Happy Monday :)

How are you feeling? How was your weekend?? What are you looking forward to today? Who is your favorite artist? How many cups of coffee have you had so far? I'd love to know!!!

Things are getting pretty busy over here so I haven't been out & about in the city as much as I'd like. Most of my nights are spent like this -- in my apartment, feasting on this veggie pasta I've mastered, and working. This night I was studying for my Impressionism midterm (though it hardly feels like studying when I'm enjoying myself this much).

Notre Dame de Strasbourg

On Saturday I headed to Strasbourg, a city in Eastern France, with my study abroad program. This little town is jammed packed with French & German history, and there is tons of beautiful architecture to reflect that. But out of all the sights, this cathedral stole the show. The tower on this guy is more than DOUBLE the height of the Notre Dame in Paris. I spent a good chunk of my Saturday night (after a few drinks) laying on the sidewalk in awe.

Le Maquis

During some downtime in Strasbourg a couple of friends & I wandered into this coffee shop/bike repair shop duo. The coffee & pastries were great, but more than that I appreciated the downtime to reflect on my traveling experience. I sometimes struggle to find a balance between independency and human connection, and this trip was a perfect way to force myself into social situations with people I may otherwise not have spent time with. Let me know if you've ever felt this way, and how you deal with it (if you do).

Titisee Lake

And on Sunday before heading back to Paris, we went on an excursion into Germany to visit a winery & this breathtaking lake. I have seen lots of beautiful things during my time abroad, but this is the first one to bring me to tears in a while. Mountains blow me away every time, and the water reminded me of lazy days in Maine this summer (and also how much I miss the ocean at home).

Until next time,

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