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We have recreated the John Lakey Tribute to Don Hayter published in the January Safety Fast.
John Lakey Tribute to Don Hayter SF - MGB Register

MGB Register Bicester Heritage Guided Tour.

Event for MGCC Members and their Guests

This is a rare opportunity for a historical tour of the site by a Bicester Heritage Guide with introductions to a number of specialists and an insight into future plans.

Tuesday 12th October

Only 25 places are available first come first served!!

Register Your Interest Now


The winners of our January were Reg Dennis and David Cato quiz both with 7/10.
Answers to the quiz can be found here.

MGCC Members

Don't forget as a member of the MGCC there are many benefits including the technical side. Why not login select technical and have a browse at the articles for the MGB.

NEW Date

Monitoring the C-19 situation, we have made the decision to move the Spring Run to 16th May. We are hoping this will allow us to complete this event in May as April might be too early.

Spring Run

Cancelled in 2020 we are hoping to run this event in 2021 ...
9:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Millets Farm
Abingdon OX13 5HB

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The Virtual 2020 MGCC AGM held on Saturday 23rd January 2021

I have been a member of the MG Car Club since 1987. I attended my first MGCC AGM and Council Meeting representing the MGB Register around 1995. Since that time, I have attended most of the AGM’s and bi-annual Council Meetings.

The meeting I attended in January 2021 was the strangest so far. I have attended them at Longbridge, BMW Mini Cowley, British Motor Museum at Gaydon and various hotels around the country but this one was held in Abingdon, in my home office.

As I’m sure most of you have found, Zoom, Teams, Skype and Facebook are now regular conversation tools, when talking to our family and groups. I have my weekly Abingdon Camera Club meets using Zoom and also MGB Committee meetings.  We can have up to 20 people on the screen.

On Saturday 23rd January you were all invited to attend the annual MG Car Club virtual AGM, assuming that you are a member. Over 100 people did, 38 of those were voting members, I held the MGB voting card.

At precisely 11am we were welcomed by Wayne Scott the MGCC Press Officer, pictured, who was the meeting facilitator and the man behind the MGCC Podcasts.  Wayne then introduced Bill Silcock the outgoing Chairman. The voting started with the approval of the minutes from the 2019 AGM and then the receiving of the 2019 accounts. We elected the new Chairman, Keith Williams. Keith was welcomed by Wayne and we carried on with the voting in of the President, John Day, four Vice Presidents, Vice Chairman, Treasurer for the MGCC and two Directors.

John Day then thanked everyone for their continued help and support in this strange environment.

The meeting concluded with the showing of the best MG photos from the MGCC competition.

I logged off around 11:40.

In theory the 2021 AGM and Council meeting should be held in October 2021, the question will be where and how, let’s hope we are all able to meet up by then in our MG’s.

John Watson
Chairman MGB Register

LOST MGB GT: CPP 477F powered by MGA Twin Cam Motor

We have received a special ‘Lost and Found’ appeal from the MGA Register and the Twin Cam Group.  Can anyone help us locate this car?

Some years ago Peter Wood, a well-known MGA Twin Cam engine specialist, dismantled a scrap MGA Twin Cam that had been badly damaged in a crash.  He converted an MGB GT he owned by fitting, not only the Twin Cam Engine, but also the four-wheel Dunlop disc brake system, complete with the Dunlop peg-drive wheels.  The car was registered by the DVLA with the VIN 7M12054.  We have no record of the original MGB GT VIN.

The MGB GT, a red car, was registered CPP 477F.  The VIN plate was fixed to the MGB's bonnet slam panel.  Efforts to locate this car have so far failed.  The car is still registered at the DVLA, with VIN 7M12054 and was last taxed up to 31st July 2014.  Is there anything in your records that might provide a clue?

We would be very grateful for any information as this is quite an important matter for the MGA Register and the Twin Cam Group.
Best wishes, Stuart
If you have any information about this car please contact Andrew Vigor,
MGB Registrar
No personal details will be passed to third parties without your permission.

A shared story

People often look back with affection at cars they one had. The article following was published in the Colne Valley Vintage and Classic Car Club monthly newsletter recently. As a member of the CVCVC and the MGCC I thought others may be interested to read Gordon's comments. Gordon was for many years involved with Mini racing at a National Level. Maybe I should ask Geoff Broad about rallying an MGB too!
George Wilder

Reading how Geoff Broad started rallying in an MGB brought back lots on memories for me. You might think that with a fleet of three cars, and three bikes, five of which are foreign, that I'm not all that interested in British cars, but I do have a soft spot for the MGB.

Back in the sixties and seventies you could just get in touch with the RAC, get the paper work and the Blue Book and go racing. These days you have to assessed by “experts” and “racing instructors” My opinion is that if you can't figure out what to do you shouldn’t be doing it! I've seen several of these people instructing at track days and while they may know their way around the circuit, what they know about racing is often minimal. There is a lot of difference between the two. If you haven’t managed to win even an evenly matched National Championship, how can you possibly know that much about it?

Geoff says he didn’t spot the absence of the roll cage and fire extinguishers, in a car that had been “prepared” for events but there were a lot of dishonest people about in those days. The first mini I bought was supposed to have Cooper S discs - they turned out to be from a BMC 1100, with home made spacers, potentially a lethal set up, even on the road! However I was lucky enough to meet some nice people when I did start racing.

We had our MGB GT new in August 1972, taking  over from our trusty Series 2 Morris Minor, by which time the chrome grill and bumpers had gone and the "B" did have a five bearing crank and an oil cooler - a big improvement over the earlier three bearing version. With an almost 50/50 weight distribution front to rear, it handled well, despite lever arm shockers. We took it to Rimini in 1973 on a pre arranged destination holiday with Cosmos and despite one or two boy racers on the same trip we were usually the first to arrive at the hotels, while the others turned up all through the evening! A decent size tank and overdrive made it easy.

In 1974, for reasons you have all heard before, I started racing the Mini, and the MG towed the mini for five seasons of racing until we moved to Colchester. You had to be careful to keep around 60mph, otherwise the trailer started to wag the car!

It wasn’t without its problems. I had it rust proofed and one Saturday afternoon, while getting ready for an early start to the racing the next day, I was underneath the jacked up car, greasing the prop shaft UJs,(remember them), I felt petrol dripping on me. Those of you familiar with MGBs will know the tank is like a large bowl with a flat top on it and the rust proofing hadn’t reached the top! I did get it replaced free of charge and I watched it being replaced and made sure the floor and the tank were treated first! I repaired the rack, replaced the king pins, (I still have the reamer!) and the prop shaft UJ's, despite regular attention, and the clutch. It did 89000 miles, most of it hard work, and never broke down. When we first had it, we did have the RAC out once as we were almost home in Norwich from a trip from Witney when it started to misfire, and that turned out to be a faulty distributor cap from Lucas!

It had to go as our daughters arrived, and it wasn’t very practical for carrying sheets of glass and I sold it for almost what we paid for it. Sad to see it go and I wonder if it’s still about. Mind you its replacement, a Mk 5 Cortina estate, was absolutely useless, and was soon replaced by a 2.3 Granada Estate which was a huge improvement!

I was also reminded by the article on the Sierra Cosworth.  I must say that during the racing days, the Sierra Cosworth was very impressive whenever it was on the track. A very quick piece of kit, even when in the hands of some celebrity drivers completely out of their depth! And it was capable of embarrassing lots of other manufacturers of much more expensive cars for quite time.  On my list, just under the 911!

Gordon Levett

Event News

A list of events we hope to be part of during 2021. Covid-19 restrictions could make these events change date or cancel. We are monitoring the situation closely.

MG and Triumph Spares Day

New Date and a New Venue The MG and Triumph Spares ...

Spring Run

Cancelled in 2020 we are hoping to run this event in 2021 ...
NEW Date!!
9:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Millets Farm
Abingdon OX13 5HB

Practical Classics Restoration Show

Latest info from the Organisers New Summer Dates for 2021 We are ...
8:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Birmingham, B40 1NT


The MGB Register is planning to attend this event. Celebrating the ...

MGB Register Summer Picnic

Cancelled in 2020 we hope to see everyone at this ...
9:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Millets Farm
Abingdon OX13 5HB

British Classic Car Show

The MGB Register will be attending this event in 2021   More ...

Farnborough International Expo Centre
Farnborough International Expo Centre, GU14 7JG

MGB Register guided tour of Bicester Heritage

Event for MGCC Members and their Guests
Bicester Heritage
Buckingham Road Bicester OX26 5HA

Some interesting links

Me and My Car – Paul Clappison’s MGB GT

Me and My Car - Paul Clappison's MGB GT - Mike Brewer Motoring

Paul's Award winning GT features on the Mike Brewer Motoring Website.

MGBGT bodyshells nightmare

Read the MGCC V8 Register Article
Peter Beadle has unearthed a copy of an article by Ken Smith and Neil Aldred which appeared in the North American Classic MG magazine Issue 42 in Spring 2010. It relates a hair raising tale of how they bought the last 40 bodyshells for the Sprite & Midget Centre in Richmond from MG in May 1981 following the sad closure of the MG Plant in Abingdon in October 1980.
See the article
Another MGCC V8 Register article worth a visit.

Gate 3 at the MG Plant
One of our founder members of the V8 Register in 1978, John Dupont, has sent in some photos of his visiting Gate 3 at the MG Plant in Abingdon two days after the Plant closed for the last time.

The MG Car Club Podcast

The latest news, interviews and members’ stories from Kimber House, home of the MG Car Club.


17 Jan 2021
Episode 40: K-series MG Midgets and the Costello story

On this, our 40th episode of the MG Car Club Podcast we talk to Neil Thomas about his lifetime obsession with the MG Midget and how he has transformed his mighty Midget with a K-series engine conversion. Neil explains what the conversion involves and also shares his memories of MG Midget ownership and motorsport from throughout his many years of ownership.

9 Jan 2021
Episode 39: Dominic Taylor Lane, Association of Heritage Engineers

We talk to MG Car Club member Dominic Taylor - Lane as he shares the story of his Father-in-Law's MG Magnette and explains who the Association of Heritage Engineers are and what the organisations aims are. 

3 Jan 2021
Episode 38: ‘News’ Year’s Special 2021

On this episode, Wayne and Adam review the year that was 2020 by looking back at some of the highlights, challenges and memorable moments from the MG Car Club’s 90th anniversary year.

We look back on what celebrations we did manage to enjoy, plus some of the cars that MG Motor announce this year as well as hopes and ambitions for 2021.

Latest Additions to the MGB Register Photo Album

Thank You for Sharing with our Photo Album

Lost & Found News from the Registrar

MGB Roadster: KAF 258L

I just recently acquired this beautiful 1973 MGB Roadster restored in September 2011. Does anyone know anything at all about its history. I would be very interested in any information and photographs particularly of the restoration. Many thanks, John

Roger is still seeking news of his former GT so let’s have another go!

I purchased the car as an MoT failure and it was in a very sad state! The usual areas needed attention: sills and body along with running gear and top end engine overhaul.  The car was in a silver/goldish period standard colour.

After many months working on the car, with much help especially from the Club team and John Hill from Redditch, the motor with my personal “touch” was ready for the road. Snowberry White with soft brown carpets and Cobra sports seats, webasto sunroof and external decals from America all of which I think made the motor quite distinctive and stand out. Sadly the MGB had to make way for a larger motor due to a growing family.

Looking to trace MGBGT 1972 UND203K was Teal Blue with Autumn Leaf interior
no overdrive & Rostyle wheels when purchased new by me in 1972 from Lookers Manchester. Would you place my search on your Lost and Found feature, I have included the one and only photograph I have. Stuart

I was wondering if you could help me. I am trying to track down a vehicle my Dad used to own in the early 90’s. The reg is GTW811N it is now an orange MGB GT. My Dad will be turning 60 this year and one of his life regrets is that he sold the car. Kind regards, Kirby
MGB GT: LEJ 478R and Roadster OEP 720L

Hello Andrew, Back in the 70s these cars belonged to a close friend of my wife and me. If the owner is known, he/she may wish to connect with our friend. The pictures, old prints, are stuck down in an album, so not brilliant quality.  If you are able to put both cars in Lost & Found that would be much appreciated. Kind regards, Stuart
MGB Roadster: EOE 388K
I’m desperately looking to find the MGB my father restored in the 90’s; I know it’s around and still in great condition, I managed to track down the chap who sold it on just 18 months ago but he has no details of whom he sold it to now unfortunately. Kind regards, Dan

Hello, We have owned the above car for nearly nine years having purchased it from an MGCC member who is now sadly deceased. We have a reasonable amount of paperwork which came with the car and know it has spent most of its life in the London area and SE. Is there anything you can tell us about its history? It is possible a previous owner lived in the West Horseley area of Surrey.

Hope you can be of some help. Regards, John and Gwen
If you have any information about one of these cars please contact
Andrew Vigor, MGB Registrar
No personal details will be passed to third parties without your permission.

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