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Is your MGB featured on our Homepage?

With all this extra time we have made some changes to our homepage - it now features a header displaying 10 randomly picked cars from our photo album. Every month we will select 10 more random images from the MGB Register cars and add them to the header. The page has also had a bit of a refresh, so why not take a look.

Roger Cooper tells his story about joining the committee

When My first Wife, Shirley bought   BGT UAE57N in 1979 we joined the MG CAR CLUB at a time when there was no MGB REGISTER.  Later a note appeared in SF to say an MGB Register  committee was being formed and a treasurer was wanted.  This was  just the sort of job Shirley could do in her sleep so we put her name forward, she was accepted and sworn in at the first ever committee meeting in 1980.  Then the rest of the committee ( Malcolm and Pam Lawrence, Ron Williams, Carole Donne, and Don Bishop and possibly some more I have forgotten) said something like “Hey Rog you can’t just stand on the side-lines, how’s about you become regalia secretary?”  so I did and the job grew rapidly from very small beginnings into a sizeable operation such that we could never use the MGB to go to events – it could not carry all the boxes of regalia plus our large dog.  I think the furthest we could manage there and back in the day was Beaulieu which we attended on just one occasion.
Shirley carried on as treasurer until the day she died in 1991, at which point I took over and ran both treasurer and regalia for a few more years, as well as initiating and organising the original Cotswold Road Run (Now the Annual Spring Run) until Colin and Doreen Lanning took over regalia, much to my relief as I could take the B to meetings at last, albeit on my own.  I carried on as treasurer until 2013, during which time many committee members came and went, and came and went again in some cases. In 2013 I was happy to hand the Treasurership over to Geoff  Edwards.
It is my great good fortune to have been able to meet Joan and re-marry and we both enjoy the challenge of route finding for events – mostly the Spring Run -  especially as this gives us the opportunity to explore the countryside.  We usually make a mini break of it and take a couple of night in a convenient hotel.
I have been a committee member since I was co-opted into regalia back in 1980 and Danny Waters and I are the longest continually serving members.

What have you been doing during lockdown?

Terri my wife had an idea to celebrate VE Day and suggested that in addition to all the bunting which she hand made that I get both the cars out, Bertie B and Monty Midget, and put them on show. The result was that a number of people stopped and paying strict attention to the social distancing came to look at the display which Terri had arranged. It certainly bought the MGCC to the attention of all our neighbours and friends in our village. It also attracted a 1975 Morgan +8 belonging to a neighbour who came to look at the cars.

Each car had a Road book from the last tour which we did and an explanation of how we use the cars and a bit about the MGCC.
Chris & Terri Flemington
Chris also advised us "Banksy" has taken up crafting with wool !! 
So far 6 different scenes like this one have popped up close by.

Thank You NHS !

Some interesting links sent in via George

A bit of MG Humour from The MG Experience

Ziebert, the history


1968 MGB Test

Classic Cars Magazine

Interesting link below

Showing where lots of the parts made for MGBs come from no doubt boxed in Lucas boxes under licence. - Made in Taiwan

Stuart from the Burblers (a Natter group in Norfolk) passed this on

Don Gilham has brought this song by Richard Thompson (co-founder of Fairport Convention and much more over the years) back to me, all about a certain BGT.  A great track which I knew from years ago but had forgotten - thanks very much Don for bringing it back to us.
(The link includes the lyrics)
Mr Thompson also penned this song for the bikers amongst you. Equally good.

A Useful note from Roger Cooper

The V8 Register have released a note written by Roger in 1982 regarding Waxoyl treating your MGB. This is one of the useful notes which are part of the MGB Notes series.

Waxoyling an MGBGT

A useful article on pumping the magic fluid into the inner parts of the body by Roger Cooper was published in two parts in the MGB Register section in Safety Fast! in December 1982. Both parts of the article were added to the MGB Workshop Notes series. With the social movement and distancing constraints of the C-19 lockdown, the note is released again to inspire fellow members to Waxoyl their MGB whilst the weather is fair.

The note covers the preparations, particular areas to check, drilling where necessary, injecting and spraying, treatment of the doors and the bumpers and overriders. See the full illustrated article

Roger's reply to Victor of the V8 register
Suffice it to say, though, UAE57N is still on the road with a minimum amount of rust so the work I did may have had some preservative effect.

The full set of MGB Notes are available from us in a download version via our eshop or email for more info.

The MG Car Club Podcast

The latest news, interviews and members’ stories from Kimber House, home of the MG Car Club.


May 2, 2020
Episode 4: MG Motor UK’s Daniel Gregorious and the importance of using our MGs

On this week’s episode we review last weekend’s National Drive it Day and discuss the importance of being able to use our MGs on the roads long into the future. Plus, we chat to Daniel Gregorious from MG Motor UK about the current line up of MG cars. Adam shares another gem from the archives at Kimber House and we have news of new 90th anniversary lapel badges - available now!

May 8, 2020
Episode 5: The story of the MG Metro 6R4, a new MG5 estate car and Iwan Jones from the Young Members’ Branch

On this week’s episode we talk to the leader of the MG Car Club Young Members’ Branch about what they get up to for MG fans under 30. Wayne and Adam discuss why they got involved in car clubs and how much it means to them, before exploring the fascinating history of the monstrous MG Metro 6R4, an example of which Adam has found for sale for £350,000!!!!

May 16, 2020
Episode 6: The Marathon Rally MGB and why Cecil Kimber left MG

On this episode, John Watson, Chairman of the MGB Register joins Wayne to share the story of the plucky little MGB that took on the 1968 London-Sydney Marathon Rally. John shares how the car was found ans saved by the MG Car Club and how they tracked down the original people who prepared it in period.

23 May 2020
Episode 7 The MG Cyberster Concept and an MG collection in the USA

On this episode we discuss the exciting new MG concept sports car announced recently called the MG Cyberster! We talk to American MG collector Tom Wilson about his amazing collection of Triple M cars, his love for the MG TC and how he is restoring multiple MGs all at the same time!

V8 Register recent additions

Victor has posted a few articles onto the v8 register website and we thought you might find these interesting.

Latest Additions to the MGB Register Photo Album

Thank You for Sharing with our Photo Album

A couple of later dated events

The Midget Register have a date for their Road Run 6th September and booking is available online.
More Information

Bicester Heritage Scramble has a new date of 4th October.
More Information

Event cancelled

2020 Silverstone Classic has been cancelled

More Information

2020 Practical Classic Restoration Show
More Information

Our Eshop has reopened 

The Silver version of the key ring has arrived and is now available from our online shop.

We are not able to ship clothing products currently, however we are working on this. We will update the website and eShop with more news soon.

Lost & Found News from the Registrar

Iain contacted us asking for help looking for an old family friend. His fathers gold 1973 GT which he sold in the late 90's. The car was sold to a mechanic in Stockwell,London. Bizarrely Iain saw the GT drive past in London and recognised the number plate - although the car was now red.  
The DVLA had no records of the car past 2017 and the car was not on our register. Andrew advised Iain to try a search on facebook (via the Reg No.) and voila, he located the car. Now he is in contact with the owner and is trying to be reunited with the GT.
We hope all goes well and we are looking forward to hearing the end of the story, with a bit of luck it will be a happy one.


MGB Roadster:  BUE 100B

I was hoping you may be able to help me find my grandfather’s 1964 MGB in the photo above. We spent many years working on this together but sadly it was sold when he passed away.

The last information I had was that it was in Stoke sub Hamdon in Somerset. Ideally I would like to buy it back but would be happy to know where it is and if it has been restored.

Thanks, Lee
MGBs: VMF 735M, WRB 821S, TWL 467K and BEA 964T

I’m wondering if you happen to have any information about MGB Roadster VMF 735M. My father had this car in the 1970s and I’m wondering if it may have survived.

Additionally, I am currently doing a rebuild on Roadster WRB 821S. I’ve managed to track down one previous owner but I’m wondering if you have any details about the car?
Thanks in advance, Ed

Ed has also retained some details of two other MGBs which he’s owned in the past so it would be interesting to hear from anyone who knows of these: TWL 467K and BEA 964T.
If you have any information about one of these cars please contact
Andrew Vigor, MGB Registrar
No personal details will be passed to third parties without your permission.

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