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Bonjour from The Bordeaux Kitchen!

Here it is February 2019, and I am only now sending out my first newsletter of the year.

2018 saw the exciting launch of The Bordeaux Kitchen book along with book and cooking events in Bern, Bordeaux, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Seattle. 

I have just received the videos from my Los Angeles event at Now Serving, which Michelle Mungcal and Kevin Concepcion, who run the store, kindly shared with me. In the clip below you'll see Garrett Snyder of Los Angeles Magazine poses questions about The Bordeaux Kitchen book during my the event. You can watch the first clip, which covers how I came about to write the book and why the French Paradox is not a paradox, on The Bordeaux Kitchen YouTube channel here.

Please check my Events Page for updates on upcoming events. Check out also The Bordeaux Kitchen blog, the YouTube channel, Instagram page, Twitter, and The Bordeaux Kitchen FaceBook page.

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The Bordeaux Kitchen Book in the News

The Winter 2018 edition of Fletcher Magazine of my graduate school alma mater, The Fletcher School, kindly gave The Bordeaux Kitchen book a half page positive review (see p. 35 of the magazine).

The Bordeaux Kitchen got another generous review in the widely distributed French wine magazine for Bordeaux vintners, Union Girondine des Vins de Bordeaux, in the Bibliography section.


I am in the midst of planning my book event on Wednesday, April 3, 2019 at The American Library in Paris -- please save the date and join me if you happen to be in the City of Lights at that time...I have even secured a donation of red and white Bordeaux wine from the ever-generous CIVB/Bordeaux Wines


The main reason for my sluggishness in getting back into my work for the book and events is the passing of my dear Dad in mid-January, after struggling with injuries from a terrible accident at his home in October. I have tried and continue to try to be grateful for the moments we had together, but it will take a long time to not feel my heart breaking when I think of him. He had been so proud of my book achievements, so I will forge ahead, step by step. The Eiffel Tower photo above is one he took during a visit to Paris in 2003 when I lived there with my husband. The photo above is of my Dad and me at the Louvre, also in 2003. I miss him immeasurably.

Thank you for your support, Tania

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