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Just a week until the next five grades (Gr R, 1, 2, 3, 6) return to school. The Gr 4 & 5 learners will return in August. As a school we are as ready as can possibly be. On Friday 26 June, most of the information was sent through to all the parents via the different classes’ emails. By now you ought to know whether your child is in the Blue or the Red group. You have received the entrance points for the different grades, the time rosters for drop off and pick up times, as well as the staggering times of the breaks.
Please read through that information very carefully and if you still have questions, please contact us. We are preparing a new video clip to show parents what the school looks like. Unfortunately, we are not allowed to let parents into the school – DBE rule.
It is of the utmost importance that:
  • Parents already start preparing the children to wear masks for lengthy periods. Most of them are not used to it.
  • Parents explain repeatedly the “no touching, no hugging” rules and the reasons for it. It will make life easier for the staff at school
  • Parents complete the screening tool that was sent out on Friday BEFORE the child comes to school. Do not send a child to school who has answered YES to any of those questions.
  • Parents must please read all the information that the school sends out, very carefully. Many parents ask questions about information that had already been sent out.
  • Parents encourage the children to abide by the “new” rules because there are very definite reasons for them.
In last week’s REPS News we explained that the children in the RED will come to school only on the days indicated for the RED Group. And the Blue group will come to school only on the days indicated for the BLUE Group. That means that at NO stage will there be more than 50% of the learners back at school on a specific day – as per DBE instructions. The children, when at school, will receive the work that they have to do for the next day that they are not at school.
When the children at school receive hard copies of work that they have to do, there will be enough copies made for the children that are at home and these copies can be fetched at the school at an arranged time. Please do not just come to the school unannounced to come and collect – we are not in a position to help you at such short notice. Please call to make an arrangement.
You would have noticed that the school gets sanitised twice daily – first during break time when the children are outside and every afternoon after school. All the desks, chairs, door handles and other places of contact. The same happens with the bathrooms, dirt bins, etc.
Many parents are very worried that their children will fail because of the months lost. The DBE has sent a revised curriculum to all schools according to which the teachers will now work. The focus will thus be on the most important work. It is therefore of the utmost importance that the work gets done – either at school or at home for those learners with comorbidities. The work will still go out via D6 Communicator, the REPS News and the Website on a weekly basis. The Department of Basic Education(DBE) has not yet clarified a revised policy on Promotion and Progression, but the havoc that this virus has caused and will continue to cause will most certainly be taken in consideration. Parents must please not panic about their children that will have to repeat the year because they did not get the same amount of teaching as previously. Catch up of work will continue to happen in 2021.

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