TCV Weekly News: 13th February 2020

Kia ora koutou  

Wow TCV is really kicking off for the year! What a great meeting we had on Monday so great to you all in this new year. Feels a bit weird to say that in February. But a full table is awesome to see. Forgot to take photos again oops.

Huge thank you to our guest speaker Debs Hancock for speaking of her journey with the Riposte app. If anyone would like to get in further touch with debs her contact info is

Another great thing is we have successfully finished out first video of the video series and it premiered at our meeting with an awesome reaction and feedback. This video will be launched on our website and facebook in the coming week or so.

Proud to announce that for the 3rd Newsletter in a row we have a new member. Welcome onboard Gizzy Kai Rescue we look forward to seeing you on March 9th at our network meeting.

This weeks Network Meeting Minutes are linked below 

Have a good week

Ngā mihi nui
Alice Kibble (Coordinator)


Who is Community Networks Aoteroa and what do they do?

As requested at the network meeting this week here is an explaination of Community Netowrks Aoteroa which TCV is apart of.

We support local community networks

We are the umbrella organisation for local community networks.

Our membership includes not-for-profit and voluntary social service organisations all over the country.

Our goal is a strong community sector 

The community sector is an essential part of a healthy thriving society. Our goal is to empower and strengthen the community sector by supporting community networks across Aotearoa.

Read more about what we do here.

How we support our members

We support our members by providing:

  • Regular briefings on key events and the community sector
  • Personalised organisational advice and support
  • A platform for a collective voice on matters affecting the community sector
  • Opportunities to connect with other community networks across Aotearoa

Join now! Click here to join or learn more.

Are you a member and need help?

If you’re a member of CNA and are having a problem or issue, or just need some information, please get in touch, that’s what we’re here for! Click here for more information.

Community networks working together to support local communities


This weeks blog post is How to bring your brainstorming and planning into the new digital age.
Following on from last weeks blog (How to educate staff on the latest technologies) I wanted to give you some new and simple ideas for how to integrate online tools into your organisations planning and brainstorming.

There are many tools out there online for planning and brainstorming, but how do you know which ones are good and which ones aren't.

My first tip is to find what works for you, your staff and your organisation. If you try a new tool and it's just not quite working for you, it might be too difficult or structured find a new one and try it out until you find one that is more comfortable for you. Trying new tools is difficult sometimes and learning news things and getting into a routine can be hard so make sure you give it a good go before crossing it off the list.

Heres some tools I have tried:

- Facebook Scheduling
Handling an active Facebook for work can be challenging posting regularly, with interesting content can be a lot of pressure so if you're like me Facebook Shcdueling could be really helpful. It's very simple and nothing special but allows you to plan in advance facebook posts and engagements. Simply go to your page on Facebook, click at the top 'Publishing Tools' then "Scheduled Posts' and you can schedule all your post in advance relieving you of the reminders to post something at a certain time.

- Google Calendar
Google Calendar another obvious and simple one. Google calendar is accessible to you if you use a Gmail account. It is basically just a digital calendar but here are a few tips to utilise it to its full potential within your team or organisation.

1. Organise the calendar to coordinate teams. You can create many different calendars and combine them or keep them separate as to the different things you are involved with. For example Work and Home or if you want a specific calendar with all the TCV meetings and events for the year so you and colleges can keep track.

2. Use add ons
This is something I learn recently but you can actually use 2 google apps at the same time when working on google calender. For example, Google Calendar and Google Keep (A task tool) That way when you have an event coming up you can write down everything you need to do for that event in google keep and use it as your digital to-do list. You can also share the lists with other people.

- Canva planners
Canva is such a great free digital designing tool. They have a lot of templates that require nothing but your own personalisation. They have some awesome digital planners you can create and print out. Just search Planner in the design anything bar and find one you like.

- Trello
Trello is an app for your phone and computer that allows you to plan and brainstorm individually or collaboratvely in a team. You can organise your idea on what is called the dashboards, add different tabs and make to do lists within the different tabs. It is simple to understand and is good for collaboration projects as you can brainstorm together whenever you want adn tohers can see your trello board develop.  

 Any questions about the tools feel free to message me.


Something cool to share around your networks!

Gisborne Herald Article 3rd Feb 2020 Picture by Rebbeca Grunwell

In a bid to combat food wastage in the region, a new place has sprung up to share it out.

From Monday to Friday during business hours outside the Taike E headquarters in Treble Court (the corner shop on Peel Street), there will be a wooden stand with free fruit and vegetables available for people to get their five-plus-a-day.

The community initiative is called Friday Doey.

Last Friday was the first day it was put into action.

Friday Doey is the result of an idea talked about following the Tairawhiti climate change summit the previous week.

It was all about putting ideas into action, said Taiki E's Renay Charteris.

People who have excess fruit falling from trees or too many vegetables in the garden are encuraged to drop off the excess at Taike E every Monday and Wednesday.

Each Friday, this food will be put outside the Taike E site for people to top up their pantries at no charge.

Anything left over from Friday Doeys will be given to another group to turn it into preserves.

This latest community initiative brings the number of community food cupboards to three, following similar start-ups in Elgin and Awapuni.


Monday Motivation

Just a quote this week from our Facebook Page. Found this in the Canva templates... learn more in this week blog post.

From the Super Seniors Newsletter

Enduring Power of Attorney

Every adult, regardless of age, should consider creating an Enduring Power of Attorney (EPA). Life is unpredictable, and an EPA can provide you with peace of mind that your wishes will be followed, even if your ability to make your own decisions is affected by sickness or injury.

An EPA is a legal document that will allow you to select the people who will be responsible for making important decisions, if you are not able to. The two types of EPA are Property and Personal Care and Welfare.

A Property EPA covers decisions about money and assets and can be put into effect at any time. More than one attorney can be chosen to act for you for this EPA.

Personal Care and Welfare EPA’s cover decisions about your health, accommodation and care. It comes into effect only if a medical professional or Family Court decides a person is ‘mentally incapable’. Only one attorney can be selected for this EPA.

You will need to choose the person to be your attorney wisely as they will be responsible for things like your money, health, assets and even your pets.

It could be a friend, family member, a work colleague or even a trustee corporation like the Public Trust. Ultimately, it needs to be who you trust most to make sure your wishes and feelings are respected.

You can find out more about setting up an EPA on the SuperSeniors website

You’ll find special discounts for SuperGold Card holders to help with the cost of setting up an EPA on the SuperGold website


Check Out TCV's Events Page For More Details And Future Events!

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