your credit card for your payment at PayPal.Me/karentate 

Notable Interviews with Noam Chomsky and Layne Redmond on
Voices of the Sacred Feminine

 Goddess Calling BookcoverYes, I had the great honor of interviewing the famous Noam Chomsky, noted philosopher, political critic, activist and long-time professor at MIT.  The opportunity was quite a coup, even by the standards of media professionals!  Later he agreed to be in the anthology I curated, Voices of the Sacred Feminine; Conversations to Reshape Our World, named after my podcast on Blog Talk.  Noam and I discussed the Dalai Lama's famous quote about women saving the world, his views on the role of feminism in today's society, political party dynamics,  government repression and our loss of civil liberties. 

This show concludes with a heartfelt chat with our beloved foremother, musician and author, Layne Redmond!  She's gone from this earthly plane but it is my honor that her voice lives on in several interviews with me in the Voices of the Sacred Feminine archives. You can hear some of her music on my show and I feel so honored and grateful to her for her contribution to our world.  To hear these interviews, just click here or on any of the above images.

Did you catch my interview with Fordham University Theology Professor, Jeannine Hill Fletcher? She has written a courageous new book pointing to the role of White Christians in perpetuating racism and discrimination in America. It's an important interview.  It speaks to the urgency of reconciling our spirituality and politics and how we all must take a hard and discerning look for disconnects between how we interact with others and what we say our beliefs are.  Click here or on the picture to listen!

"Justice is a form of beauty and as creators we are always warriors for beauty." -  Sara Saltee

Roy's QuoteSacred Feminine Liberation thealogy has been the topic marinating in the gray matter for sometime now as I've been talking about moving from Goddess 101 to more emphasis on Goddess 2.0. There is so much more to this than learning to do ritual, astrology, tarot, or about goddess traditions or the wheel of the year.  I truly believe Goddess ideals can help us change the world so I speak whenever I can about values of the Sacred Feminine for women and men so we start raising the bar and show how relevant Her ideals truly are. 

If you are interested in learning more go over to this  Voices of the Sacred Feminine recording where I discuss the many ways Goddess Spirituality has grown and matured in the minds of Her advocates to inspire the birth of a new world and usher in a time of security, partnership, peace, equality and prosperity for all. 

 Special thanks goes out to Kandy Crenshaw for helping me launch this first edition of The Essentials.  Her patience, professionalism and expertise was incredible.  Also, Gina Leslie was awesome helping with graphics!  Thanks ladies for your generosity and assistance!

karen's headshotMany of you have done ritual with me, marched with me, attended my classes or listened to my podcasts. Maybe you've read my books or we've traveled together to sacred sites.  We've gotten to know each other over the years, but here's something I'll bet you didn't know......when we were in Israel, Roy was offered 50 camels for me!  You might wonder what my response was?  Well, after I picked up my jaw, I wondered just what 50 camels were worth?  Was Roy being offered a good deal or not?  :) 

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