HAPPY 2019!

MACROKIOSK Founders (L-R):
Dato’ Henry Goh, Dato’ Kenny Goh and Mr. CS Goh

As the New Year ushers in, we would like to take this opportunity to reflect on the past year. 2018 has been an exciting year for MACROKIOSK, marked by eventful milestones for the Group. Apart from making great advances financially, we also successfully launched new products and services in anticipation of creating value to the digital economy as well as the MACROKIOSK Group across Asia and beyond.

This milestone would not have been possible without the great work from the MACROKIOSK team located across 13 countries and regions who worked dedicatedly to deliver the best products and services to more than 2000 clients in 37 countries spanning 18 industries. In 2019, we are driven by the same passion to work together to continually lead MACROKIOSK on a 25% year-over-year growth.

We, the founders, would sincerely like to thank all our associates and clients for your continuous support. We wish everyone a Happy New Year and may 2019 bring great success, happiness and most importantly, good health to all of you.

Leading the mobile billing initiatives, MACROKIOSK has established a Direct Carrier Billing (DCB) connections roadmap since year 2015 across Asia through both direct connections with telecommunication operators and via strategic partners in identified markets.

To date, MACROKIOSK added an additional total accumulated DCB market size of close to 80 million mobile subscribers over 4 major telecommunication operators across ASEAN namely Celcom (Malaysia), Dialog (Sri Lanka), Smart (Cambodia) and XL (Indonesia) for its DCB clienteles across 37 countries.

“Through MACROKIOSK’s DCB connections, digital service providers will enjoy convenience and security on top of swift on-boarding processes and a wider audience reach. At the same time, the mobile user communities will have the opportunity to experience the latest digital content and service offerings from both local and overseas providers,” says Dato’ Henry Goh, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer.


High-Tech Industries in Kedah, Malaysia

Middle Photo (L-R): MACROKIOSK’s Founders with The Chief Minister of Kedah
Mr. CS Goh, Dato’ Henry Goh, YAB Dato’ Seri Hj. Mukhriz Tun Mahathir and Dato’ Kenny Goh

As a home-grown digital technology company, MACROKIOSK fully supports the growth of digital economy in the country. Speaking at the Kedah International Business and Investment Summit 2018, Dato’ Henry Goh advocates the state’s embrace of the digital economy, particularly through Kulim Hi-Tech initiatives the first and most successful high-tech industrial park in Malaysia. Dato’ Henry Goh broaches the subject of Kulim Hi-Tech’s prospects in the age of digitalisation during the Tech Panel session titled “Championing High-Tech Industries Through Kulim Hi-Tech”. MACROKIOSK was also represented by Dato’ Kenny Goh and Mr. CS Goh at the event, which was officiated by YAB Dato’ Seri Hj. Mukhriz Tun Mahathir, Chief Minister of Kedah.



MACROKIOSK Digital Technology Outlook in 2019
Mr. EC Ng, Chief Marketing Officer, MACROKIOSK

Mr. Ng Eng Coln (EC) shares his views on the key trends that are expected to disrupt the digital technology industry in 2019.

Digital technology has been undergoing a significant period of transformation, reaching its fourth wave of evolution. The first wave was the introduction of Internet, the second wave came in the form of mobile internet, and the third wave is the present-day application of big data and Internet of Things. The approaching fourth wave of digital technology encompasses the involvement of robotics and artificial intelligence (AI), aimed at assisting with decision making and creating knowledge.

Digital technology is used to solve problems and make our everyday lives easier and more convenient while improving our standard of living by confronting problems and finding solutions. For instance, a mobile phone is now a payment device. Simultaneously, you can also access premium contents such as music and videos, shop online, hail a cab and make dinner reservation through your mobile device. Leveraging on these capabilities, digital technology is already creating new business models for multiple companies.

Here, I would like to share a few digital technology insights that are due to make an impact in 2019, whether big or small, and how businesses can leverage them to grow their brands, improve businesses and gain customer loyalty.

Autonomous driving demonstrates the importance of real-time Internet of Things data pipelines through analytics and into improved execution. The data is then used for road planning, insurance evaluation and traffic information. With this data, we can begin to reimagine many different types of transportation, from ride-hailing and logistics to public transport and personal vehicles. When fully developed, such transportation service will become a part of people's everyday routine and is able to move closer to our goal of making transportation safe and easy for everyone.

MACROKIOSK provides a complete suite of notification solutions to transportation providers to help them promote their services. For instance, upon arrival at a destination, a personalised welcome message can be sent to the passenger’s mobile device. Merchants can also send invitations for event pre-registration or conduct a survey on customer’s satisfaction via MACROKIOSK’s BOLD.Tag, a service which lets marketers create, track and manage multiple digital campaigns while gathering rich customer insights. The valuable analytics and data gathered in the process will help marketers to optimise their digital campaigns.

eSports, which is competitive video-gaming between professional players, may well be one of the most disrupted industries out there. Global eSports revenues reached USD15 billion in 2017, and is expected to grow 26 percent by 2020 as it attracts a more mainstream audience.

This growth has a major impact on sports rights, broadcasting, marketing, sponsorship and merchandising. Brands are increasingly interested in gathering audience data so as to better draw the attention of their consumers and target them with personalised messaging, advertising, and customised viewing experiences.

MACROKIOSK provides a comprehensive payment solution for these brands to monetise merchandise and tickets for their local events, with the option of using BOLD.Pay, a payment platform offering alternative payment solutions or through the operator’s direct carrier billing services.

The fitness industry is in the midst of a digital transformation. A case in point is a popular sports shoe manufacturer which has found a new way to capture more information about its customers: through their sneakers. Unveiling a new shoe concept that tracks performance in real time, it allows the company to give weekend warriors athletic tips and also upsell them more products from its line-up.

With digital technology, companies can analyse the data to help their team to make decisions on marketing, pricing, design and branding. Promotions can be even more targeted than before with personalised marketing messages sent through MACROKIOSK’s BOLD.Send, an intuitive interface which provides seamless and faster customer engagement.

At the same time, data collected from the customers’ profiles will be useful for brand partners to send rewards such as discount vouchers or welcome gift redemption directly to the users’ mobile devices through MACROKIOSK’s BOLD.Tag.

The outlook of digital technology in 2019 is getting more exciting. Science fiction is now indeed science fact. As digital technology continues to evolve and change our lives, MACROKIOSK is committed to create innovative digital technology solutions for enterprises to engage with millions of users in the digital economy by empowering engagement, notification, trusted and payment solutions.



MACROKIOSK is Asia’s leading digital technology company with a strong global presence. We are at the forefront of delivering innovative digital products and solutions that are scalable, secure and highly adaptable to businesses and individuals in the digital economy.
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