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I want to thank all of you for your patience during these very trying times. We most certainly do not have the answers to all your questions or problems because we are all in a very new/unknown territory.
One of the questions that we can answer now is the dates for Applications for 2021.
  1. The system displays the outcomes: 11 June
  2. Parents are informed (successful applications): 12 – 22 June
  3. Parents confirm: 12 June – 3 July
  4. School fills places of parents who did not accept: 6 July - September
I have received quite a few emails addressing different problems and have thus decided to rather answer them in the newsletter because I am sure that other parents may have the same questions.
  • Received no REPS News – please send me an email with regards to this problem and I will request the person responsible for distributing the newsletter to attend to this.
  • Too much work – We must remember that we are now in a lockdown period and NOT a school holiday. If your child were at school, he/she would have done work from 08:00 to 14:50 with 2 breaks of 20 minutes each. I go through all the work that is sent out per week and am convinced that your child will not take that long to complete the work – on the contrary, it will take him a lot quicker.
  • I cannot print the work – The teachers were requested to set the work in such a way that no printing is required. In my letter right at the beginning of lockdown I requested that each child has his/her own book to work in. These books must then be handed in to the teacher on his first day back at school to assist the teacher in assessing how much work was done. That will help to determine who needs intervention and how much.
  • Financial constraints – we are very aware of the financial constraints that some of our parents are experiencing. Please write an email to the SGB and also supply us with some level of evidence as proof of your situation.
Grade R Work
Grade 1 Work
Grade 2 Work
Grade 3 Work
Grade 4 Work
Grade 5 Work
Grade 6 Work
Grade 7 Work
Free Wifi to the community of the school – On Thursday last week the CoCT installed free Liquid Telecom Hotspot Wifi in the area that is for the people in the near vicinity of the school. Please make use of this facility if you are able to and live in the area.
As I have said before, we are all in some way or other impacted by this virus and the frustration levels may be high. We are all trying our level best navigating this minefield of uncertainty.
Let us do it the REPS way: Try to buildup/uplift, rather than break down.

REPS Greeting
Mrs F Bröcker
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