A real story about the first privately funded lander that crashed and left a package of thousands of living creatures, on the moon 

April 2019  •  Thousands of eight-legged micro-animals known as tardigrades became survivors of a bad crash caused by a malfunction in the main engine aboard an Israeli spacecraft.

The $100M private lunar mission named Beresheet (meaning in the beginning or genesis) carried a Lunar Library™ that contained a trove of Earth artifacts: our history in text and images, human DNA samples, a copy of Wikipedia, and thousands of dehydrated tardigrades.

With no water or atmosphere, revival for these freeze-dried bois is unlikely. Paul Scott Anderson writes, In all likelihood then, the tardigrades in the library are still sitting there in their dehydrated dormant state as they were...waiting to be revived again.

microscopic video of a tardigrade in action. tardigrades have survived exposure to outer space, though they much prefer being in wet moss.

Discovery of the tardigrade in 1773 was penned by a German pastor-zoologist who went, It's like a
Wasserbär (water bear).

Throughout his life Johann August Ephraim Goeze raised countless insects, tapeworms, and his four children.

tardigrade fact sheet

  • able to survive in extreme environments, from the deserts of Antartica to the pit of the Mariara Trench.

  • known to revive after 10 days of exposure in the vacuum of space

  • undergo a near-death state by slowing their metabolism when things get tough

  • survived all five mass extinctions

are aliens out there?!???? ?? ?!

If a group of tardigrades can survive on another planet, like Mars, this outcome tells us that life can be transported from planet to planet and that life in the universe is more common than expected. (!)

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