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Come along to the Arts Celebration -
Wednesday 22 & Thursday 23 August, 5.45pm - 7pm

Please note that school will be closed on 
Friday 24 August for a Mid-Term Break

From Jude's Desk

Kia ora e te Whānau o Whetūkairangi

What's the big deal about having a positive school culture?

Researchers who have studied culture have demonstrated a significant  correlation between an organisation's culture and performance. 

Ebony Bridwell-Mitchell, from Harvard Graduate School of Education has looked closely at culture and discusses the notion that culture is connections, a strong or weak, negative or positive culture is dependent on the interactions between all the members of the organisation. Culture is core beliefs and behaviours and what exactly people believe and how they act depends on the messages - indirect and direct that everyone in the organisation, that's all of us, send!

We have a big responsibility!! I often have prospective parents in my office and when I ask them what they know about WBS the response is more often than not around this notion of  a strong positive culture. We can never be complacent!

When I reflect on the role of our ParentNet reps and the Rising 5s programme, I can see how important this combination is to welcoming all new whānau and a great example of culture-connections, beliefs and behaviours in action. 

On a smaller person level, all starters will also be placed into a whānau group and linked to big buddies to provide that extra support until they feel 'part of the furniture'. We are not only kaitiaki of the environment but also of each other.

"Coming together is the beginning, keeping together is progress. Working together is success." - Henry Ford 

Ngā manaakitanga

Actions at a Glance

Coming Up this Week:
  • "Watties Cans for Good" - Foodbank donation
  • Arts Celebration - 5.45pm to 7pm on Wednesday 22 August and Thursday 23 August
  • Eastern Zones Swimming - Thursday 23 August
  • Term 3 - Mid-term Break - School will be closed all day on Friday 24 August
Dates to Diary:
  • Pizza Lunch - Wednesday 29 August
  • Assembly - 9am on Friday 31 August
  • Lost Property Clearance - Friday 31 August
Need to Action:
  • Eastern Zones Swimming - Make payment and give permission via Online Payments by 9am on Monday 20 August
  • Sausage Sizzle - Tuesday 21 August - Order your child's sausages via Online Payments by 9am on Tuesday 21 August
  • Bring in "Cans for Good" by Thursday 23 August
  • Pizza Lunch - Wednesday 29 August - Order your child's pizza via Online Payments by midnight on Monday 27 August
  • Keep collecting Yummy Stickers - bring them in by Wednesday 26 September
Fair Actions at a Glance:
  • Fill out the Fair Volunteer Form
  • Drop off Your Fair Donations at "The Shed" - Wednesdays and Fridays (Morning: 8.40 - 9.00am or Afternoon: 2.45 - 3.15pm).
    Also, Sorting Sundays will be held on 30 Sep, 21 Oct and 4 Nov (10.00am-12.00pm).
    **Please note: White Elephant items will not be accepted until Fair weekend**
  • Sponsor the Rapid Raffle, Silent Auction and Ball Run by donating a prize
  • Donate a Bottle for the Bottle Tombola
  • Grow Plants for the Plant Stall
  • Sign Up to Make a Deli Item
Principal's Awards
Our Principal’s Awards are currently focusing on the following:

I am a goal setter... 
  • I can reflect on my learning
  • I can share and discuss my achievements
  • I can plan my next learning steps

Ethan, Maggie and Willow.

Clementine, Evie, Finn and Tigerlily.

Angus, Caleb, Peter, Pippa, Rhosyn and Ridley.

Haere Mai - Welcome
Welcome to Ziya and his family who are new to Worser Bay School. 
Nau mai Haere mai. Welcome the the Worser Bay Whānau.

Arts Celebration - Wed 22 August and Thurs 23 August

When:    Wednesday 22 August  & Thursday 23 August 
Time:      5.45pm - 7pm  (All students will be required to arrive at school between 5.10-5.20pm)
Cost:      Gold coin koha

It is time for the wild rumpus to begin!

There is a busy excitement in the air as we prepare the final touches to our musical stories. We have been busy drumming, making musical instruments, creating dances, experimenting with body percussion and organising our costumes to create extraordinary art experiences for our whānau community.  Creativity has permeated our spaces and we can’t wait to share it with you!

What you need to know: 
As space will be limited, we are requesting that our parent community selects 1 of the 2 evenings to attend.

Be aware that parking on these nights will be at a premium. Please ensure that you are prepared for this and are respectful of our neighbours.

Eat and arrive ready:
Please ensure that your child has had something to eat before arriving at school and that they come dressed ready to perform.

Drop off and pick up:
Arrival time 5.10 - 5.20pm at the latest and finishing time will be at 7pm. Children will need to be at school on both nights to perform. Please drop your child off at their base group space. 

Please pick up your child from the same place.  All children must be signed out each night so please ensure you make contact with your base group teacher before leaving.

Programme for the night:
The Arts Celebration will begin with Autahi performing at 5.45pm in Autahi. (This will be their only performance, so parents please collect your Autahian immediately afterwards - 6pm-ish). 

After Autahi has opened the night,  a group of drummers will lead you from Autahi to your child’s base group space for your first show.  After each show you will rotate clockwise to the next space. This will all be signposted.   Feel free to bring a torch for these transitions. 

A bell will ring to signal the start of each 9 minute performance and you will have 5 minutes to move to the next performance space.  There are four performances in total after Autahi (There are no outdoor performances this year).

We would appreciate some help after the final performance to move furniture back so that our learning spaces are functional for the next working day. Thanks for your continued support.

Small Group Student-Led Conferences Coming Up (aka SLCs)

Student-Led conferences are a social and informal opportunity for your child to share their learning and success with you. It is always great to see the children really take charge of the conversation. If we reflect on our Positive Education model, these SLCs tick many boxes! 

You will be booking in groups (children + their parents) for 30 minute slots during the morning. Your child will lead you through a variety of pieces of work, with prompting from you and maybe also a teacher as they mingle among you all.

Following this, you will have an opportunity to experience learning in action as part of the great Learning Treasure Hunt of 2018.

Please book your session and diary either:
       Monday 3 and Tuesday 4 September  
Please follow the instructions below on how to book:
       Go to:
       Enter Event Code: srnz8
Please book a time with the area where you child is (Autahi, Tautoru or Māhutonga/Matariki).
Bookings will close at midday on Friday 31 August.

Ka mau te wehi! Grasp the magic!

Watties Cans for Good - Restock the Sallie Army Foodbank

From 13 to 23 August, there will be a box outside the office as we are asking if people can bring in cans of food. These cans of food are going to be donated to the Salvation Army Foodbank. Sometimes you have to go out of your way to help someone. If you can bring in cans of baked beans, spaghetti or any cans and put them in one of the boxes, that would be great. Together with support from you, we can help restock the Salvation Army Food Banks nationwide, making a real difference to those in need in our local communities.

By the Student Council Positive Purpose Group

Student News

Our Inquiry Wall
In Autahi we are well underway in our Musical Inquiry. We have begun putting together our Arts Celebration show as a way of sharing our learning. The show isn't the only thing we are doing to help you learn more about what we are doing in the classroom. We wanted a way of being able to capture everything we do with our Inquiry so that even if you only have 30 seconds on a drop off once a week you can have a look and capture what has been going on around Autahi.

We are so lucky in Autahi to have some amazing musicians to help us learn new songs. One of the songs we have been learning is "Imagine" by John Lennon.

This song has inspired us to imagine our own world where the Kaitiaki superheroes in Autahi have been working hard and have achieved all their goals. Here are some visualisations we did in teams that show what we imagined the world might look like. Each group were practising their teamwork skills by listening carefully to each other's ideas before adding anything on. Patience was the key as we took turns listening and adding in our ideas to build together as a team.


Arts Celebration: Being a Goal Setter
Rehearsals are in full swing, creativity is switched on and the character strengths of teamwork, perseverance, bravery and kindness (to others and to ourselves) are being practised daily.

We have dreamed ideas, created our soundscapes, are sorting costumes and it's all go, go, go. We are feeling excited, a little bit worried at times, but we know that, together, we can do this. Have a look in our Blog to see how we are using Goal Setting and Character Strengths to help us put our performance together!

Whānau Teamwork Works of Art
Every week Autahi and Tautoru get together to learn about the character strengths and to practise them in hands-on activities. For the last couple of weeks, we have been learning about and practising Teamwork. In our Blog, you can see some examples of how we’ve worked together to create works of art.


Our Skype with our friend, Serge, from France
Last week, we skyped with Serge Galligani who teaches at Brindas, France. It is near Lyon. We have been collaborating with the school this year. At the end of their school year (July), his class made us a movie. You can view it on their Blog.
He is visiting New Zealand at the moment and said that the country is very beautiful. Serge is currently visiting our friends at Auroa School in Taranaki, New Zealand.
Jude, Eloi and Zoe were able to speak to him in French. We spoke a mixture of French and English.
In France you can eat snails, but Serge does not like them very much.
Serge's school is a very big one and they have boys and girls, just like at Worser Bay School and Brindas does not have uniforms either.
In Brindas, Serge’s class has few devices. Serge uses his camera to make movies. The class share one computer.
It was great talking to Serge and learning about where he is from. We look forward to collaborating more in the future.

By Ridley

Student Led Music Festival
The Music Festival Arts Celebration is coming together. All of the ideas come from our students. We have been linking our music, dance and drama to imaginary worlds. In the photos below, we are making up a fight scene dance. We are thinking about different levels. We also teamed up with another group so that we could learn each other's dances.

Student Led Workshops
Students have been planning and running their own workshops in Maths. You can see some examples on our Blog.

School Fair News
Commit to Volunteering on Fair Day
Thank you to those who have already filled out the Volunteer Form. We have had a good response but still need many more people to help work the stalls, set up and pack down, bake, sort and price items, etc. Click on this link Fair Volunteer Form to express your interest. 

Sign up for a role you want or if you are happy to slot in wherever needed, we will find you a slot! It will be heaps of fun!

Let Carolyn in the office know if you are unable to access the form.

Silent Auction and Rapid Raffle
Would you like to promote your business and give something back to Worser Bay School? We are seeking items to be bid for at the Silent Auction and as prizes for the Rapid Raffle at the Fair. This could include artwork, restaurant or café vouchers, wine, or professional services, such as private tutor, accountant, architect, builder, plumber or physio. In return we can offer you and your business great exposure on the Fair Facebook page, Fair Flyer and on the day.

If you are keen, please contact any of the team: 

Running of the Balls
Can you help? We urgently need three reasonably high value prizes for the Running of the Balls event. These prizes will help make this iconic Fair event possible. 

The Running of the Balls happens on Fair Day, and involves releasing one thousand numbered plastic balls down a slope. The first three balls across the line win the prizes. 

Ideas for donations include:
  • Providing a night’s accommodation at your holiday home (if you have one)
  • Donating vouchers or points so we could purchase an item such as an iPad, etc
  • An item of value of yours that you could donate 
Tickets for the event are to be printed soon, so we need to get the "ball rolling" now and secure the prizes. If you have ideas or donations, contact Michelle Kitney as soon as possible.

Bottle Tombola
Help us collect 100 full unopened bottles for the Bottle Tombola!

Bottle of what? Anything and everything but the nicer the better. Think of it as something you would want to win a bottle of: fine craft beer, fancy truffle oil, sensational shampoo, healthy kombucha, organic tamari, the list is endless! Just pop them in the box in the office.

Plant Stall
Start growing now! If you need timeline of what is best to grow from seed between now and November, please contact Nancy McIndoe.

Green Thumb? Lead the Plant Stall! We're in need of someone to lead the Plant Stall this year. If this sounds like you, then get in touch with Jackie Ross.

What else can I do?
  • Donate: Seed raising mix, potting mix, medium sized plastic pots (P5 are best), terracotta pots, garden paraphernalia or garden centre vouchers, and potting mix (of which we will need a lot of in October).
  • Pot up: Native seedlings from your garden or divide plants that can be split & potted up (especially popular: cabbage trees, flax, grasses, astelia and renga renga lily).
  • Grow: Cuttings, veggie plants, herbs. Herbs – take cuttings or split existing plants, eg. rosemary, sage, oregano/marjoram, thyme, mint. Grow from seed, eg. basil, nasturtiums, marigolds. You could try planting up (in a nice big pot) a mixture of herbs, eg. parsley, thyme, lemon balm, nasturtium, calendula, garlic chives. 
  • Get Creative: If you have any creative ideas for garden décor, please contact us before you go into production.

Deli Stall
The Deli Stall is always a big hit at the School Fair, with delicious sauces, pickles and jams (and much more) proving popular each year. 

Do you have a love for all things food? Lead the Deli Stall! We are looking for someone to lead our fabulous Deli Stall, if you would be keen to do this alongside Hannah Thornton who has led this stall for a couple of years, then get in touch with Jackie Ross.

What else can I do?
We would love to have as many people as possible on board to help make these wonderful items. Please contact Nancy McIndoe for a complete list of items and recipes. If this is something you'd like to get involved with, please fill in this Google Form.

Message from the Deli team:
Thank you to those who have offered to make items for the Deli, the more the merrier!

Another great contribution would be produce.... keep your eyes peeled for laden fruit trees and vegetables that friends and family may have in their gardens and are willing to donate for our Fair.
  • Lemons, limes, rhubarb, grapefruit, cabbage, etc
Thank you for you help.
Pizza Lunch - Wednesday 29 August
On Wednesday 29 August, small individual pizzas, made in our own pizza ovens, will be available for lunch. 

All pizzas have a tomato sauce base and you can choose from three types of topping:
  • Cheese
  • Cheese and Ham
  • Cheese and Salami
Pizzas cost $5 each. Please order via Online Payments on our website. Please note that orders need to be in by midnight on Monday 27 August. 
From the Office
School Closure
Please note that school will be closed on Friday 24 August for a mid-term break.
Term Dates for 2018 and 2019 can be found on our website together with our Calendar of upcoming events.

National Library Books
We are still missing several National Library Books that were due back to the National Library in Palmerston North at the end of Term 2. Click on the link to see which ones we need to find. Please have a good look at home in case your child/ren has/have mistaken them for WBS Library Books. All the books have a barcode on the back like the one below. 

To Park or not to Park.
Please park legally each and every time you drive to school.
Home Loan Offer with ASB...
$500 gets donated to Worser Bay School if you are a parent, staff member or member of the school community and draw down a new ASB home loan of $250,000 or more. Visit for more information.

How it works:
Mention this school donation offer to your ASB banker when you apply for a new ASB home loan. The supporting success in your school promotion is only available when you apply for a new home loan through an ASB branch, Mobile Lending Manager or by calling ASB on 0800 100 600.

Your new home loan application must be received, approved and then documented in a facility agreement before 30 June 2019. This home loan offer is only available on loans secured by an owner-occupied residential property provided to ASB, with a minimum of 20% equity.

Once your home loan is fully drawn down, ASB will donate $500 to Worser Bay School.

Terms and conditions apply, see voucher. Promotion ends 30 June 2019.
Community News
Scots College Years 7 & 8 Sports Scholarships are open
Scots College Middle School invites applications for Year 7 & 8 Sporting Excellence Scholarships for students entering into Year 7 or 8 in 2019. This is open to external candidates only. Applications close Friday 14 September 2018. Please find out more and apply online or contact Sharon Hedges.

Springboard & Platform Diving at Kilbirnie Pool
Wellington Diving Club runs introductory diving classes for kids aged 5 years and up (plus separate Young Adult training sessions). Try something new - visit our website and arrange to come along for a 30 minute Trial Lesson! After-school sessions available on Tues/Wed/Thursdays and we cater for kids of any level from beginners to competitive. For more information, please visit our website or call/text Barbara on 027 485 8888.
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