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Hiking with Kids

Summer weather has arrived, and it is the perfect time to gather up the family and head out for a hike!

Today I want to give some tips and suggestions when hiking specifically with little kids. In previous years, our family did not do much hiking, partly because i didn't know if all those little legs could handle it!

But this last year we have gone on several hikes (some short, some quite long and difficult) with our children (ages 5, 4, 3, 1) and I realized it isn't impossible!

In fact, it is a lot of fun! 

That said, here are some tips to make your next family hike a success!
  1. Have Fun! I think this is the most important thing when hiking together as a family. I try to approach almost anything I do with the kids as a grand adventure (and it really is!) and try to get everyone really hyped up about it. And when everyone gets tired half-way there, make up a game!
  2. Play Games! When you sense your kids starting to get tired and cranky, try changing things up with a game or song. One of my kids favorite games is the rabbit and fox game. I become a fox and chase the kids, trying to 'eat' them. They love it, and somehow dead tired legs have energy to run and grumpy faces turn to smiles. 
  3. Bring Band-aids and Snacks! ...
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Osprey Poco AG Review

From the first time in this child carrier backpack, our little sprout loved it. She loved being able to see all around her, safe and secure. She always got excited when we would put her in the backpack, because she knew we were going to do something--bike, hike, go to the zoo or even just putter around the yard. It was like she was able to be a part of things, even before she could get around well on her own. 
Osprey has several different models of Child Carrier backpacks, in different colours, along with tons of other quality backpacks, hydration packs, and accessories. We have the base model, the Poco AG. Some features I love about it:
  1. The backpack has an adjustable chest harness that keeps even the wiggliest kid super secure. The height of the child's 'seat' can be adjusted as well so the child's head always sits at the same height to the pack. My little one can just rest her head on the front pad and have a great nap! The backpack is a frame style so it is solid around the child and protects them.
  2. There is a good amount of storage in it! Not that I like to pack it full (that's a lot more weight to carry around) but there is plenty of room to stuff the entire family's rain coats and a couple water bottles in it for a quick hike! The Premium model has even a removable day pack attached to it, but again, that's a lot of extra weight to carry around. 
  3. The harness for the adult is fully adjustable. The torso is adjustable from XS to L (I put it on XS and my husband on M) so the hip belt fits at the right place on everyone. That is super important as most of the weight is carried there rather than on the shoulders. 
  4. I like the built-in sunshade. You can also buy a rain cover that fits over the sunshade and the child is totally covered from the rain (even when biking!). We keep the rain cover in the backpack at all times...



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