MACROKIOSK Offers Asia-wide End-to-end Mobile Billing Solutions for Businesses

With the number of mobile phone users in the world expected to exceed the five billion mark by the year 2019, the number of mobile billing transactions is expected to climb to unprecedented levels.

MACROKIOSK, a digital technology enabler, offers complete Asia-wide mobile billing solutions for businesses which encompasses Premium SMS Billing (PSMS) and Direct Carrier Billing (DCB) as the incumbent method of payment in the digital economy.
PSMS charges the purchase of digital content services via Short Messaging Services (SMS). To purchase goods or services on the mobile device, the user is required to send an SMS to a premium rated shortcode and receive a return SMS to complete the transaction. For example, users can make payment for their mobile games by sending an SMS to the provided premium rated shortcode. PSMS is ideal for all mobile user types, whether they’re on a prepaid or postpaid mobile plan.
DCB charges the purchase of digital content services to the user’s prepaid balance or postpaid mobile bill instantaneously. This one-click payment service is the quickest and simplest payment method on the mobile device. There is no need to register, login or reply with an SMS to complete the transaction as users are charged upon confirming a purchase or subscription with a single click on their mobile device and the charges will simply appear in their next mobile bill or deducted from their prepaid credit.
MACROKIOSK mobile billing solutions are integrated with authentication processes for secure payment transactions and a reporting tool to monitor transactions as well as to analyse service performance.
With MACROKIOSK mobile billing solutions, businesses do not have to rely on any banking infrastructure and can charge users on the spot, which makes it easier, faster and more convenient for end users to purchase digital goods and services. At the same time, it offers added security as no personal information is transmitted, while enabling businesses to have better pricing flexibility on their products and services.
When it comes to mobile billing services, it is vital for merchants to select a partner which can help to take the business further. MACROKIOSK mobile billing solutions are not limited to the two incumbent mobile billing method. It also caters to other billing methods such as credit cards, Financial Process Exchange (FPX) and the acceptance from third-party mobile wallets. This provides merchants with the flexibility to select the best payment method that suits their services and their target audience preference.
With MACROKIOSK mobile billing solutions, businesses gain access to more than 1.3 billion subscribers via partnerships with more than 50 telco operators across 23 countries and regions. MACROKIOSK mobile billing solutions offers a single dynamic connectivity via API (Application Programming Interface) which is customised to support connectivity to multiple countries across the globe, while offering swift response tailored to local clientele from its regional offices. MACROKIOSK mobile billing solutions comply with ISO27001 ISMS standards to ensure every transaction is performed in a safe and secure environment. Regardless which billing method you opt for your business, you are assured smooth transaction processes with MACROKIOSK as the trusted party between merchants and end users.
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MACROKIOSK Endorses Digitization in Sarawak and Beyond
Photos (From L-R):
Far Left: Dato’ Henry Goh and Mr. CS Goh,
Middle: Dato’ Henry Goh sharing his insights with the audiences
Top Right: YAB Datuk Patinggi (Dr) Abang Haji Abdul Rahman Zohari bin Tun Abang Haji Openg, Chief Minister of Sarawak.
Bottom Right: MACROKIOSK’s Founders with The Chief Minister of Sarawak

As a homegrown digital technology company with presence across Asia and beyond, MACROKIOSK is geared to become a part of the digital economy thrust to help transform and propel the Sarawak digital economy initiatives. This commitment culminates to MACROKIOSK’s participation at the International Conference on Sarawak & ASEAN 2018 in Kuching, Sarawak. The conference was held to discuss the business and investment opportunities in Sarawak in the era of new Malaysia and was attended by YAB Datuk Patinggi (Dr) Abang Haji Abdul Rahman Zohari bin Tun Abang Haji Openg, the Chief Minister of Sarawak.
Taking on the role as a speaker for the session “E-Commerce and Digital Economy – Driving Growth, Transforming Sarawak For The 4th Industrial Revolution”, Dato’ Henry Goh (Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer) tackled issues relating to the emerging trends in the digital economy and how digitization becomes a growth driver in the region.

MACROKIOSK at World Chinese Economic Forum 2018
Photo (From L-R): Dato’ Kenny Goh, Mr. CY Leung and Mr. CS Goh

The year 2018 marks the 44th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Malaysia, which was commemorated at the World Chinese Economic Forum (WCEF) 2018 held in Kuala Lumpur. This momentous occasion was held to the theme of “Towards a Common Future: Enhancing New Opportunities in a Changing World” and was graced by Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad, Prime Minister of Malaysia, as well as as Mr. CY Leung, Former Chief Executive of Hong Kong S.A.R., China.
As a leading digital technology company founded in Malaysia with offices in 13 countries and regions, including in Guangzhou, Hong Kong S.A.R. and Macau S.A.R., China, MACROKIOSK supports the bilateral relations between the two countries. MACROKIOSK, represented by its founders Dato’ Kenny Goh and Mr. CS Goh, was invited to partake in the insightful programme during WCEF 2018.


Getting To Know MACROKIOSK Payment Solutions
Mr. Lim Chin Hui
Mr. Lim Chin Hui, Manager, Payment Solutions, Innovation Development of MACROKIOSK shares about payment products and solutions.

What are the most important features when designing a digital payment product?
User experience and security are the two most important features when we design any digital payment product. The emphasis is always placed on creating the best customer experience in every aspect. Logic of usability is a huge part of our design process. The user interface has to be easily usable, intuitive and navigable. Although designing a ground-breaking interface may look impressive, we try to maintain a clean and consistent design that users can immediately relate to familiarise themselves with. Concurrently, security is always on the top of our minds and it is something that we do not compromise on. It is of utmost importance that our payment platform protects both the merchant and user whenever payment transactions are involved.
Speaking of security, it is still a main concern whenever digital payment is involved. How do MACROKIOSK offers peace of mind to its clientele?
We are highly aware that as the adoption of digital payment increases, the potential occurrence of fraud and data theft grows too. However, this should not deter people from enjoying the convenience and seamless payment process offered by digital payment. All MACROKIOSK solutions are ISO27001 ISMS certified. We invest substantially in developing security measures and fraud detection features to protect proprietary data and to prevent any security vulnerabilities, with in-built real-time security detection for breaches and fraudulent activities. In an untoward incident of any breaches, a host of real-time monitoring tools and methods are deployed to deter further occurrence.
As competition for digital payment products get higher, how do MACROKIOSK sets itself apart from the rest?
As a leading digital technology company in the market for 18 years, we pride ourselves on offering innovative solutions. Among them is BOLD.Pay, which encompasses our digital payment offerings. BOLD.Pay is designed to enable secure, effective, convenient and wider payment engagement options on the mobile device. It acts as a single point for all payment collections, providing customers with transaction convenience anytime and anywhere, customised charging models, and seamless integration with customized SDK for web-based (WEBkit) to mobile applications (APPkit) and back-end systems (API).
At the same time, BOLD.Pay offers dynamic payment solutions including credit card billing, Financial Process Exchange (FPX) billing, and billing through third-party mobile wallets to enable the microenterprise segment, such as freelancers or social media merchants who may experience difficulty in obtaining digital payment services, to leverage on our products for their businesses. We also set ourselves apart by providing wide payment connectivity expansion. Thanks to our close collaboration with multiple telcos in up to 23 countries, we enjoy rapid service application approval for our telco payment products which helps to speed up client onboarding processes and enable a wider audience reach across the region.

How can MACROKIOSK digital payment solutions benefit businesses?
Our payment products are designed with a single goal, which is to produce the best outcomes to benefit our clients’ businesses. For instance, BOLD.Pay offers access to a market size of more than 1.3 billion mobile users through partnerships with more than 50 telco operators across 23 countries with just a single connection to MACROKIOSK.
This means our clients are able to access untapped markets across the region by providing a means for end users to utilise mobile payment for the purchases of digital products and services even if they do not own a credit card and/or bank account. BOLD.Pay makes it easy for clients to sign up and start using our services as it does not require any form of technical integration. Upon request, BOLD.Pay can be customisable according to each client’s or merchant’s needs.
How will digital payments and mobile wallets evolve in the near future?
We see an improvement in terms of user adaptation towards digital payment and mobile wallet due to convenience, fast transaction speed and enhanced security measures when compared to cash payment. Due to these aspects, we are witnessing a rise in online transactions on a global scale and this trend will continue to grow in the foreseeable future. With the multiple functionalities offered by BOLD.Pay, we are confident in meeting the future needs of our clientele as we continue to evolve our payment 
product offerings to fulfil market demands.
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