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It's September 23rd. Journal entry 1. I'm Liz Parker and 5 months ago I started a newsletter.  After that, things got really weird.

I just want to take this opportunity to thank all the Roswell fans out there.  Never in my wildest imagination did I think a show I made at 20 years old would live on 20 years later.

Here's a story I'd like to share with you.
It's the story of how I got the job playing Liz Parker on Roswell.

At lunch a friend mentioned that other actor kids were auditioning for this new show, Roswell High.  That's weird, I didn't get that call.  For the first time in my life I called my agent to see if I could get an audition. "They don't want to see you." Wait, what? My agent already suggested me to the casting person and the casting people already replied that they weren't interested in me... for any role on the show.

That hurt. Nonetheless, I asked if she could suggest me again.  Thankfully she called and scored me an audition.  I went to the audition nervous about whether I could really deliver. Well, I bombed.  Actually, I did worse than bombed.  I started improvising terribly, adding curse words and speaking in a low register, all because I was doubting myself.  My nerves took over and they won. As it was happening I knew I was confirming why the casting agent didn't want to see me in the first place, which that hurt the most.  

I told my friend about my terrible audition and he suggested giving my picture and resume to the director himself so I could get another shot. At this point, I didn't realize that you could maneuver in this way. My friend was showing me how to not take no for an answer.  I got lucky that he believed in me that much.

A few days later I got that second audition. I walked into the waiting room and it was packed with every young actor in LA ready to audition. My name was called and I walked in and met the director, David Nutter. My acting was average but I got lucky that David worked with me on my acting choices, gave strong direction and voiced his confidence in what he thought I could do. He sent me back out to the waiting room to rehearse some more until I felt ready to give it another shot. In doing that he gave me a chance to relax so I could show what I was capable of.  He did not let me give up. 

I ended up auditioning 7 times for Roswell High, having to prove myself and convince the higher ups that I was worth a shot. I share this story because for my personal growth the audition process became an incredible opportunity to experience the hustle the win requires, and how hearing no just means I need to find a new way to yes.   

Thank you for being on this ride with me.
Forever grateful, Shiri

Fuzzbudds are rubber exercise balls covered in a fuzzy characters that you can remove and wash. It gives the kids an opportunity to move while in front of the computer learning. My kids LOVE theirs - under $30!
Use code RF40549AH80M for 10% off.shared by Kris Polaha

Diana: In Her Own Words. I loved this documentary that is narrated from audio recording of Princess D herself - she is emotional, raw, and revealing. 

I've had two friends recommend Octopus Teacher for family movie night. It's a true story of a man befriending an octopus. We cannot wait to watch.

The news story I'm enjoying following is about the new Venus discovery. Scientists have discovered that phosphine – a toxic, rancid gas produced by microbes – exists in the atmosphere of Venus, creating hope for life elsewhere. 

Jon and I were both children when the Challenger SpaceShip went up so we are watching the new mini-series about the journey and are completely engrossed by it. 

Destira makes the cutest leotards and now has great masks designed specifically for lots of movement for our active kiddos. I love their design your own face masks set as a fun family art project. Use code SSHARES for 15% off.
shared by Jodi Levy

Here's a great tip I picked up this weekend. To grow garlic all you need to do is put a garlic glove into the ground.  That's it! It regenerates itself. 

I just bought beads and cord string with clasps to start making jewelry. I want to make mask chains and my daughter wants to make necklaces. Studies have shown that the more physical we are during the day the less likely we are to get sick. Working with your hands is also good for your brain. 

Until next week... register to vote.
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