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MGB Register AGM via Zoom

Saturday 24th October 2020 - 10:00AM

Due to COVID-19 restrictions we had to postpone our AGM planned for April 2020. We are still restricted in certain areas and  we have set up a Zoom meeting to hold the AGM.
If you would like to attend, please register here.
To vote at the AGM you must be a current MGCC member.
Registration closes 20th October and meeting details will only be sent to those who register.

Full information can be viewed on our events page

Special Header for October 2020

The header on our homepage for October carries photo's of your cars built in 1980.

Don't forget to visit and see if your car is featured.

Some historic images will fill the header from the 17th October until the end of the month.

MGB Register Clothing

More clothing items have been added to our range.
Latest additions which have been added to the clothing range include
Ladies and Gents Jumpers, Short Sleeved Shirt and Parka Jacket.

MGB Register Clothing

MG Car Club Social: Celebrating 90 years of the MGCC

10th October 2020

Join the MGCC on Saturday 10th October at the British Motor Museum, Gaydon to celebrate our 90th anniversary! Unfortunately, due to the Coronavirus pandemic, our celebrations originally planned to take place at MGLive! are postponed until 2021.

Taking place from 10am to 4pm, this informal, social gathering provides a great opportunity to bring out your MG and catch up with friends. The British Motor Museum will also be opening its doors so you can explore the museum and find a hidden gem or two.

The British Motor Museum have all the required processes in place to ensure a safe and enjoyable visit for all. Please visit their website to read the guidance in more detail. We are working with the team at the museum to ensure the event follows the latest Government guidelines.

Tickets are on sale now! They’re available via the British Motor Museum website.

Keep an eye on the MGCC website for the latest news on this event!

Update 14/09/20 – We have received confirmation from the British Motor Museum that our 90th anniversary event can still take place following the “rule of six” law introduced in England on Monday 14th September.

We are currently in talks with the museum to confirm the measures and guidance that will need to be in place to ensure a safe and enjoyable visit for all.

The MGCC website and social media channels will be updated with the latest information when available.

Unlike MGLive! there will not be Register Parking, instead cars will be parked as they arrive so we can showcase the full variety of cars and members in the Club. The MGB Register will be on the grass area in front of the museum, don't forget to say HI.

Event News

With the everchanging COVID-19 restrictions last week more events were Cancelled.

Click the logo for the press release

Bicester October Scramble 
Click on the logo for more info

South East Centre Autumn Meeting and Tour

All credit to the South East Centre for organising the first MG Car Club tour since the Covid outbreak locked us down.  John Morgan and his colleagues worked really hard to get approval for the event and make sure it was safe for all taking part.
Our start point was Denbie’s Wine Estate near Dorking where coffee and the all important bacon rolls were available. As an extra bonus, as we waited for our start time, Alvis owners had cars on display.

At the beginning of the run the roads were busy with cars, motorcycles, cyclists and pedestrians out to enjoy the late summer weather. This soon quietened down as the drive took us along back roads through lovely countryside to Leonardslee Lake and Gardens.

There was a large parking area which comfortably accommodated the 120 participants while maintaining social distancing. Many and varied MGs joined the event including a special display from the T register. MGBs were also well represented.
Entry included access to the gardens with lovely walks, cafes and a garden centre. Despite the numbers of visitors it was all well managed and keeping safe was never a problem.

A big thank you to the South East Centre!

Andrew Vigor

New MGB Short Stories

c'est la mgb


Sarah, my far better half and I have made a good few trips into France and Italy over the last decade in one or another of our MG’s, but this trip was going to be a special one in many ways.

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Lockdown GT


Christopher shares his find and new lockdown project

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Mike sent us an article he wrote almost 10 years ago for his local group in San Francisco. I'm sure you will agree with a small grin or chuckle - this sort of thing really does happen..

How Many British Car Owners Does it Take to Change a Light Bulb?

I decided to demonstrate some foresight for once and check the weather Friday night before tomorrow’s club drive. The forecast was for heavy drizzle all along the coast. Hmm... Since I’d talked Elaine into coming along, drizzle meant that taking the GT would be the best choice. No problem, it’s already in the garage, so I’ll just go down and check it over.

Everything was fine. The places that were supposed to have fluids were full, the places that weren’t supposed to have fluids were dry, and none of the fluids had staged a sleep-over and swapped places. Automobile fluids are one of the few things where segregation is a good policy. The only item out of order was the right front turn signal.

It would flash, but it wasn’t very bright. Then I discovered that if the lights were on, instead of flashing, it would blink. Taking a closer look revealed that the turn signal filament wasn’t being used, and the parking light filament was doing the flashing. OK, thinks I, the ground must be poor. Furthermore, since the right side marker light and the headlight work fine, it must be the ground at the light housing, not at the chassis, that’s causing the trouble.

Pleased with my diagnostic acumen, I set to work to remove the combined parking and turn signal light from the depths of the rubber bumper. The first sign of trouble was that the screws holding it in were oval-head wood screws. While Abingdon did use that type of screw, they didn’t use them to secure light assemblies, so this was an indication of another modification by the Dreaded Previous Owner. Previous DPO “fixes” I’d discovered and rectified over the years include a fuel pump mount that incorporated newspaper filler, different keys for different doors, and a clevis pin wrapped with wire to take up slack, so I was worried about what I’d find once I got the light out.

The light actually came out easily, but not the bulb. That was wedged in there pretty tightly, due to the light housing being more than a bit distorted. It looked like the light was a victim of crash damage, but not so badly damaged that it couldn’t go back into the bumper. Before I got the bulb out, I discovered that if I wiggled it around, it did work properly, so the original “bad ground” theory was correct. But due to the bent light housing, improving the ground lead wasn’t going to help with this problem.

I ended up installing a straight light assembly I’d salvaged from a junkyard years ago, and adding an additional ground to the wiring harness in the right front corner of the car just on general principles. I also replaced the wood screws with the correct ones – I didn’t want the next owner to think of me as his DPO.

And the answer to the question at the start of this tale? First, before you change the bulb, check the ground. You might discover that you don’t have to change the bulb at all. But if you do, only one British car owner is required to change a light bulb. However, it can take him three hours – that’s how long it took me. Oh, and don’t trust the weather report – there was no drizzle the next day anywhere along the coast.

Mike Jacobsen 

Some interesting links


1964 MGB BRX 854B is for sale – The Works Marathon de la Route car
An exceptionally original and fastidiously presented Works example of the iconic MGB.

The MG Car Club Podcast

The latest news, interviews and members’ stories from Kimber House, home of the MG Car Club.

26 Sep 2020
Episode 25: The MGF celebrates 25 years with the MGF Register

On this episode of the MG Car Club Podcast, we celebrate one of the most numerous and best-loved MGs in the MG Car Club line up, the MGF. This is Episode 25 of the MG Car Club Podcast, so it seemed fitting to look at the model that is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year including tips from Nigel May, from the MGF Register on buying one for the first time. 

19 Sep 2020
Episode 24: The state of the post-COVID Classic Car market.

On this episode of the MG Car Club Podcast, we quiz Classic Car Buyer newspaper’s News Editor, Jeff Ruggles on the state of the current classic car market.  Plus, we look back on the formation of the MGC Register within the MG Car Club.

12 Sep 2020
Episode 23: Clerk of the Course for the California Cup Auto Test and the MG RV8 launch.

On this week's MG Car Club Podcast, we speak to Noel Lindford from the Tyne Tees centre about the art of Auto tests! Noel is Clerk of the Course for the California Cup at MG Live! so explains how he goes about setting the course, how the cup got its name and shares his top tips for Auto test beginners. 

5 Sep 2020
Episode 22: MG X Power and the emotional rebuild of a family MG Magnette

We chat to member Tom McCooey about his emotional journey restoring the family Magnette in his fathers memory plus discuss the arrival of MG X-Power in 2001.

30 Aug 2020
Episode 21: Paul Luti part 2 and the MGA at Le Mans

On this edition of the MG Car Club Podcast, we enjoy part 2 of our interview with MG Trophy racer Paul Luti. He shares his hilarious story of a “little accident” at Silverstone and his trip to China to launch the MG6.

Adam digs out the preview announcement for MG entering Le Mans with the EX182 and Wayne marks the 60th anniversary of the MGA Coupé Twin-Cam winning Le Mans in 1960!

Latest Additions to the MGB Register Photo Album

Thank You for Sharing with our Photo Album

Lost & Found News from the Registrar

MGB Roadster: OYT 787F


I bought MGB Roadster reg OYT 787 F in the early 90’s as my first classic car shortly after my wife and I were married.  I fully restored the car whilst living in the midlands and owned it until my wife and I moved to Manchester and had children in the late 90’s. A picture of me driving the car in the 1993 RAC Classic is shown above.
Some time ago, we checked with the MG Owner’s Club and MG Car Club but they did not hold any ownership details for the car.  All that they could tell me was that it had been on SORN since 2014 and to check via the DVLA.  Thus far the DVLA have not been able to help.
My wife and I would be delighted to hear what has happened to the car since we last saw it in the late 90’s (I think we sold it in 1999) and to pass on any of the history that may be of interest. If the car is no longer used, then we would also gladly offer to buy it back. 
Many thanks in advance for any help you are able to give.
With very best regards, Clive

MGB Roadster: YUF 156K


Hi Andrew,
I have contacted you before regarding my search for my old MGB YUF 156K. If possible would you be able to add this request to the e-newsletter again?
I would love to find out where the car is. If it ever comes up for sale I would be very keen to have it back. Otherwise I have old MOTs, restoration pictures and bills the current owner is welcome to. 
Thanks for your help and I appreciate you have tried before.

Regards, Andy
If you have any information about one of these cars please contact
Andrew Vigor, MGB Registrar
No personal details will be passed to third parties without your permission.

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