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It was a very good week for us at REPS with the first Grade 7 learners coming to school. We were so ready for them. Even on the stormy days we had plans to keep them occupied, but dry. We want to thank our parents who trusted us enough with the care of your children.
We are aware of most of your concerns – all those that were raised via email. There may even be more that we are not yet aware of. Please communicate these with us. We do not nearly have answers to all your questions and we are trying our best to sort them out as we get more information. Some of the general questions that were raised are as follows:
  1. Will my child be deregistered if I do not send him/her to school immediately? The school will continue to send lessons home until the last group of learners have to be back at school. Then the situation will be revisited. Your children will not be deregistered UNLESS you apply for home schooling and register at the WCED. It is, however always best for the child to be in the classroom to experience the teacher’s explanations first hand.
  2. Has the option of Zoom or Google class being explored? Yes, our technical team is exploring other options. The Grade 7 Mathematics has a video lesson as an experiment this week. This is only available on our website because we are still investigating how to use it on other platforms as these have some implications that we have to consider. Our aim is to focus on all the Grades for Mathematics at least. We will appreciate your feedback on this attempt.
  3. A request for more teacher contact per class. We are fully aware of parents’ anxieties re teacher contact and we are looking at different answers to this problem. For the Grade 7 classes we have already created academic Email addresses with which the three class teachers can communicate with the parents about academic problems/requests. We are in the process to also do this for the other grades. Thus it is of the utmost importance that we have the parents’ correct email addresses. Our staff is in the process of calling each and every parent of the school to confirm/supply the necessary information.
  4. Will my child be tested on the work he/she did at home? No. all the work that was done at home will be retaught at school before assessments will be done. The curriculum has been streamlined and those learners that worked at home will find the work much easier to cope with.
  5. Can the child wear the shield only? According to Government regulations everybody must wear a mask. The shield is optional. The mask is to protect the next person and the shield is to protect the one wearing it. So no, the shield may not be worn on its own.
  6. How will we deal with younger grades when they return, will they be sitting alone in a desk, how will we control the hugging, etc. There are so many questions related to the big group expected back on 6 July. The SMT has already started planning for that day. However, we are not ready with answers at this moment in time because a lot of planning is still needed to make sure that again we can say to you as parents that the school is as safe as humanly possible. We will give you all these answers closer to the time.
  7. How was the school decontaminated? The WCED made use of one of their trusted service providers.
  8. We have children/elders at home with comorbidities. This is a very real situation in many households and I can understand the concerns around it. There is not an easy answer to that question. At the moment we are trying to accommodate all the parents who want to keep their children at home because of these comorbidities by supplying the work online. However, we do not know how long we will be allowed by the authorities to do this because nobody can predict how long this virus will be a thread to us – when an antidote will be available.
  9. Indemnity forms? No indemnity forms will be sent home. The WCED does not support the use of such forms.
Grade R and 1 Applications: the successful applicants will be notified by email during the next few days. The information is also available on the WCED website. The Gr R parents of this year will not be able to answer anything on the website simply because you did not have to apply online again and these Gr R learners automatically move on the Gr 1 – unless you want your child to attend another school in 2021. You will still receive the email and must please respond to it.
Please keep sending us your concerns and we will try and answer them as far as we possibly can. We really appreciate all your input because it helps to identify the areas of need.
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PE – Physical Education
To all those parents who are sending us good wishes, supporting us in different ways, trusting us with your most valuable gifts – thank you for your vote of confidence in us. We really appreciate it. It makes all the extra hours and effort worthwhile.

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Stay safe.
Mrs F Bröcker
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