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From affinity to reverse phase – our tools for purification of mRNA
Messenger RNA is quickly emerging as a key platform for production of vaccines against COVID-19. The next critical step after in vitro transcription is purification. BIA Separations offers a uniquely capable purification toolbox for rapid process development and scale-up of your mRNA vaccine candidates. 
These versatile tools include CIMmultus™ Oligo dT for affinity purification of polyA mRNA, CIMmultus C4 HLD for contaminant removal by hydrophobic interaction chromatography, and CIMmultus SDVB for removing dsRNA by reverse phase chromatography. Later this spring we will introduce our new hydrogen bonding multimodal chemistry for elimination of dsRNA, DNA, and proteins, coincident with size fractionation of mRNA.
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Exosomes are subject of rapidly growing therapeutic interest in the biopharmaceutical industry for two principal reasons. The first reason is that they are the primary communicators of instructions from source cells to target cells. The second reason is that exosomes are immunologically silent. As normal human cell products, and by contrast with gene therapy vectors such as virus particles, exosomes bypass the issue of triggering an immune response that might interfere with therapy. Exosome purification shares many challenges: one of its primary contaminants is chromatin, which accumulates in cell culture harvests as the chromosomal debris from dead cells. A platform approach for purification of exosomes will prove to be very valuable and in this article we describe BIA Separations’ initial efforts toward that goal.
BIA Separations' operations in full swing despite the booming pandemic
While the pandemic is spreading around the world, BIA Separations has made every effort and precaution not just to maintain its production but also to increase the availability of CIM monolithic columns. For the time being, we are ensuring a smooth delivery of our products to all clients, and we are also involved in in several SARS CoV-2 vaccine projects worldwide.
As you can see from the photo below, for now even the construction is going according to plans.
Covid-19 taking its toll on MSS2020
No matter when the event will be held; all of you who are interested are still kindly invited to register here.
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