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Build the African Research Community 

Construire la communauté de recherche africaine
بناء مجتمع البحوث الأفريقي

Are you an researcher working on research in and about Africa? You are invited to be a part of the AfricArXiv Community, and to participate in the monthly community calls. 

We are looking forward to make the work of African Scientists more discoverable and to foster collaborations through the monthly forums.

Our dates for the community call have changed to 1st Wednesday of every month starting from September 2. 

The next community call will be on 9th September and that will be the only community call in September.

Êtes-vous un chercheur travaillant sur la recherche en Afrique et sur l'Afrique? Vous êtes invité à faire partie de la communauté AfricArXiv et à participer aux appels mensuels de la communauté.

Nous sommes impatients de rendre visible le travail des scientifiques africains et de favoriser les collaborations à travers les forums mensuels.

Nos dates pour l'appel communautaire ont changé au 1er mercredi de chaque mois à partir du 2 septembre.

Le prochain appel communautaire aura lieu le 9 septembre et ce sera le seul appel communautaire en septembre.


هل أنت باحث تعمل في مجال البحث في أفريقيا وحولها؟ أنت مدعو لتكون جزءًا من مجتمع AfricaArXiv ، وللمشاركة في مكالمات المجتمع الشهرية.

نحن نتطلع إلى إبراز عمل العلماء الأفارقة وتعزيز التعاون من خلال المنتديات الشهرية.

تم تغيير تواريخ مكالمة المجتمع إلى أول أربعاء من كل شهر بدءًا من 2 سبتمبر.

ستكون مكالمة المجتمع التالية في 9 سبتمبر وستكون مكالمة المجتمع الوحيدة في سبتمبر.

Featured Interviews

  • Interview with Oguta Job Francis from Busitema University, Uganda >>Read
How do we find a cheaper alternative to produce enough quality food to feed the world? Read through Job Oguta’s responses on the impact of his research on SDG Goal 2 – Zero Hunger, and the invaluable contributions scientists like Mr. Oguta are making to the African continent.

Interviews en vedette

Entretien avec Oguta Job Francis de l'Université Busitema, Ouganda >> Lire

Comment trouver une alternative moins chère pour produire suffisamment de nourriture de qualité pour nourrir le monde? Lisez les réponses de Job Oguta sur l’impact de sa recherche sur l’Objectif 2 des ODD - Faim zéro, et les contributions inestimables que des scientifiques comme M. Oguta apportent au continent africain.

مقابلات مميزة
مقابلة مع Oguta Job Francis من جامعة Busitema ، أوغندا >> اقرأ
كيف نجد بديلاً أرخص لإنتاج أغذية عالية الجودة تكفي لإطعام العالم؟ اقرأ ردود Job Oguta حول تأثير بحثه على الهدف 2 من أهداف التنمية المستدامة - القضاء على الجوع ، والمساهمات القيمة التي يقدمها العلماء مثل السيد أوغوتا للقارة الأفريقية.

COVID-19 Research in and about Africa

We present a collection of COVID-19 research articles dealing specifically with challenges and achievements on the African continent. The collection currently lists 265 articles. 

This is a collection of articles from various publishers and repositories that we curate in collaboration with ScienceOpen.

COVID-19 Recherche en Afrique et sur l'Afrique
Nous présentons une collection d'articles de recherche COVID-19 traitant spécifiquement des défis et des réalisations sur le continent africain. Maintenant la liste de 265 articles.
Il s'agit d'une collection d'articles de divers éditeurs et référentiels que nous organisons en collaboration avec

أبحاث COVID-19 في أفريقيا و حولها
نقدم مجموعة من المقالات البحثية حول COVID-19 و التي  تتناول على وجه التحديد التحديات و الإنجازات في القارة الأفريقية. تضم المجموعة حاليا 265 مقالة.
نقوم بتنسيق هذه المجموعة من المقالات من مختلف الناشرين و المستودعات بالتعاون مع OpenScience

Featured Articles

Articles en vedette
مقالات مميزة


  • Being Fair about the Design of FAIR Data Standards Read
  • African Makers Against COVID-19: Exploring Open Source Responses to a Global Crisis Read
  • To what Degree are African Researchers Publishing in Open Access Journals since the launch of Plan S? Read


  • Higher Edcuation in Ethiopia: Developments and Challenges Read
  • Current evidence on chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine and their role in the treatment and prevention of COVID-19 Read
  • Incidence of Carotico-clinoid Foramen and Interclinoid Osseous Bridge in Dry Human Skulls in Sudan_ Neurosurgical Interest Read

Open Science Framework>>

PubPub>> TCC Africa webcasts:  



Here are some of the latest news from AfricArXiv:

  • Accessing Research Information in Africa.
    Within the Digital Science blog series on SDG-related research, our advisory board member Joy Owango wrote about SDG 4, Quality Education.
  • Goal achieved: OSF preprint hosting & maintenance 2020
    We would like to take a moment to express our gratitude to everyone who contributed in covering the 2020 fee for AfricArXiv’s preprint hosting & maintenance on the Open Science Infrastructure (OSF) provided by the Center for Open Science.
Find Out More

Other News about Africa

Check out news about research , Open Access, and scholarly communication in Africa:

  • African science needs more leaders. Here’s how to develop them Read>>
  • Africa’s research capacity is growing. That’s good news for pandemic response efforts Read>>

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- Voir plus d'événements par AfricArXiv et ses partenaires etOpen Science Events dans le monde à 


شاهد المزيد من الأحداث من قبل AfricArXiv وشركائه و Open Science Events حول العالم على

Get involved

  • Join our COVID-19 Africa Response
  • You can support our work by contributing to Open Collective
  • Join our communication channels


Être impliqué


      انضم إلى استجابة COVID-19 لأفريقيا
يمكنك دعم عملنا من خلال المساهمة في Open Collective
قم بتقديم مخرجات البحث الخاصة بك إلى مستودع AfricArXiv: كيفية المشاركة-a-preprint-on-africarxiv
انضم إلى قنوات التواصل الخاصة بنا

Q&A | سؤال وجواب


Do you have any questions? Reply to this email and we will give feedback to you and possibly feature the answer in the next issue of the newsletter for a great experience for our community.
Avez-vous des questions? Répondez à cet e-mail et nous vous ferons part de vos commentaires et nous présenterons peut-être la réponse dans le prochain numéro de la newsletter pour une expérience formidable pour notre communauté.
هل لديك اسئلة؟ قم بالرد على هذه الرسالة الإلكترونية وسنقدم ملاحظاتك وربما نعرض الإجابة في العدد التالي من النشرة الإخبارية للحصول على تجربة رائعة لمجتمعنا.

How to Submit 


Make sure you have read and understood everything on our ‘Before you submit‘ page. If in doubt, just send us an e-mail to

Once your manuscript is ready for submission go to the OSF AfricArxiv submission portal.

  • As a first time OSF user, create an OSF account or sign in with your ORCID identifier.    
  • To upload a manuscript, simply drag and drop the file from your desktop, and then click save to begin the upload.
  • Select any relevant disciplines and add as many as you feel are necessary.
  • If you are sharing an article version that has been previously published, please add the article DOI to link them through. You can add any article keywords, the date of publication, and the abstract.

  • To add co-authors, please check to see if they are registered OSF users; otherwise, add them by email.
  • Please make sure that all co-authors are aware of, and have agreed to, submission. They will be notified upon submission of the preprint.

  • Submit your paper. Submissions will undergo a moderation for quality check and compliance with our checklist and published online within 3 to 5 working days.
  • To edit one of your accepted preprints, you can update the DOI entry with a newer version of the article manuscript via your OSF account. Find more information on how to do that at

Submit via OSF

Via ScienceOpen

To submit a preprint manuscript via ScienceOpen, you need to have a verified ORCID digital identifier. You can find more information and register at

Please read our guidelines before you submit, ensure that you comply with the checklist and provide all necessary information in your manuscript.

Please also include in your manuscript a short translation of your summary in a traditional African language. For more information on language diversity in Science go to

A member of the AfricArXiv team will check the submission for formal criteria as outlined in ‘manuscript checklist’.

Upon approval of your manuscript, it will be posted online to the ScienceOpen Collection AfricArXiv Preprints with a Crossref DOI and CC BY 4.0 attribution license.
You can now invite other researchers in your field to write an Open Peer Review report.

In case of any questions please email us at

Submit via ScienceOpen

Via Zenodo

  • Click the green ‘New upload’ button to upload straight to this community.
  • New upload
  • One of our AfricArXiv community curators are notified and will either accept or reject your upload (see accepted types and formats).
  • If your upload is rejected by the curator, it will still be available on Zenodo, just not in this community.
Submit via Zenodo

Via PubPub


1. Recording your Video

Please address a specific finding or point of research. 

  1. State your name, affiliations, discipline, and country.
  2. Discuss the relevant knowledge you have gained or hope to gain through your work, including methodology and scientific approaches.
  3. Make suggestions resulting from your conclusions or observations. If possible, please also include who would find this work most pertinent (other areas of research or ongoing work, potential collaborations).
  4. Mention 3 to 5 references, including your own. Please offer enough information (author names, publication year, journal title, article title) for the reference to be discoverable by our team. If possible add the respective doi in the submission form.
  5. State that you consent to sharing this recording under a CC-BY license.

2. Submitting your recording

Please use this form. Be sure to fill out all required fields and upload your recording. If you have any questions or trouble, please email:

Please read our guidelines before you submit, ensure that you comply with the checklist and provide all necessary information in your manuscript.

Submit via PubPub
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