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MACROKIOSK turns 20 in year 2020, a BOLD. start as we begin our next phase of strategies and execution to solidify what MACROKIOSK stands for.

20.2020 is all about being united in every aspect of our organisation namely Strategy, Solutions and Community under one theme named BOLD.Unite.

BOLD.Unite will be the guiding principle of how we will steer and lead the company in positioning MACROKIOSK as a leading digital technology company in Asia and beyond.

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Emerging Digital Engagement Trends In 2020

Engaging with the digital community is an eminent effort for all regardless if it’s for business or personal purposes. Therefore, identifying and executing the right type of digital engagement with your audiences while leveraging on scalable digital solutions is very important. Below are some examples that may provide you with some ideation in your digital engagement strategy for the coming year. 

Interactive Content/Campaigns
As the digital community grows, it is not surprising to see the usages of digital technologies moving along the same path which leads to the introduction of rich media as the central focus of digital engagement. The engaging perspective of communicating with audiences through interactive content featuring rich media, such as videos, audios and or other elements, will encourage your audience to interact and respond to the content.

BOLD.Tag enables the creation of customisable interactive real-time engagement with your audiences. Click here to find out more.
Personalised/Targeted Marketing
Engaging with the digital community is all about understanding their various behaviour and mindset. To date, these behaviour and mindset can be divided into four areas, namely Digital-Savvy, Everything Digital, Digital Convenience and Digital Experience. This demands for personalised and/or targeted marketing efforts to engage these verticals.

BOLD.Tag empowers personalised engagements with real-time data analytics that enables effective acquisition, growth and retention efforts. Click here to find out more.
Social Messaging Applications Get Smarter
Over-The-Top (OTT) operators have relentlessly been making their messaging applications smarter as well as incorporating functionalities that complement the ever-growing demands of the digital community. One of the distinct capabilities that is being incorporated into social messaging applications is the capabilities of payment/billing. A hassle-free payment/billing transaction can be executed via the social messaging platform.

BOLD.Pay is a cloud based multi-channel payment access that enables dynamic billing arrangements to be executed on multiple formats such as mobile, web and in-applications for a wide variety of merchants. Click here to find out more.
Responsive Chats
Enquires form the basis of leads that carry the potential of revenues to businesses. Real-time enquires coupled with responses are what it takes in making a difference in the digital economy. Implementing a real-time responsive chat avenue to address enquiries of all sorts is inevitable as the digital community relies heavily on instant messaging as the first-to-go avenue to get answers.

BOLD.Console is an omni-communication platform offering Configurable Interactive Chat on WhatsApp Business to enable businesses to establish real-time two-way communications with their audiences. For developers and businesses wanting to scale up from the source, an Application Protocol Interface (API) connection is also available. Click here to find out more.

Find out more about MACROKIOSK’s BOLD. digitalisation platform as-a-service here.

Or let’s talk now

MACROKIOSK in collaboration with WORQ will be presenting the “WhatsApp Business: The Customer Engagement Trend” event series. Our Strategic Marketing team will share insights on effective customer engagement trends and the digital tools to help enhance the customer engagement journey for businesses and individuals. Below are the details:

Date: 20th February 2020
Time: 2pm – 4pm
Venue: WORQ Taman Tun Dr Ismail, Kuala Lumpur

MACROKIOSK’s clients are entitled for a special collaborative bonus of RM500 off on all WORQ co-working facilities.



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