MACROKIOSK Ranks In Top 10 Enterprise Mobility Solution Providers 2018
MACROKIOSK is ranked as one of the Top 10 Enterprise Mobility Solution Providers 2018 by CIOAdvisor APAC magazine. This prestigious ranking recognises MACROKIOSK’s achievements in delivering outstanding innovative solutions for enterprise mobility within the Asia Pacific region.

“MACROKIOSK’s key focus is on providing comprehensive, cost-effective, and end-to-end propositions in both enterprise mobility solutions and mobile payment services,” says Dato’ Henry Goh (Co-Founder and COO of MACROKIOSK Group). “At present, we power more than 2,000 clients in 18 industries in over 37 countries with products and solutions that are designed to assist our clients to thrive in the digital economy worldwide.”
Read the feature on MACROKIOSK in the CIOAdvisor APAC magazine HERE.
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MACROKIOSK Partners With Google To Take Messaging Further

MACROKIOSK strengthens our commitment as a digital technology enabler by partnering with Google to deliver the future of business messaging. RBM, or Rich Communications Service (RCS) Business Messaging, drives the success of marketing campaigns and enriches user engagement by taking the mobile messaging experience to a whole new level. By incorporating branding, lively visuals, audio and interactive features, RBM opens up new possibilities for businesses to connect and communicate with customers in real time.

MACROKIOSK is the first Malaysian founded company to work as an RBM partner of Google. To learn more about RBM or be the first to trial the BETA version, please contact us HERE.

MACROKIOSK Invites You To Get On Board With WhatsApp Business

Fast, direct and visual, text messaging has become the key enabler to communication. As a WhatsApp Business partner, MACROKIOSK empowers you with the necessary tools to connect to your target audience so you can carry out private, secure and content-rich communication to 1.5 billion WhatsApp users worldwide.

To date, more than 90 companies, including the Fortune 500 organizations, have come on board. Join us in elevating the current standards of communication with WhatsApp Business. For more information on advanced on-boarding, please get in touch with us HERE.

Getting to know MACROKIOSK’s Alliance Development
We caught up with Ms Christabel Hew [Chief Alliance Officer, MACROKIOSK Group] to find out more about the department.
What role does Alliance Development play in MACROKIOSK?
To create an alliance is to create a collaboration, or more specifically, a win-win partnership. Collaboration has become a vital element in today’s faster-than-fast pace of digital growth. Here at MACROKIOSK, Alliance Development is responsible for the development, partnership proposition and relationship management of third parties in the areas of products and services. We seek to collaborate with parties, be it internal or external, to achieve mutually benefiting objectives.
How can strategic alliance drive the growth of MACROKIOSK?
With third party relationships, it is our conscious goal to increase MACROKIOSK’s mindshare and volume of business transactions. We are focused on creating synergy for the range of products and services to better meet the needs of MACROKIOSK’s target markets. In that process, we develop mutually profitable retention of potential customers throughout the customer journey.
What are the key areas of focus in building strategic partnerships?
There are three key areas of success:
1) Product Sales Channel: To engage and work with Value-Added Resellers. This expands our reach by exploring new opportunities and creating a synergistic approach when we leverage on the strength of an existing foothold.

2) Product Technology Channel: To engage technology partners to bundle and add value to the product ecosystem. This augments our product solutions and deepens our reach with a complete solution once the technology is vetted and implemented.

3) Corporate Mindshare Channel: To enhance brand presence through direct engagements with communities and partners. This involves extending MACROKIOSK’s value in its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives by opening access to the MACROKIOSK suite of products and technologies, industry mentorship, and a host of engaging facilities at MACROKIOSK’s The Space.
Can you give an example of your partnership with third parties? 
Our most recent initiative is a much sought-after partnership with Google. We are now their recognized partner for enabling RBM, or Rich Communications Service (RCS) Business Messaging. Another one of our non-corporate initiatives is working with one of Malaysia’s top higher education institutions to set up an Industry Advisory Panel (IAP) within the schools of Business, and Computing & IT.
What do you look for in potential partners?
We mostly seek companies which encourage a collaborative culture, an appetite for innovation, potential for growth, visionary businesses, complementary functions and objectives which are aligned with MACROKIOSK.
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