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There have been many requests from parents to keep their children at home during these very uncertain times. You also do not want to jeopardize your child’s education. At REPS we have done our best to send work home although we do realize that there are certain limitations to this system.
However, the WCED has issued forms that have to be completed by the parents of learners who fall into categories listed below. Attached you will find four (4) forms.
  • Attachment D: This is a letter from the WCED to explain what it is that parents must do
  • Attachment B1: This form must be completed for each learner with a comorbidity and must be accompanied by a letter from the doctor.
  • Attachment B2: This form is for learners without comorbidities, but they perhaps stay in the same house with other people with comorbidities. This form requires an explanation for the request for exemption.
  • Attachment C: This is a form that each parent must complete(for each child that there is a request for exemption – you cannot complete one form for two/three children at the same time) in which you undertake to keep to certain departmental requirements
This means that every request for exemption from school must have two forms completed – either Form B1, as well as Form C OR Form B2 as well as Form C.
Mr Brian Schreuder (HOD) has also made it clear in Attachment D that you can apply to deregister from the school and register to do Home Schooling should you do not want to follow these routes of education.
It must be kept in mind that Education up to the age of 15 is compulsory so parents now have a few possibilities to choose from.
Please note that these forms must be at the school by Friday, 10 July at the latest because they must still be sent to the WCED.
Stay safe
REPS greetiings
Mrs F Bröcker
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