SEAL the Trust

As fraud and identity theft get more prevalent in the digital era, it is imperative that additional measures are taken and caution is exercised to ensure the authenticity of documents. BOLD.Key SEAL, a digital seal authentication solution, helps to establish trust on physical and digital documentations in the quickest format.

BOLD.Key SEAL verifies the authenticity, integrity and origin of documents to instil confidence through an easy and quick authentication process. For instance, an institution can include a digital seal on the certifications of its services in order to verify the authenticity of the certification and to prove its origin and protect the institution against manipulation or forgery.

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BOLD.Pay Plugin for E-Commerce Platforms

BOLD.Pay, a cloud-based multi-channel payment access by MACROKIOSK, is now available as a plugin for WooCommerce on WordPress. This secure dynamic payment plugin supports a variety of payment channels such as Direct Carrier Billing, Credit Cards, Online Banking (FPX) and E-Wallets.

BOLD.Pay enables dynamic billing arrangements to be executed on multiple formats such as mobile, web and in-applications for a wide variety of merchants. It o­ffers direct billing access to more than 2 billion digital users across Asia and ensures success for both buyers and sellers with solid processes and procedures such as pay-out policy, refund policy and service level agreement.

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2020 Malaysia Economic and Strategic Outlook

From left: Dato’ Henry Goh speaking at the event.

Dato’ Henry Goh (Co-Founder, MACROKIOSK) delivering his keynotes during the session titled ‘Key Outlook For Strategic Economic Sectors’ at the recent 2020 Malaysia Economic and Strategic Outlook Forum held in Kuala Lumpur.

As the Co-Founder of a leading digital technology company, Dato’ Henry Goh offered insights into the challenges, prospects and issues in the e-commerce and ICT sectors.



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