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AfricArXiv Turns 2

AfricArXiv fête ses deux ans
النشرة الإخبارية الأولى المجدولة شهريا من الآن فصاعدا

"AfricArxiv turned two years old on June 25th. It was on this date in 2018 that we published the press release launching the initiative (

These two years have been a wonderful adventure, and I am happy to see all that has been accomplished so far.

I really want to say thank you to everyone who has supported the initiative in any way since the beginning.

And to congratulate the wonderful team that has made this possible. Those who were there from the start, those who were there at the start and are no longer there, those who joined the team later. Thank you all so much!

There are still many challenges to democratize and spread open publishing and open science in Africa, and I am convinced that AfricArxiv will play a crucial role in this regard.

Happy second anniversary AfricArxiv"
- Justin Sègbédji Ahinon, Co-founder AfricArXiv

"AfricArxiv a eu deux ans le 25 juin. C'est à cette date en 2018 que nous avons publié le communiqué de presse de lancement de l'initiative ( - service de pré-impression de marque de lancement).

Ces deux années ont été une merveilleuse aventure et je suis heureux de voir tout ce qui a été accompli jusqu'à présent.

Je tiens vraiment à remercier tous ceux qui ont soutenu l'initiative de quelque manière que ce soit depuis le début.

Et pour féliciter la merveilleuse équipe qui a rendu cela possible. Ceux qui étaient là depuis le début, ceux qui étaient là au départ et qui ne sont plus là, ceux qui ont rejoint l'équipe plus tard. Merci beaucoup à vous tous!

Il y a encore de nombreux défis à relever pour démocratiser et diffuser la publication ouverte et la science ouverte en Afrique, et je suis convaincu qu'AfricArxiv jouera un rôle crucial à cet égard.

Joyeux deuxième anniversaire AfricArxiv "
- Justin Sègbédji Ahinon, co-fondateur AfricArXiv


الموجز الشهرى ل AfricArXiv
بلغ AfricaArxiv من العمر عامين في 25 يونيو. وفي هذا التاريخ من عام 2018 كنا قد نشرنا البيان الصحفي لإطلاق المبادرة (
لقد كانت هاتان السنتان مغامرة رائعة ، ويسعدني أن أرى كل ما تم إنجازه حتى الآن.

أود حقاً أن أقول شكرا لكل من دعم المبادرة بأي شكل من الأشكال منذ البداية.

وأن أهنئ الفريق الرائع الذي جعل هذا ممكنا. أولئك الذين كانوا هناك منذ البداية، أولئك الذين كانوا هناك في البداية ولم يعودوا هناك، أولئك الذين انضموا إلى الفريق لاحقًا. شكرا جزيلا لكم جميعا!

لا تزال هناك العديد من التحديات لإرساء ديمقراطية ونشر النشر المفتوح والعلوم المفتوحة في أفريقيا ، وأنا على قناعة بأن AfricanArxiv  ستلعب دورًا حاسمًا في هذا الصدد.
ذكرى سنوية سعيدة AfricanArxiv – 
Justin Sègbédji Ahinon، الشريك المؤسس ل   AfricaArxiv

Black Lives Matter - A message from AfricArXiv

We stand in solidarity with the Black communities in the United States of America – #BlackLivesMatter

AfricArXiv exists to address the institutional and systemic challenges and biases in the scholarly publishing system to provide African researchers an explicit platform and support to communicate the work they do on the continent and beyond.

The mandate of the AfricArXiv community is to promote the visibility of African research. As a multi-culturally and multi-ethnically diverse team from 10 different countries we take pride in showcasing advancements in all scientific disciplines by African researchers from across the continent and in the diaspora. We are convinced that the global research community benefits from a balanced exchange of knowledge and experience from all parts of the world, especially as we address global challenges such as climate change, pandemics, poverty and forced migration.  

#BlackLivesMatter and #BlackVoicesMatter

Black Lives Matter - Un message d'AfricArXiv

Nous sommes solidaires des communautés noires des États-Unis d'Amérique - #BlackLivesMatter

AfricArXiv existe pour répondre aux défis et biais institutionnels et systémiques du système de publication savante afin de fournir aux chercheurs africains une plate-forme explicite et un soutien pour communiquer le travail qu'ils font sur le continent et au-delà.

Le mandat de la communauté AfricArXiv est de promouvoir la visibilité de la recherche africaine. En tant qu'équipe multiculturelle et multiethnique diversifiée de 10 pays différents, nous sommes fiers de présenter les progrès réalisés dans toutes les disciplines scientifiques par des chercheurs africains de tout le continent et de la diaspora. Nous sommes convaincus que la communauté mondiale de la recherche bénéficie d'un échange équilibré de connaissances et d'expériences de toutes les parties du monde, d'autant que nous relevons des défis mondiaux tels que le changement climatique, les pandémies, la pauvreté et les migrations forcées.

#BlackLivesMatter et #BlackVoicesMatter


حياة السود مهمة - رسالة من AfricanArXiv
نقف متضامنين مع المجتمعات السوداء في الولايات المتحدة الأمريكية-   #BlackLivesMatter
AfricanArXiv موجودة لمعالجة التحديات و الانحياز المؤسسي والنظامي في نظام النشر العلمي لتزويد الباحثين الأفارقة بمنصة واضحة ودعم لتوصيل العمل الذي يقومون به في القارة وخارجها.

تتمثل ولاية مجتمع AfricanArXiv في تعزيز ظهور البحوث الأفريقية. كفريق متعدد الثقافات ومتعدد الأعراق من 10 دول مختلفة ، نحن نفخر في عرض التطورات في جميع التخصصات العلمية من قبل الباحثين الأفارقة من جميع أنحاء القارة وفي الشتات. نحن مقتنعون بأن مجتمع البحث العالمي يستفيد من التبادل المتوازن للمعرفة والخبرة من جميع أنحاء العالم ، خاصة وأننا نعرض التحديات العالمية مثل تغير المناخ والأوبئة والفقر والهجرة القسرية.
#BlackLivesMatter و # BlackVoicesMatter

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  • Interview with Joy Owango, of Training Center in Communication (TCC Africa) >>Read
In this SDG Series Joy talks about accessing research information in Africa and broadly about SDG 4, Quality Education.
  • Interview with Stephanie Kitchen, of the International African Institute >> Read

In this interview Stephanie Kitchen, Managing Editor at the International African Institute in London, England, talks about their African Digital Research Repositories project, why digital institutional repositories are important, and how they can effect change in a continent with an increasing focus on sustainable social and economic development.

COVID-19 Research in and about Africa

We present a collection of COVID-19 research articles dealing specifically with challenges and achievements on the African continent. The collection currently lists 158 articles. 

This is a collection of articles from various publishers and repositories that we curate in collaboration with ScienceOpen.

COVID-19 Recherche en Afrique et sur l'Afrique
Nous présentons une collection d'articles de recherche COVID-19 traitant spécifiquement des défis et des réalisations sur le continent africain. Maintenant la liste de 158 articles.
Il s'agit d'une collection d'articles de divers éditeurs et référentiels que nous organisons en collaboration avec

أبحاث COVID-19 في أفريقيا و حولها
نقدم مجموعة من المقالات البحثية حول COVID-19 و التي  تتناول على وجه التحديد التحديات و الإنجازات في القارة الأفريقية. تضم المجموعة حاليا 158 مقالة.
نقوم بتنسيق هذه المجموعة من المقالات من مختلف الناشرين و المستودعات بالتعاون مع OpenScience

Featured Articles

Articles en vedette
مقالات مميزة


  • Mapping the COVID-19 global response: from grassroots to governments. Read
  • Harnessing the Open Science infrastructure for an efficient African response to COVID-19 [preprint]. Read
  • 2013 mapping survey of South African laboratories. Read


  • Reflections on the history and legacy of scientific racism in South African palaeoanthropology and beyond. Read
  • Economic Sanctions and Academia: Overlooked Impact and Long-Term Consequences. Read
  • Hybridization in human evolution: insights from other organisms. Read

Open Science Framework>>

  • Godwin, B. (2019, January 24). Introducing: Second-order permutation.
  • Sorour, K., & El-Menshawy, H. (2020, July 3). A proposed protocol for the management of COVID-19 in Egypt.
  • Thusi, N., & Costa, K. (2020, July 3). A practical representation of NFT pedagogy in a learning environment.

TCC Africa webcasts: SciComm Nigeria Webcasts To submit audio/visual content to Pubpub/AfricaArXiv email us at (edited) 



Here are some of the latest news from AfricArXiv:

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Other News about Africa

Check out news about research , Open Access, and scholarly communication in Africa:

  • Meeting the challenges of research across Africa. Seven researchers from African nations discuss the career implications of developing their research at home or abroad. Read>>
  • Strengthening academic institutions and research on the African continent.. Read>>

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How to Submit 


Make sure you have read and understood everything on our ‘Before you submit‘ page. If in doubt, just send us an e-mail to

Once your manuscript is ready for submission go to the OSF AfricArxiv submission portal.

  • As a first time OSF user, create an OSF account or sign in with your ORCID identifier.    
  • To upload a manuscript, simply drag and drop the file from your desktop, and then click save to begin the upload.
  • Select any relevant disciplines and add as many as you feel are necessary.
  • If you are sharing an article version that has been previously published, please add the article DOI to link them through. You can add any article keywords, the date of publication, and the abstract.

  • To add co-authors, please check to see if they are registered OSF users; otherwise, add them by email.
  • Please make sure that all co-authors are aware of, and have agreed to, submission. They will be notified upon submission of the preprint.

  • Submit your paper. Submissions will undergo a moderation for quality check and compliance with our checklist and published online within 3 to 5 working days.
  • To edit one of your accepted preprints, you can update the DOI entry with a newer version of the article manuscript via your OSF account. Find more information on how to do that at

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To submit a preprint manuscript via ScienceOpen, you need to have a verified ORCID digital identifier. You can find more information and register at

Please read our guidelines before you submit, ensure that you comply with the checklist and provide all necessary information in your manuscript.

Please also include in your manuscript a short translation of your summary in a traditional African language. For more information on language diversity in Science go to

A member of the AfricArXiv team will check the submission for formal criteria as outlined in ‘manuscript checklist’.

Upon approval of your manuscript, it will be posted online to the ScienceOpen Collection AfricArXiv Preprints with a Crossref DOI and CC BY 4.0 attribution license.
You can now invite other researchers in your field to write an Open Peer Review report.

In case of any questions please email us at

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  • Click the green ‘New upload’ button to upload straight to this community.
  • New upload
  • One of our AfricArXiv community curators are notified and will either accept or reject your upload (see accepted types and formats).
  • If your upload is rejected by the curator, it will still be available on Zenodo, just not in this community.
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Via PubPub

  • To submit audio/visual content to Pubpub/AfricaArXiv please follow procedures at:
  • Read more on Audio/Visual Preprints here:
    Ayodele, O., Havemann, J., Owango, J., Ksibi, N., & Ahearn, C. (2020). Proposal: Audio/Visual Preprints. AfricArXiv.
Submit via PubPub
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