1st announcement of MSS2020
Dear friends and colleagues!
It is our sincere pleasure to invite you to MSS2020, the 9th International Symposium on Monoliths . Like others in this biennial series, this will be an important meeting, especially for people working with DNA and RNA, vaccines, gene therapy vectors, antibiotic replacements (phages), large proteins, nanoparticles, enzyme reactors, exosomes and other vesicles.

MSS2020 will also mark some changes in the series. Evolution of mono¬lith technology will continue to be an important element but increased emphasis will be placed on applications; from development to clinical trials to manufacturing. There will be both oral presentation and coordinated wet-lab tutorial sessions highlighting the special abilities of monoliths as analytical and preparative tools in challenging product areas.

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  Depletion of human serum albumin in embryo culture media for in vitro fertilization using immunoaffinity chromatography based on CIMac™ HDZ analytical column   A whole new tool for enhanced separation of proteins from virus particles and other very large biologics   CEO of BIA presented a workshop entitled "Downstream Processing of Shear-Sensitive Oncolytic Viruses«  
Affinity depletion of abundant proteins such as human serum albumin (HSA) is an important stage in routine sample preparation prior to tandem mass spectrometry (MS/MS) analysis of biological samples with high range of concentrations.

In this study we immobilised polyclonal αHSA antibodies to CIMac™ HDZ column and performed an evaluation of an immunoaffinity-based CIMac analytical column for HSA depletion from embryo culture media for in vitro fertilization (IVF).

Hydrazide activated columns will be available at the beginning of november 2018.

BIA will offer a 50% discount till the end of this year

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BioProcess International™ is a well-known monthly, controlled-circulation magazine devoted to the development, scale-up, and manufacture of biotherapeutics and biodiagnostics.

In the latest issue of BPI magazine (July - August 2018-2019, vol. 16, nr. 7) you can find BIA Separations publication on Hydrogen Bond Chromatography and introduction of our new product H-Bond™ ADC.

For more information on BIA Separations publication follow this link and scroll down to pages 28 and 29.

Filtration and chromatography are powerful tools for virus purification but they can impose shear forces that potentially damage the product.

Lipid enveloped viruses frequently experience inactivation, sometimes accompanied by removal of the outer envelope. Outer envelope removal is not a concern for non-lipid-enveloped species but some are brittle and also suffer serious loss of function.

Shear stress is much lower in monoliths due to laminar flow through all the chromatographic bed.

This presentation reviews sources of shear in filtration and chromatography devices and discusses the effects of common process variables.

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Which workshop would you like to see at MSS2020? Symposium Workshops will provide you with a range of practical guidance and tips that will help you develop more effective processes and save you weeks or months in the lab. In the interest of organizing these workshops in the most productive way possible, we invite you to indicate your preferences and mark the workshops that you would most like to attend:

1. DNA and RNA

2. Viruses

3. Exosomes

4. pDNA

5. Proteins

6. Analytics approches

7. Bacteriophages

8. Enzymatic reactors

If you have eny other suggestions, please write us an email.

Thank you. Your responses will help us coordinate the event.
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