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“Got my blue nail polish on/It’s my favorite color and my favorite tone of song.”


There’s value in how difficult Lana makes being a woman look. She’s where you go when you’re too tired for feminism, when you don’t want to march or sign online petitions, and when you just want to sink into a bath and run the tap until water overflows the tub.

Historically, women have pushed against the requirement to be permanently cheerful. Tragic queens like Virginia Woolf and Anna Nicole Smith have brought to light realizations that to be a woman is too often to be seen as nothing but an image, and one that is valued only as an appendage to a man.

Lana Del Rey is the musical enunciation of the sad girl on the internet. In a way, it’s obvious that the internet sees Lana as a sad girl, but once she’s deconstructed, it goes beyond emotion.


A new kind of romantic punk fashion. Former Balenciaga and McQueen designer, Christine Nielsen's thoughts on creating Hyun Mi Nielsen, the womenswear label that incorporates "solstice, maypoles, Scandinavia, punks, black and white photos of folk costume, texture, volume and graphicism" into its pieces. 


Periods are still a taboo. Back in 2015, it seemed like pop culture accepted periods as normal, with headlines deeming it "the year of the period." Fast forward to now, and it seems periods are only brought up when something dramatic or shameful happens. When will we begin to see a more authentic narrative surrounding menstruation in the media?


Welcome to the "Sellout Culture" where everything mainstream is cool. It’s a time where selling out no longer means abandoning relevancy and cult-status for a monied but mainstream cultural desert. Young hypebeasts aren’t bothered that Supreme is no longer a small streetwear label driven by the singular vision of an actual skater. 


Gene editing babies has been a thing, but after claiming to have engineered the world's first CRISPR babies (twins), Chinese scientist Dr. He Jiankui opened Pandora's box for everyone. It's only a matter of time before families everywhere become interested in editing their unborn child's genes or until social media becomes flooded with #DesignerBabies. Is anyone concerned?


Digital clothes for a digital world. We're living in a paradoxical time where everything seems to have been invented, but then something completely unheard of like digital clothing and CGI influencers graces our screens. Seeing as Instagram is now a sort of "virtual runway" it's only natural someone thought,  "I should sell clothes that can ONLY be worn in photos." Is the e-fit brilliant or ridiculous? We can't tell, but we're certainly intrigued.


Finding the balance between "you time" and complete isolation. Being okay with being alone is an important skill that not everyone is comfortable practicing. Then there are those who are overly good at it. Saying "no" has become a powerful statement lately, but oversaying it could affect your sense of community and lead to loneliness.



Ai Weiwei's first institutional exhibition. The artist continues to address the global refugee crisis through his sculptures. This exhibition will include new and unseen work from Life Cycle (2018), as a continued response from his "ongoing engagement with politics and social justice."



 Maria Koch

After working alongside Jil Sander and Marios Schwab, Maria Koch is rightfully the creative director, designer and boss babe behind 032c apparel–which just released its first womenswear collection!


Our weekly edit of the tunes we can’t stop playing  

Tried Up
Ama Lou

sex money feelings die
Lykke Li

Self Esteem

Waking Up
Sorry Girls

San Pedro
Kilo Kish

Fast Cars
Connie Constance


They won't be erased. "42 members of the trans and non-binary communities sat down with British Vogue to share their stories and explain why, no matter what the current media narratives or political climate, they won’t be erased."


MUJI's minimalism wins again. This cosmetic bag stole our hearts. I mean, have you seen a more perfect pouch for just $7?!



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